BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Aug. 18, ’09

Tangy Tuesday PicksComment ça va? (How are you in French). Where are the rains? Cloud Seeding hasn’t done any wonders as well. Finally the agriculture minister has woken up from his slumber and admitted that we are indeed facing a drought like situation. On one side, our PM promises growth and on the other hand we are facing a drought. Talking about drought we can assure you that you will never face a drought of amazing Indian Blog Posts as there are wonderful bloggers in the Indian Blogosphere. As always we present to you the best blog posts for this week.

  • Who : Prashant Dhanke
    What : Brought To You Bai
    Tangy: We have many houses with maids working for them. There are some maids who have been working for years and become a part of the family. What happens when you start suspecting the maid whom your mom trusts blindly? Prashant has posted about his experience and how he was responsible for the  ‘reformed’ maid :).

  • Who : Vasudha Dilip
    What : Reviving Old Board Games as a part of the Decor…
    Tangy : Vasudha who is part of our best Indian Interior Design blogs has this very interesting idea on how to use old board games as a part of decor. In our younger days we have played a lot of board games and when the children grow up, the parents throw away the board games. Before you throw away, read this post and we are sure you wont throw it away then :).

  • Who : Rahul
    What : Ambitions. Or the lack of itPart 1 and Part 2
    Tangy : Ambitions? All have ambitions! What happens when you dream of something but your parents have thought of something else for you? Many of us face this dilemma in life and Rahul is one of them. Do read it and share your thoughts.

  • Who : Nikita
    What : You Know You’ve Had A Little Too Much To Drink When…
    Tangy : How do you know if we had a little too much while drinking? Nikita has posted 12 signs by which you will know that alchohol in your blood is over permissable limits :). Share your experiences with Nikita.

  • Who : Niharika Mishra
    What : Understanding the meaning of “SAAT- PHERE” (seven steps) in a Hindu marriage
    Tangy : We all know that ‘Saat Phere’ is the most important ritual of a hindu marriage. Niharika in this very interesting post tell us the meaning and the real importance of ‘Saat Phere’. A must read post.

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