Tough Love

Bloggers, mark your calendar. Every Wednesday, we will be reading a post by one of our ‘Premium Bloggers’ at your Adda. Today, we have Shilpa Garg who has this wonderful post. Shilpa, it is all yours:

Last evening, we decided to order Pizzas. Promptly, they were delivered. And swiftly, we were gobbling and enjoying the pizzas when suddenly KG, my best half stopped eating. A look on his face and all the hunger and that happy moment vanished. Enjoying something which our child simply loves and without him around, made us a little sad…

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Where is that Extra Minute?

Presenting to the first post from our Premium Blogger, Smita Beohar. Smita the post is all yours. 🙂

How often do we dream about getting some extra time in a day so that we could finish that supposedly most important work which unfortunately is always delegated in the background? Most of us keep talking about the stuff that we will do when we get time for our self; we make a list and wait for that time to come. If you ask me, my list would look like this.

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What happens when a mother gets free!

It was my son’s last day in school. I woke up at 6.30 a.m., as I have been doing for the last fourteen years, knocked on his door, and said: “Wake up, it’s time for school.”  But this was the last day I would be doing it. He was going for his shirt signing ceremony and bid farewell to his teachers.

The nightmare of the 12th board exams was just a month away, but that wasn’t on his mind or mine. We both grinned at each other: he, because he was looking forward to this special day, and I, because I was trying to hide my confusion. The fifteen-minute drive to Sanskriti School was over all too soon. I wanted to hug him but you don’t hug a seventeen-year old boy near the school gate.

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