Share, don’t Shame.

It’s the last day of April. A normal Monday in the lives of many. And also the end of the Child Sex Abuse Awareness Month. It might be the end of the month, but it’s definitely not the end of the Movement.

The struggle to fight against the abuse should continue in our lives, in our daily action. My last few years have gone into researching a lot about the issue, for my book involving Harish Iyer and other survivors of the abuse. Have spoken to dozens of NGO volunteers, some psychiatrists, a few trainers, etc., and the one thing that comes across starkly is the need of talking about CSA as much as possible in society, and to shed the ‘Shame’ and instead ‘Share’. It’s a mindset which needs to be dealt with and inspire the common man to rid himself of the hush-hushness and boldly connect one on one with the audience. A few ideas which could help keep this initiative alive:

a) Speak to at least one parent daily / weekly / monthly about CSA.

b) If you are a parent, take extra precautions for your own child.

c) Ask for a workshop in a school you are acquainted with.

d) Volunteer with NGOs like Arpan / Childline / Tulir / Rahi in whatever way deemed fit.

e) Find people to share stories and help heal.

f) Join the signature campaigns to garner support for legal fights by NGOs and Lawyers against the Parliament.

g) Attend training workshops conducted by NGOs.

h) The power of social media to share stories is definitely a powerful tool too, so keep the momentum going by continuing the conversation on CSA.

If there are more tips / action points you would like to add here, then please comment below.

Child Sex Abuse is a horrific truth of our society worldwide. Some of us are fortunate enough to escape the trauma, but for those who have suffered – it stays with them lifelong in some way or the other. The struggle is to devoid them of the shame or the guilt the survivor might be clinging onto, and encourage them towards the path of healing. The good news is that CSA is avoidable if each one takes it on themselves to fight against it in their own little way. Start now, fight now.

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