The BlogAdda Weekly: A lot can happen over…


Welcome to this week’s The BlogAdda Weekly, where we continue with the second part of the story, “A lot can happen over…” In the first part, we met Ameeta, Saurabh, and Karan, three friends whose lives were interwoven in a way that was out of their control. Read the first part here before moving on to the next. To give you a gist, Ameeta and Saurabh, love birds since college, are facing turbulent times. Then one day, Saurabh goes missing. After an agonizing week, a distraught Ameeta seeks out the help of their mutual friend Karan to hunt down Saurabh.


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The BlogAdda Weekly: A lot can happen over…


This week, we begin a fresh The BlogAdda Weekly series. As we told you in the introductory post, we’ll try to bring issues and stories both in this episodic series. So here we are, with our first fiction tale. And since we’ve grown up on a diet of Bollywood, especially their love stories, our first story ‘A Lot Can Happen Over…’ is a love story. There are three main characters in the story – Ameeta, Saurabh and Karan, and this is a tale of their friendship and love. We hope you enjoy this tale. This is the first part, and we’re sure there will be lots happening over a period of 4 episodes that will keep you hooked.


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The BlogAdda Weekly: Found In Transit (Part-4)

Tales From The Tracks

Happy Hump Day! Hope you guys are dealing with the mid week crisis well! Since I kept this week’s transit a bit of a surprise, let me give you a hint. “Chal Chaiyya Chaiyya…”, I shake my legs on this track as soon as I start my journey. Did you get a vision of me on the top of a train meandering through lush hilly terrains? That’s exactly where I am! Not spreading my arms like a certain Mr. Khan, but safely ensconced in a train bogie. I am on my way to Shaantipur to get some peace and quiet after testing my endurance in Mumbai locals. Yes, my super comfy and super entertaining flight last week did take off some of my stress, but nothing beats the good ol’ rattling Indian Railways chariot for long distance travel.


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The BlogAdda Weekly: Found in Transit (Part 3)

Switch To Airplane Mode

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! How are you doing this Wednesday? Pardon me for my extremely courteous avatar, but when in Rome, behave as the Romans do. And when at the airport, be as full of etiquette as the Air India Maharaja. My boss wants me to attend a meeting in another city, so I have a chance to board a flight and get a bird’s view of the world. After traveling on the ground through buses and trains, here I am, part of the hoi polloi waiting to board a flight!


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The BlogAdda Weekly: Found in Transit (Part 2)

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In Search of ‘Local’Fauna

Hi guys, I hope you’re having a great time with some engaging stuff going on BlogAdda. I’m thoroughly enjoying the Tangy Tuesday Picks from yesterday and trying to read the Buzzing Blogosphere on the Cabinet Reshuffle, but it’s a tad difficult to focus on reading while jostling for space in a shuddering Mumbai local. Yep, today is the day Safar Naama takes the Mumbai trains – famed, feared and still the fastest way to get around. After a wobbling day on the wheels of a bus that went round and round, I hop into the famous Mumbai local for today’s transit.

Known to carry a huge population of ‘mango’ people like me, these rattling metal boxes are every metro city’s lifelines. Transporting lakhs of people every day in their efficient and ever full belly, local trains are the best place to look at a wide cross section of people. Local train journeys are an experience you survive through, which not only builds character but also gives you great new stories to remember. So till the time my station arrives, I’m putting on my anthropologist’s goggles and going off on a hunt for ‘local’ fauna.

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The BlogAdda Weekly- Found in Transit

Bustling Bus Rides

Hello folks, my name is Safar Naama. No really, that’s my given name. Since I’ve been taught to live up to my name, I started travelling far and wide as soon as I could. BlogAdda recently got me on board for their exhilarating episodes for our next series- ‘Found in Transit’. While travel stories to exotic places find a place in BlogAdda’s Picks, I prefer to revel in travel. After all, didn’t someone say, “The journey is as important as the destination”?

My focus is on people who for one or the other reason have a daily quota of travel added into their day’s itinerary! Now for most people, travelling is synonymous to seeing exotic destinations, clicking selfies where the actual scenery is hidden behind your head, and putting up travel pictures on Instagram. Not for me! I would rather roam around similar landscapes, with a fresh dose of human faces painting my blank canvas of travels.

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