Tangy Tuesday Picks- July 12, 2016

Tangy Tuesdays

Tuesdays should be called Zombie days. The weekend hangover still remains, while the approaching weekend is not ready to hasten its baby steps.¬†Well, that might not be the case at¬†BlogAdda. We make sure our each day rises up to¬†¬†refreshing stories and goes back to bed with soothing lullabies! Bloggers make sure we are never short of thrilling adventures, inspiring stories and heart wrenching realities. And how can we keep the fun all to ourselves! As it’s said, sharing is caring, so we have this week’s best written posts that¬†deserve a¬†mention in our Tangy Tuesday Picks! If you wish to be featured here and get your blog read by a the masses, submit your blog posts to us!¬†

  • Who:¬†Anand Kumar
  • What: “A day of Digital Detoxing!!!”
  • Tangy:¬†We are slaves to the little devices in our hands, which are faster than our lives. A day without them is unimaginable for many. Perhaps, living for a day without touching your phones is more difficult than fasting for a day! They entice us, providing an¬†instant connect to the world, and keep us glued to them like a possessive girlfriend with their constant pings. Just like people fast to get rid of the toxins in their body, it would be interesting if someone gave up their phones to detox their mind!

  • Who: Jai Arjun Singh
  • What:¬†“Nawazuddin, child-killer: on film and the suffering of innocent”
  • Tangy: Cinema has gone through big changes in the past years and welcomed the liberty of expression of the makers. What was earlier chopped away¬†under the labels of inappropriate is acceptable in¬†modern cinema. Movies that talk about reality often take¬†routes like child victimization to touch upon the dark side of society. Many perceive such a stark portrayal to be disturbing and unnecessary. But when it comes to cinematic liberty, such scenes are par for the course on screen now.

  • Who: Parnashree Devi
  • What: “An Evening in the Alleys of Chandni Chowk During Ramadan”
  • Tangy: The messages of Eid Mubarak have been archived and the fasting of Ramzaan is now a blessed memory for believers. Equally happy are the memories of Iftaar, whiffs of Mughal delicacies in their sweet and savoury forms. Chandni Chowk, the silent whisperer of the Mughal saga, lights up during the holy month and feeds the hungry, the devoted and the connoisseurs alike!¬†Here’a a picture trip that might leave you pining for Ramzaan all over again.

  • Who:¬†Bhavya Malhotra
  • What:People Are Made To Be Loved And Valued. Realize This Before It Is Too Late”
  • Tangy: Humans possess a¬†conscious mind and a heart that feels. Of all his creations, its the human mind that feels the most and gets entangled in worldly relationships. Emotional people are often given the lectures of practicality and are least acknowledged. But isn’t love and compassion the essence of human nature? Isn’t being cold and practical an escape route from feeling too much?

  • Who: Elson Sequeira
  • What: “How mai nurtured my love for food”
  • Tangy:¬†Talent often finds its way through thin strands of DNA. There is always a person or an instance that makes our life from This to That! Behind a hobby that became our professional identity is a childhood filled with stories and inspiration from our family. As we progress towards our interests, they keep feeding our childhood with their love filled blessings and lessons that were silently passed on. Our mentors may not be with us, yet their memories keep us in touch with the kid in us, keeping the passion alive.

  • Who: Bhairavi
  • What: “To the Critical One”
  • Tangy: Our self image stops at the reflection we see in the mirror, almost never extending to what we are inside. Often we falter in loving ourselves as desirability becomes a function of external beauty. We forget that no mortal being¬†can achieve perfection. All of us are cracked¬†somewhere and this is what makes us even more beautiful. Love demands passion and has no place for physical inhibitions. Only those who have loved themselves can spread this happiness.

  • Who: Mansi Laus Deo
  • Tangy: Marriage is an intriguing relationship that binds a man and woman in the eyes of society and God¬†with no guarantee whether feelings stay or go out the window. While many couples nurture¬†the seed of love, spending years along with their better halves, many lose out on the bond, entangled within their personal desires and priorities. The rosy picture of love sometimes bleeds colour and gets faded.¬†What if your better half finds someone better than you? Read ahead and find amazing answers.

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