BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Mar. 2, ’10

Tangy Tuesday PicksHow was your ‘Holi’day? Hope you all had a colourful Holi. Holi starts the third month of the year. March! Did you know that, March starts on the same day of the week as November every year and February in common years? The Indian Blogging community had a lot to write other than Holi and we have picked the best among them for you. Here are the first #tangypicks for the month of March.

  • Who : IndianHomemaker
    What : Who defines the ‘limits’ of your freedom?
    Tangy: ‘With Freedom comes Responsibilities’ is a very popular saying. Can you define a limit to freedom? If yes, who defines it? IndianHomemaker has this post on all these questions and tries to find an answer in this first post of our Tangy Tuesday Picks. (Read her interview)

  • Who : Krish Ashok
    What : Controversy is the new advertising
    Tangy : Do you agree with the title of the post? If no, then this post by Krish Ashok will make you believe in it. If yes, then this post will support your claim and you can forward the post to your friends and let them know the new way of Advertising. (Read his interview)

  • Who : Rakshit Barma
    What : I Hate…
    Tangy : Rakshit, Thank god your blog is still there after this post. 😀 Wonder why did we say it? Have a look at the comic and you will find your answer.

  • Who : Divya
    What : “Can I have some water please?”
    Tangy : Woah! Should we spoil the suspense of the post? No, we do not think so. Deepa has this post with a Unique twist and turn, inspired by RGV and Rajkumar Santoshi, should we say?

  • Who : Prashant Dhanke
    What : The Oversight
    Tangy : What is the role of a consultant? What does he do? Prashant has this post with some awesome examples on ‘The Consultant’ and some queries a consultant receives alongwith the responses. A must read.

  • Who : Sandeep Bansal
    What : India and Pakistan – future scenario
    Tangy : Can you predict the future or atleast try to? Sandeep has given it a shot and has put forth a scenario on the Indo-Pak relations. Going by what is happening at the current times and the mood, this post qualifies as a worthwhile read.

  • Who : Farida Rizwan
    What : Sorry Plight of Almighty …
    Tangy : This is a must read poem penned by Farida where she questions the plight of almighty. Very well written and conveys the message with the perfect mix of emotions.

  • Who : Shraddha
    What : Things to do if you are an unstable blogger
    Tangy : Shraddha, you are finally here :D! First of all, we would not like any blogger to be unstable. Incase the blogger is unstable, here are some things to do according to Shraddha. Read this post and add your thoughts as comments on the post. 🙂

Here are some other posts worth a read.

1. Tiger–Tiger! by RSV
2. Shashi Tharoor’s politically incorrect English! by Satish Acharya

If you still have not read the awesomeness interview of Suranga Date, do read it now in two parts, part I and II.! Suranga Date is 60 years old and is a super blogger. Lots to learn and get inspired. You’ll regret if you miss this one!

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