Nithyananda controversy spills on Twitter

The newspapers and television channels rocked with the news of Nithyananda since yesterday, so much that the public were furious and Nithyananda seems missing. It also became a hot topic on twitter with thousands of users hashtagging their tweets with #nithyananda and posting funny one liners. For some, these tweets might sound offending, but for the sheer real time instant creativity of those who tweeted, we compiled a few of them listed below.

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bhalomanush: Devi by day, baby by night

YaavanoObba: Bhakti rasa during day, shringara rasa during night, hasya rasa on Twitter

abhility: Good boy by Day, Play boy by Night

swathipradeep2: Holy by Day, POLI by night

Shrihari: Teacher by day, teach her by night

pmarlowe98: Om Shanti by day, Disco Shanti by night

Manish_Bhatt_: His Holiness by day, his horniness by night

arunverma: Karam by day. Kar ummmmmmmmm by night.

es09: Bliss by day, kiss by night

ragha: actor by day, actress-by night

abhility: Ved Vyas by Day, Vatsyayan by Night

YaavanoObba: Dignitary by day, John Terry by night

thebenisrael: Sandalwood by day, Scandalwood by night – My small message is don’t worship man but God!

gunducci: Ujjwal by day, utejit by night

culdivsac: Hymns by day; Hymens by night

arunverma: Havan by day. Havas by night.

akavoor: Kaavi by day. Kaami by night.

naikaustubh: Chanting by Day, Spanking by Night

Prashant__Nair: Ram Narayan by day, Baaja Bajata by night

PuneetBishnoi: “Radhe Radhe” by day and “Radha Radha” by night

anusdad: Hari-Hari by day NDTiwari by night

arunverma: Mere bhagwan by day. Meri bhaagwaan by night

ztruc: pyaar impossible by day, pyaar is possible by night

shantanub: Rudraksh by day; rakshas by night.

rajeshp_us: aastha by day, ftv by night

rachitkwatra: Ramleela by day, Only Leela by night

MumbaiCentral: Sister by day, Bistar by night

waldeepak: raamleela by day, raasleela by night, march ahead all mighty knight

rameshsrivats: “Hari Om Shanti” by day. “Hurry home Shanti” by night.

sunilea: Padmasana by day, Pushups by night

sidin: Pray station by day, PlayStation by night.

rachitkwatra: Meerabol by day, Meera khol by night

YaavanoObba: Holy by day, holi by night

sunilea: Saffron by day, Blue by night

TheZionView: Obama by day, Bill Clinton by night

myliorules: Do gooder by day, do her good by night

Pulkit_Lakshya: Execution in day, Planning in night

darshanp82: Shaanti & kapur by day, Shakti Kapoor by night.

anilchintz: Sadhu Bhikari by the day. Shambhu Shikari by the night

sunilea: Aasana by day, vasana by night

ShamanthRao: Din mein bhaiya. Raat ko saiyya.

simplysumit: Prayer by day, player by night

thetanmay: Messenger by day, I Seek You by night.

notytony: Stars and planets by day, heavenly bodies by night

rameshsrivats: Baba by day. Black sheep by night.

ShamanthRao: Pray by day. Prey by night

theevilp: “Monk by day, Bonk by night” should be the tagline of a movie!

Nauphal: Simple… -Blessing by day, kissing by night..

MathewEranat: Mass’s sage by day, massage by night

subhadeep: Mala by day…. Mala D by night.

iyerdeepak: Giving aasha by day, Balbir Pasha by night

Prashant__Nair: Arun Govil by day, Prem Chopra by night

MTVIndia: beading by day and bedding by night

rajatjain: Raam Raam japna by day, paraaya maal apna by night

parasj: Ye ander ki baat hai by day ye to bada toing hai by night…lol

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vkhater: God is all yours by day, I am all yours by night

solitalks: iPod by day, iPoke by night

__hS: morality by day, orality by night

Anusual: Vedasutra by day, Kamasutra by night

phunkiefresh: God is all yours by day, I am all yours by night

vidya_rajaram: Moral by the day , Oral by the night

b50: high by day, thigh by night.

avinash_y: Adresses Distress by day Undresses Mistress by night

krishashok: Teacher by day, teach her by night

notytony: God-man by day, lay-man by night

krishashok: Enjoy the present moment by day, Enjoy a pleasant moment at night

samsearth: Actor by day, Act Whore by night

psr: (Bhagavad)Gita by day, Ranjitha by night.

rameshsrivats: Satyam Shivam by day. Sundaram by night.

iyermatter: “Om Shanti Om” by day, “If you come today” by night?

kg86: Resurrection by day, Erection by night.

shantanub: Ram Ram by day; ramming like a ram by night

akavoor: Manglarti by day. Mangala and Aarti by night.

solitalks: Tulsi Shower by day, Musli Power by night

vishal_c: Agony Aunt by day, Aunt in Agony by night

amitpadhye: Din mein Bhakti Baba Raat mein DesiBaba

sahilriz: Public address by day, private undress by night

palsule: Singing by day, swinging by night.

silv3rglee: Oopar wale ki shraddha by day…oopar se Shraddha ko by night.

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ChattiBoy: cape by day, rape by night

kg86: Oldage by day, Bondage by night.

purvapar: Dharma by day, MOksha by night πŸ™‚

silverbakc: sabarimalai by day and khajuraho by night

iyerdeepak: Shlok by day, poke by night

nandaseth: Moun by day, gown by night

theevilp: Cheese by day, sleaze by night

shankrao: Janam by day, jannat by night

avinash_y: Sloka by day sutra at night

bhargavrajan: Divine by day, dive-in by night

milcom_: Hey Bhagwan by Day, Oh My God by Night

i_r_squared: Chamatkar by day, Balatkar by night

adityar: Advaita by day, Savita by night

fakebalthakre: Talking Head by day, Giving Head by night

krishashok: Robes by day, disrobes by night; Radio Gaga by day, Lady Gaga by night; Healing the masses by day, feeling the masses by night

kaprasanna: O-Palanhare by day, choli ke piche kya hai by night

revaanandaguru: Blessing by day, undressing by night

kirankarlmarx: Ayodhyakanda by day, sundarakanda by night.

ChandruPandian: fasting by the day, feasting by night

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adityar: Divine message by day, divine massage by night

vidhyavenkat: Vidya upasana by day, vidya up asana by night

wlsuch: pooja & aarti by day, Pooja & Aarti by night

tam007: Preach Gita in Morning, Breach Geetha in Nigh

i_r_squared: Maharishi Veda Vision by day, Sumangali Cable Vision by night

rameshsrivats: “Hari Om Shanti” by day. “Hurry home Shanti” by night

gouthamdl: Shubashitha by day, Shobhana by night

Anniebhatt: Sandalwood by day, scandalwood by night

vishal_c: Sandhyavandanam by day, “Sandhya? Vandanam!” by night

shenoyvarun86: Come my disciples in the morning, Cum my disciples in the night

logic: Oat meal by day, rasagulla by night

rameshsrivats: Raagam in the morning. Dhaanam (charity) in the afternoon. And Pallavi at night.

vkhater: Changing postures (meditation) by day, Changing positions by night

liberalcynic: Tithi by day, titty by night

__hS: He actually was following ‘ A titty devo bhava ‘ (atithi devo bhava)

rameshsrivats: Baba by day. Black sheep by night.

vsharms: Maun vrat by day, Moan vrat by night

jestme: discourse by day, intercourse by night

beastoftraal: ‘Speaking Tree’ by day; ‘Mid-Day mate’ by night.

Pratyushrao: Saffron and Diyas by day, Cameron Diaz by night

vishal_c: Arunachalam by day, “Aruna, chellam” by nigh

hariharank12: Multiple Conversations by day… Single Conversation by night

sidin:Β  Spiritual guidance by day, spiritual guy dance by night?

ninadsingh: Sage by the day, bondage by the night

vsharms: Uncover your soul by day, uncover your hole by night

ashwinuae: Aalap by day, my lap at night.

gauravsabnis: Sandalwood by day, Tiger Woods by night

kg86: Incense by day, Incest by night.

msnarain: Eye opener by day, Everything else opener by night

krishashok: Swamigal by day, Swami+Gal by night

nutkarsh: agar batti by day, laal batti by night

shankrao: Taare Zameen Par by day, Tara Yasmeen and Paro by night

desinole: Swamy for the day, Maami for the night.

thetanmay: Swahaa by day and Aaah Aaaaah by night.

notytony: God-man by day, lay-man by night

nikhilnarayanan: Oral by day, oral by night.

YaavanoObba: Ashram by day, aisho-aaram by night

The tweets refuse to stop as yet and we will updates this list with newer ones.

35 Replies to “Nithyananda controversy spills on Twitter”

  1. Seiously guys, looks like Nithyananda is indirectly helping lot of students in GRE preparation. All the frustration/creativity of all the people is coming out. This is called as gumpalli govinda.

  2. Hi Manu,

    If you have a problem there is a simple solution — don’t read it. It is hypocrisy to read it all and then make a smart ass comment.

  3. “A pure mind can alone see purity.”
    “The impersonal God seated within us is the Guru within and God coming in the form of a human being – a saint – to guide us on the spiritual path is the Guru without.” I Trust Swami Nithyananda and he is pure and blissful person, Blessed are those who stand by with him during this atrocities committed by SUNTV for want of money.

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