Ready, Set, Sail! 96th COEP Regatta Invites You To A Sea Of Adventure!

COEP Technological University, famous for its academic achievements and dynamic extracurricular programs, is all prepared to launch the 96th edition of its celebrated COEP Regatta event on 24th March 2024. Regatta, recognized by the Limca Book of Records as the longest running college festival, proudly boasts its certified status.

Ready, Set, Sail! 96th COEP Regatta Invites You to a Sea of Adventure!

The Regatta showcases more than 165 unique boats every year. It scales new heights of innovation and skill. The Regatta has been a prestigious tradition in COEP since 1928. The COEP Regatta is a stunning event where students showcase their dedication and skill by entertaining over 12,000 people with their impressive boats after practicing tirelessly day and night.

They introduce you to their 96th Regatta theme, “Dawn to Radiance” which summarizes a metaphorical journey, starting from the early stages represented by “dawn” which often signifies the beginning. As the theme progresses towards “radiance” it implies a transformation into a state of brightness. For the 96th Regatta, Dawn to Radiance implies capturing the entire experience of the event.

At the COEP Regatta, you can enjoy a variety of events like Kayak Ballet, Shell Games, Telematches, Punt Formation, and Mashaal Dance performances. Kayak Ballet is a graceful performance where kayaks move elegantly and swiftly over the water, adding a touch of beauty and toughness to the parade.

Shell games need strong cores from players. The toughness of shell gamers shows through challenges. Telematches is a show which requires lots of courage and determination. Memories etched through the nerves as boats roar through flames. Punt Formation shows great coordination and teamwork. The various shapes created by the punts on the water at night showcase the beauty of lights.

The Mashaal Dance is a unique performance during the Regatta event, where boats are not involved. It happens on the river across from the COEP Boat Club. Dancers holding lit torches form still and dynamic shapes to express a theme and message.

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