BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Jan. 16, ’10

Spicy SaturdayThe Harvesting season has started in India. Tomorrow is the Mumbai Marathon that has lot of people participating and supporting a lot of causes.  Do you know that the total prize money is about 3,10,000 USD translating to roughly Rs. 1 crore 40 lakhs?

Gul Panag (Interview with Gul Panag) who is running the marathon is supporting the Shraddha Charitable Trust and Suchitra Krishnamoorthi (Interview with Suchitra Krishamoorthi) who is supporting the ‘Laadli…for the girl child’ says she is running for her ‘Laadli, Kaveri’. If you are in Mumbai, support the runners on the streets. Mumbai Marathon promises to be great as always and so does the Spicy Saturdays. Here are this week’s Spicy Saturdays.

  • Who : Churumuri
    What : A tale of two cities as narrated by a cricket field
    Spicy : The Mumbai Ranji Trophy team became the champions for the 39th time. Was it the attitude of the Mumbai Cricket team? Was it the Coach and the different strategies? Prithvi Datta Chandra Shobhi in this guest post at Churumuri has this wonderful analysis in the post which also relates the two cities.

  • Who : Manju
    What : People Like Us
    Spicy : This is a short but relevant post and Manju wants the views of the community in this post. Statistics tell us that only 966 cases of Suicides were recorded in Vidharba in 2009. Isn’t 966 still a big number? When Ugich Konitari tipped us this post and she wasn’t sure whether we will pick this post, but posts which raises a question and needs the community cannot be ignored at all.

  • Who : Ayyan
    What : “Proud to be a House wife”
    Spicy : Ayyan has this wonderfully written poem where he dedicates this poem to his real house wife. The words are very well crafted and feelings aptly described. A must read.

  • Who : Sunshine Girl
    What : Ten Reasons Why Rocket Singh is Better than 3 Idiots
    Spicy : 3 Idiots became the highest grosser in Bollywood. But Sunshine Girl believes Rocket Singh was better than 3 idiots and has 10 reasons to support it. Do read the reasons and ponder. 

  • Who : Shobhaa De (Read her interview)
    What : Dirty Old Desi Men….
    Spicy : ND Tiwari has just joined a new group called ‘Dirty Old Desi Men’ on Facebook. Shobhaa De in this hard hitting post has her take on the whole issue. Her usual spice and frank take is all here in this post.

  • Who : Piper
    What : Let there be Peace..
    Spicy : Have you watched ‘Firaaq’? What is your take on Communalism? Piper has shared her experiences and says that it pains a lot to see the current happenings. Why should we choose friends on the basis of the religions and not live happily together? These are some of the points touched upon by Piper in this must read post.

  • Who : Monika Manchanda
    What : The most important years really
    Spicy : How many of us remember what we have learnt in Kindergarten? Do you remember your kindergarten days? Monika remembers after looking at the message when she drops her son to the Kindergarten. A post which will take you back to your older times.

  • Who : Shilpadesh
    What : Thoughts on Mahabharat
    Spicy : What would have happened had Kunti revealed the fact that Karna was her son? Had the Mahabharata would not have happened? Or was it destined to happen? Shilpadesh has some very interesting thoughts on Mahabharat in this awesome weekend read for you.

  • Who : Prateek Gupta
    What : TweetPals: Story of @Fraands
    Spicy : Twitter is the buzz word. When a group of friends start conversing day to day and number of people do not fit in 140 characters, what do we do then? God sends a new user called @fraands in this twitterville and this is how @fraands were born. They are living happily ever after and the chronicles of @fraands lives on. 

The first part of Interview with Poonam Sharma aka Alchemist Poonam was a super duper hit and we have more fun with the second part of her interview. For all the people wanting to know about Social Media, Annkur has this very interesting post on ‘What is the deal with Social Media‘. Have a great weekend and come back on Monday to read our Perky tweets. 🙂

If you come across any interesting post or tweet and want to share, you can tip us on Twitter or contact us here and we will credit you for the selected pick.

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