On Mumbai Terror Attacks Anniversary…

Mumbai Terror Attacks Anniversary

Today is November 26! A year ago at this time, the would be perpetrators of the most brutal terrorist attack on the City of Mumbai were on the way. Life in Mumbai was normal that day and so is today. What has changed after an year? Has anything improved? Does the Common Man feel safe? The sole captured terrorist is being subjected to the best of treatments! We wonder why is he still alive.

We know we are not ‘The Supreme Power’ but where is the supreme power and why doesn’t he do anything to stop such terror attacks? These are some thoughts constantly being echoed. Today, bloggers and our readers share with us their thoughts on the anniversary of the Mumbai Terror Attacks when we asked them ‘What kind of thoughts are running in your mind on the first anniversary?‘. Our profound thanks to all of them for taking time out and sharing their thoughts and concerns.

Shobhaa De

Mumbaikars do not possess the luxury of grief. Their concern is survival at any cost. But that instinct should not be confused with indifference. People are still angry at what they see is a lack of preparedness to counter future attacks. There is also a lack of political will to effect real change and reassure people that their lives are precious.

The so-called leaders are busy protecting their own lives and property instead of protecting the people! There is a lot of rage  at how poorly the administration performed, post- 26\11. And there is sorrow at the large number of lives lost because there was monumental failure at all levels.

Malini Agarwal

I’m trying not to think about the government the media or the Indian Judiciary. I can’t help but relive my own experience of that night and just be grateful for how lucky I am. I know people are upset and angry and there is always someone else to blame, but don’t you think that’s what got us here in the first place?

Gaurav Mishra

I am primarily thinking about how the Mumbai terrorist attack catalyzed the coming together of an entire ecosystem of citizen activism initiatives in the run up to the 2009 Lok Sabha elections. Jaago Re, Vote Report India, No Criminals in Politics and Pink Chaddi come to mind. The people behind many of these initiatives are still working together to bring about change — small and big — by channelizing the energies of India’s connected youngsters.

For instance, I am helping Janaagraha build a citizen action community, to build upon the good work they did during Jaago Re. Every cloud has a silver lining, and this ecosystem is the silver lining in the 26/11 tragedy.

Indian Homemaker

We did not want Mumbai to forget…

Are we alert while walking on the roads in South Mumbai today?  Do we fear armed terrorists emerging from the darkness again?  Even if the thought crosses the mind, the real fear is forgotten today.

Mumbai forgot while not-voting also. But that does not mean one is not angry with the media and the government. That also does not mean that if one were to see a suspicious looking man in a parking lot, holding something that could be a gun, one would immediately report him.

One isn’t sure who could be a terrorist. The suspect could be security personnel? And if there is sudden firing, running feet, falling bodies and screams – does each one of us know what to do?

I feel no matter how well prepared a country is, terror attacks cannot be completely ruled out. Every citizen, including all children should know what to do in a terror emergency. If we haven’t achieved this, then we have forgotten again.

Andrea Mcleod

On this first anniversary of 26/11 the families of the victims will once again feel the grief as sharply as the day it happened. Some families lost their sole breadwinner, some families lost a child, a parent, a brother or sister, a husband or wife. For these people the tragedy of 26/11 is not remembered only on the anniversary, it is something that they must live with every day of their lives. As we grieve for the dead, analyse the past and plan for the future we should remain sensitive to their suffering.


We remember dates and forget people. 26/11 is also one such date. As our history shows, every terror had worse rejoinder in the form of riots and massacre insinuated by political leaders. After a long time, 26/11 attack actually united us Indians but even with all the initiatives, things move only when rulers of our country choose to take action. We sent petitions, kept vigils but nothing really happened.

Last year around this time politicians were busy with the blame games and there was some reshuffling in Maharashtra government. Exactly after a year what do we witness? The same man sworn in as Home Minister and no one even questions that selection. Media too after getting enough mileage from the coverage moves on to the next prey and then exactly after a year comes back with the updates along with emotional tunes in the background.

A year back I wrote on my blog “Hemant Karkare, Major Unnikrishnan,  all acknowledged ATS officials, brave NSG commandos, the valiant policemen and unsung heroes: I salute you, the brave hearts of India. This time I will remember.”

That is all we ordinary citizens can do. We must remember the people.

Ritu Lalit

I feel that we have awakened and the common man at least has started realizing who are the people who work for them i.e. the armed forces and the police.  The common man has also realized that politicians are not the true netas they are touted to be.

Of course, India is a vast country and the ripple effect will take time to show.  The truth is that we have learnt and we shall not be caught napping again.

Satish Vijaykumar

WTF, 1 year passed by, has anything changed? Have we hanged Kasab? Have we managed to punish the brains behind 26/11 who are sitting in Pakistan? .. NO!! We were very busy fighting over our imaginary friends and Which language should we swear in.

I think unless we sort the mess within our country, outsiders will always find it easy to attack us.


Thank you for sharing in your thoughts. We are constantly receiving more views and will post another entry soon. You can share your thoughts as well using the comment form below. We had a year back compiled a list of all bloggers who were live blogging and writing about Mumbai Terror Attacks. We received 123 emotions packed responses for that post. If you want to feel the pain and emotions, do read the responses.

10 Replies to “On Mumbai Terror Attacks Anniversary…”

  1. The objective of terrorists is to terrorize us. By holding peace rally, writing endless articles on 26/11, analysing how the police officers were killed, holding talk shows and interviewing the victims’ family members just shows that we have been badly hurt and victimized. We are vulnerable, or at least behaving like we are vulnerable. And I am sure, the terrorists are watching us and celebrating because they have successfully hurt us.

    The terrorists are humans too. Once we make them realise that they cannot break us with their guns and bombs, they will stop.

  2. On the first anniversary my thoughts are as cynical as they can get…

    Nothing has changed !

    No one cares !

    No matter what happens we (our government & ourselves too) will never ever react, our thinking and our reactions will always remain clouded trying to worry about no innocents being dragged in our quest for the villains.

    While burning dry leaves a few green leaves tend to burn, but are we willing to pay the price??

    If we cant hang Qasab yet after 1 year of interrogation how the heck can we ever do anything to the terrorists that exist outside our custody.

    We also have Afzal surviving after attacking the parliament !

    Tell me why would any terrorist fear attacking India ?? huh ??

    He can simply fire shots merrily till his ammunition runs out and surrender.. !!!

    We will give him more security than the aam aadmi.. !!!

    Today if I say Mumbai is part of India I m under threat… never mind the terrorists !

    sounds bitter but its the truth !

  3. A year… 365 days…. what has changed? Nothing.. we[the Govt n people] are ready to talk/debate/argue, but has any action been taken?

    The Taj is almost restored
    Families of victims are still coming to terms with the deaths
    Police and other armed forces are going about their duty as ever [nothing new, nothing different] ..
    The country lives on…
    Politicians are busy doing what they do best.. cook up chaos….

    Wtf… we are welcoming terrorists with open arms… might as well be there to greet them next time they enter the country… Punish Kasab n then talk!!!

  4. I will quote from my blog post on the same topic. What were the aims of the terrorists?
    1.To attain maximum publicity for themselves and their cause by kiiling maximum number of ppl.
    They got publicity but no one is clear abt their cause
    2. To increase the Hindu-Muslim divide in India, there by destabilising it.
    They failed in that aim. The terror strike actually reduced the Hindu-Muslim divide in most parts of the country.
    3.Induce a Hindu backlash in India which will help them to get more supporters in Kashmir and in Pakistan.
    Here again they failed. The secular fabric of India remained more or less intact
    4. Induce a military response from India against Pakistan, which will help in uniting whole of Pakistan and most Muslim countries against India.
    Even though warmongers with vested interests tried their best, the Indian Government behaved maturely.war would have meant disaster for the sub-continent.
    The fact that Kasab is getting a fair trial as per the law of our Country raises the stature of India among World nations.Our law is slow and we need to speed up but we cannot resort to principles of jungle justice in 21st century

  5. Dear sir,
    The city is vulnerable as seen by recent events. The city needs a well-wired intelligence set-up and trained commando force.
    There is an urgent need to set up a Full Fledged Anti Terrorist Squad and put in place a highly visible Surveillance system all over the city.
    The City Police too should be trained in intelligence gathering and use of sophisticated weapons.

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