Live Blogging – Mumbai Terrorist Attacks

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Here are a few bloggers from Mumbai, who are writing or have just written posts on the terrorist attacks on Mumbai on 26/11.

CuckooA City Under Well Planned Attack, Act, Now!

Jalpesh MehtaLighting Candles at the Gateway of India is not enough!

Mohammad Ali KirmaniMumbai bloodbath, apparent winners and loosers, Mumbai Attacks and Indian Stupidity

Karishma SundaramMelancholic Reflections

OldfoxA sincere appeal

VasantA requiem

Anshul TewariA Tribute

Sunil V KumarIts ‘Bomb’ay again

Lee KachrooMumbai November 2008: Terror, Tragedy, Talk

Jitendra JhaWas the Nariman house operation successful?, Beware of the Hogwash

G P BaroowahWould we be able to defeat terrorism

Maya RakeshBehind the Mumbai Terror attacks

The Comic ProjectMumbai Attacked: 5 sleepless nights and counting

Sandeep SLearning from Caesar

Praveen GKMumbai

EnvisageYet Again??? Mumbai terrorized…

KrishA Call for Rationalism amidst Rashness: Mumbai Terror Attacks

Rohan SharmaAfter shock of war situation

Kunal ShethTerrorists attack Mumbai (Bombay)

Kunal has another post with the List of People Injured and Shot Dead by Terrorists in Mumbai (Bombay)


Indyana has added another post – Disbelief

Sraboney GhoseTerrorism in India, Maximum City Attacked

John MathewLive Blog: Bombay under seige

PrashantCancel all my Meetings at Taj… Damn!, Mumbai Rocked Once Again

Unsung PsalmTalk about Politicising, And then, it’s too late

Dinesh GharatBlogging in Marathi

Saakshi JunejaMumbai, Shaken & Stirred

Shaheen – A City under seige

Rohan RaoLapses that caused Mumbai ’08 Wreckage!

Chirag JethmalaniStock Markets to be Shut today on account of Terror Attack in Mumbai

My BandraHemant Karkare, Vijay Salaskar and Ashok Kamte lay down their life for Mumbai

Sindhu SubramaniamMumbai Terrorized – the agony continues…..

NeelUnder Seige

DeepLife in India – Mumbai November 27th, 2008

AhMumbai Attack: NSE BSE Closed today

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Our heart goes out to all families whose members have died or are fighting for the cause. And we thank all bloggers for blogging about the event live and we have so many perspectives to this. Please pass around this link (blog, twitter, im) if you think so.

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  2. The only way to save our dear ones – Kiran Bedi should become the home minister immediately. She is the only selfless, courageous and patriotic person on this earth who knows how not to make this happen again in India.

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  5. Here is my Hypothesis of how the Mumbai terrorist attack was made possible:
    The Pakistan Marine Agency has been kidnapping and capturing Indian fishing vessels for the last 5 years. Look at this news link:
    Pakistan then puts these kidnapped fishermen into jail and periodically decides to either release them or to keep them languishing in jail depending on whether it wants to take favors from India to release its citizens languishing in Indian jails for much more heinous crimes.

    The Indian government has done nothing, zilch, nada in the last many years to take care of the above situation.

    The terrorists apparently took this situation a step further. They took the help of the Pakistan Marine Agency to kill/kidnap and hijack an Indian fishing trawler. Next they loaded up the vessel with explosives and grenades manufactured in Pakistani factories. Finally they entered Mumbai (with all their prior research and review of the cities famous landmarks and their floor plans) and launched these attacks.

    Conclusion: The above goes to show that there are several factors leading to this tragedy:
    1) the lackadaisical attitude of the government in dealing firmly with Pakistan
    2) the apathy of Indian citizens who were happy to be tolerant and look the other way
    3) the absence of policing security and law system that protects the citizenry proactively
    4) the lack of political will to impose strong laws – the Congress is a leader on this
    5) the willingness to negotiate with terrorists – the BJP created a horrible precedent during the Indian
    Airlines hijacking incident few years ago
    6) the lack of cool self-assessment of what India’s strengths and weaknesses are in the security and law/order area
    7) opening up of borders with Pakistan – a country that is predominantly lawless and where the government only pretends to govern. We have spent too much time trying to build a relationship with a government that cannot control its internal environment
    8) ignoring the dangers posed by allowing Pakistanis to enter Indian territory by air, land and water without realizing the dangers it would pose to Indian lives
    9) constant interference in the functioning of the defence forces by the Indian government
    10) not investing in intelligence, security and training that is world class to ensure that the police can deal with such incidents
    11) agnostic Indian citizen psyche that refuses to get united and is happy in living in denial untill they are not personally attacked
    12) a citizenry that does not hold its politicians responsible for their actions.

  6. I’ve been watching NDTV to get all updates about the situation there.. NDTV, Thank you for the coverage…

    It is true every viewer is keen to know latest info about a situation like this and it make them thrilled to see live picture.. But, its really making it difficult to do their operation..
    Now, NDTV has started to show their images with few minutes of delay(as they say)..
    But, This is a mini-War and It’ll be best to all those forces doing the operation.. if NDTV can just announce only the info revealed by who ever the authority taking care of the situation.. (By showing the Commandos Airdrop, even these Terrorist will easily findout from which ways they are getting resistances from and how many carders are coming towards them..)
    PLS NDTV.. keep everything u see RECORDED and Show after this situation is completely OVER.. (PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO PROVE THAT YOU DELIVER THE NEWS FIRST)

    -A Viewer (NDTV)

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  8. Its time2act…. how long we would just be passive spectators and just sit in front of tv/pcs and have unwanted, mindless discussions… its time2act and ask questions…

  9. Enough is Enough! How long will India succumb to outside political pressure and do nothing while our countrymen are slaughtered year after year! We need to take a firm stand as USA did after 9/11, and attack the concerned areas with no holds barred until all terror-training camps have been wiped out! This is no time for politics, no time to listen to the US tell us not to do anything when they themselves had retaliated by attacking terror camps in Afghanistan! We have to launch a full-scale operation and show the world that India will not stand by meekly while our country is terrorised!

  10. We should leave the terrorists holed in the hotels.
    Indian Army should air drop or supply food to them….only non Hallal Pork…
    Lets see how the bloody fanatics behave………

  11. I believe the information filtering to the people via the media is totally responsible for the numerous rumours coming up. After being with the city through all the previous situation, (blasts etc), it is troubling to know that all the main media companies send uneducated brash personnel to the sites to cover and analyse the situations. How can the big television networks propogate information without having hard evidence via their sources at the venue (e.g.CST) in such a important situation as this. Furthermore, all the media interviews with the Police/NSG etc, clearly show the undeucated appproach in questioning the authorities to gleen accurate information. Brash, abrasive, repetitive questions do not assist this situation.

  12. Atleast 1achievement with Oberoy operation.But what about the loss? we have lost our 3valuable officers.Now Pakistan has crossed the limits.The time has come that we all Indians should protest to ban Pakistan on Universal level.These bloody Pakistanis should be kicked out of everything and everywhere.Its the only solution they have left.”Laton ke bhoot baton se nahi mante”!
    We have given them enough time to change.But nothing good can be expected from them.So we have to change.It is true that some innocent muslims will also suffer due to this.But there is no choice.

    We have to be very alert about our surrounding.We should keep a watch if any suspicious act is happening or any suspcious thing is left.We should ask the ricks and taxi men in our local area or in ur working areas that they should check their vehicle everytime when a passenger gets down. Thats the only solution to stop the explosions in vehicles.While travelling in trains we should see that any person is leaving any luggage or a carry bag?And it should be our ususal practice and not after the terrorist attacks. Please convey this message to every INDIAN to fight with terrorism. Till this date if we observe these terrorist attacks, it will be cleared that they always have taken the wrong advantage of our negligence and our forgiving attitude.But now Mumbai or rather whole INDIA won’t forget or forgive.We will give them a proper answer for this and they will have to pay a big cost for this.

    We can’t put all the blame on police & government.We are suppose to contribute something.And these team efforts will restrict these bastards to come into our precious “INDIA”.I request all INDIANS to come together to fight with terrorism and i m sure that our unity will blow them up

  13. Extracted message from a blog (eye opening)

    Spirit of Mumbai

    Again spirit of mumbai not got hurt. They are back to work inspite of terror attack on their house killing their family members, friends and destroyed their reputation globally. (they are called as soft state, because they are secular citizens)

    They are talking to their friends and relatives sharing their own or some one elses experience on the incident

    They will again trade in stock market which opened today will make money inspite of 200 dead bodies just lying within 5km from the stock market. They will again praise the economic PM of india for his fighting sprit, will again elect him because he brings in money to them though he failed miserably on terror front and will forget the incident after the next attack. Again BOLLY WOOD WILL MAKE ONE MOVIE AND ONE ENCOURAGING SONG ON SALAM MUMBAI WOW.

    They will be attacked again, they will see on tv helplessly for hours and next day again will go back to work (considering the attack like TV opera). waiting for their own turn like a goat in slauter house but will not come out on the street (that job is outsourced to poor and politicians) to pursue govt to attack neighbours because we are a good neigbour and never attacked any country for 5,000 proud years. common mumbaikers dont fool yourself how many times you will take this as usual. as a citizen you have to go to street to pressurise govt. to take action. remember indipendent days? dont be follower, be a leader dont get attached to any political party but drive a massage so that people can fight together. remember united only you will surive every one out there waiting for some one to start?

  14. it is not attack on mubai, but it is attack on indian economy and also attack on turism industry,where foregion citizons are at the focus point, it is a great attack on huminity
    in our view POTA must be accepted by the government and a countrywise operation is necessery to cursh them

  15. it is great attack on humanity ,and it also affect the relation of neighbour country
    in our view in south asia this type of event are make two neigbour countries
    for awaaaaay where it may our north west counterpart or north east counterpart

  16. Hi,

    No1 can terrorise india.. the terrorists thought they can win by killing lots and creating threat in India, but what i think is the terrorists has entertained india, they got themself struck inside the hotel and building fearing the NSG commandos… And we Indians were sitting with the popcorn in the hand in front of the television sets and we enjoying seeing terrorist get hunted down by our soldiers live in news channels… Hurreehhhhhhhhhhhh to India……..

  17. Hello everyone,

    I could not get rest without getting my thoughts out in the open,hence d blog. We earn our incomes by taking so much stress in day to day lives and then a large chunk of my pay goes to the govt in the form of tax,which they use for my security as Indian army and Navy. BUt may I dare to ask where is that security?? I feel insecure in my own country! Every now and then there are thefts, robberies and now blasts! I do not want to go into the deatils of the topic of politics now, we all already know.

    My mind forces me to wonder why most of the terrorists happen to be Muslims, here I would like to clarify that I am not communal and I say MOST not all. The answer which I get is deep rooted. The condition of women is so pathetic in the muslim community (even if they fail to accept) Women are suppressed and have no say in any crucial matters. They have so many children that they are busy raising them n having even more of them. BUt who will take the responsibilty of the proper upbringing?? The children are not given proper education. their minds r easy to influence. They are just sent to Muslims clerics and preachers who feed whatever in the young minds. Faulty upbringing is what I can say.

    How many christians or sikh or hindu terrorists do we have? Few months ago churches were burnt in Orissa, but did christians from all over the world became terrorists? They did condemn the act which was shameful! We can name Ulfa or Ltte but they do have a reason a motive to fight for, These muslim terrorists sem to have no reasons at all. They are getting training in Pakistan and give up lives for BIG money. Yeah have 10 children and send one for becoming suicidal bomb n get money seems to be latest trend in pakistan.

    What am I to do? Doubt every person I see or meet?Pakistan or whoever sadist is spreading terroism will keep continue to do so.WE can only blame them but the solution lies in our own country. We have to force teh government to make proper securities!

    These are all subjective views , I do not intent to hurt anyonez sentiments

  18. This is something that has to be highly condemned. ITs a shame for our nation. Its time we stand together and fight this back. I came across a number of videos on the attack in the link below. They are really disturbing and making us feel for our country…

    These coverages give us the real picture. If you see the below coverage, we get the feel that the mission to help the hostages has taken longer.

    We cannot leave this to keep happening. These people will face it one day. The day cannot be too far. As Indians we need to stand together as one to battle the ugly face of terrorism.

  19. Pardon me , I am new to blogging business , but Mumbai terror attack forced me into it.
    Goig through various new channels and blogs , everybody is talking about enough is enough , everybody is blamming the politicians etc .
    Are they the real culprits ?
    No ! we are , how many times have we discussed this and again when election comes , what do we do we vote for Congress , BJP etc… we don’t vote any individuals.

    Why don’t we wake up and just try to do something ourselves….
    Tell me how many of us want to get things done right way….
    We just latch on the first oppurtunity where we can get things done the fastest way…
    We always look for a deal …
    We need to sort out our house first then only we can start pointing fingers at others..

    Yes we know that this attack is a sheer inteligence failure , but if they ( Intelligence ) had reacted on tip and god forbid if that tip was wrong .. it will be us and the media who would be crucifying them

  20. its so sad Shocking news to every one, and more over this is the time to be united.Please pray for the people who effected in the bad incident.

    But may be Pakistan is not involve in it.may be its plane by any indian agencies like in Samjohota Express to show america that they are as affected as America or does not matter 4 agencies tht they can kill their own people for internation interse.
    Think about it.
    why pakistanies will do this try to feel the pain of pakistanies people who loses more life than indian in this terroist war. than how u can say that these people are muslim and pakistanies.if they are muslim then why they are killing inocent people in pakistan .In last year pakistan has more sucside attack then any other country in the world.then who is responsible for that. this is not the time to Blame but to think positively.
    Dot just blame Pakistan or Islam.
    Take care

  21. Ali is right , Why should we blame Pakistan or Islam. Well ! now don’t we have hindu terrorist. They killed inocent people. You can’t blame a country or a religion for the wrong doings of few handfull.

    Galsgow airport attack was done by an Indian citizen. India has more Muslims then Pakistan

  22. like Mugdha and others blaming pakistan for all that and saying that india has given enhough time to change its wrong absoultly wrong.just look at the facts that acctually pakistan has given indian agencies alot of time but they are not changed their behavior.pakistan has more proof then india that india is supporting terriost in pakistan to kill inocent people in pakistan and every one in world knows this people are so much heart by this terriost attack but can you feel the pain of thoes poor security gurads or police man aor other peoples thoes are the only supporter of their famlies . dont blame pakistan just look at the FACTS then decied whats the realiaty

    1) When bomba blast in sanjohata Express and india blam pakistan .but accttualyat the end its prove wrong and the truth is indian army officers are responsible for that . if you LOOK at that time next morning Pakistani fornminister is going to talk to indian fornminister about peace proccess between two country.

    2) Same at this time again pakistani fornminister is in india for peace talk . and this sad incident hapend .and indian politician and media starts blaming pakistan .It showes that some callpurates in india does not want peace.

    3) Very IMPOTANT thing is that if any one with this number of people and with big amount of expolusive and wapon then whats indian police and border agencies are doing .its impossible that any one from out side the country can entre in the country like this in the day time in front of every one.its a drama by indian agencies just to show ameraca that we have affacted by terrorism .I am amaze that they kill too much people in their own country just for to get the attension of america .
    just look at the fact that what your agencies are doing with their own people then blame others .

  23. Ali , please do not stretch the discussion too far. There are many evidences which if unveiled will bring shame to most of us.

    Important thing is , how should we unite. What can we do ? One way is to show some humility and empathise with other’s pain.

    Let us spread the message and unit people

  24. I am fedup with SKY News and BBC News saying that the Mumbai attacks was an attack against British and Americans as the terrorist asked the hostages to identify themselves who are British or American. I think that any Muslim terrorist where ever they are attaqcking in the world would kill British American first becuase of their foreign policy in Iraq and Afganistan. This is an attack on India and the Indian people and people whom come from all over the world to enjoy and do business in India. My prayers are with all whom have lost their lives and all who are injured.
    In the UK their are muslims who are recruiting terrorist and this still goes on today, the British goverment still do not know who they are and where they are in the UK and yet they British do nothing.
    The Britsh media and goverment are quick to deny that any of the terrorist have British Pakistani connections because this is a great embarrasment to them as the implies that the British have no clue what is happening within the UK.

    My final words are please please let there be peace in this world!

  25. Kick out all these old politicians, who even do not have the energy to speak to the public.
    Kick them out, as they cannot protect the indian citizens.

    Where are the terrorists and prime suspects arrested for the mumbai, gujarat, bangalore etc blasts. Keeping behind bars to be released later or what?
    Have fast courts, and then execute them. Have no mercy.

    Remove the security of the politicians and let them protect the public on the streets, only than will these politicians wake up.

    All Indians unite and fight the terrorists and the dirty politicians, who are protecting one section of the public for votes.

    Pakistanis are liars and every time they talk something and do something else.
    do not trust them. They are born liars.
    Go after the terrorist right into pakistan.

    If Shiv sena or Modi were a little more secular than they are the right politicians for quick action. Sorry for saying this, I have lost all interest and trust in the Congress party.

  26. We admire the Americans who have gone upto Afghanistan to fight the terrorist, to protect their citizens, after 9/11.
    After 9/11 there has been no attacks on American soil.

    Now there is hard evidence of Pakistani involement, including the capture of a terrorist alive, sim cards of pakistan, etc.
    These coward terrorist know only to attack innocent civilians. They are devils, b’coz God the almighty does not teach its worhsippers to kill.
    They are idiots, who can be easily brain washed by mullahs and enemies for their own personal gains. Like the iranian soldiers given keys to hang around their necks during the iran/iraq war, telling them,(the fools) that they wil go straight to heaven if the die.
    Even hell won’t take these terrorists.
    They do not understand that there is more to religion than killing others.
    Humanity is the first and last religion.
    If God is a silent spectator to the killings of the innocent, what should one say?
    Some muslim countries want secularism everyone else outside their country and cannot live peacefully with others if they are not muslims.
    Can you ever think of having a Christian or a Hindu has a president of Pakistan, No.
    But you have a Sikh Prime-minister and you had several muslim presidents in India.
    Thats the difference.
    Atleast in India let the Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Buddists, Sikhs, Jains, Parsis, Jews,
    etc, all unite and live peacefully together.
    Life is too short to die for a religion.

  27. 26/11 should not remain just a another date, at last we all should wake up to the reality that whatever is happening in India will not be tolerated. I am contantly watching NDTV’s coverage on this unfortunate event but many a times I am unable to control my emotions and I burst out with frustration.

    Here’s an eye opener, we all know by now that there were 40 terrorists and as per new some 8 have been killed, 1 in custody & 2-3 are still being negotiated, I am worried that the balance 28-29 of them who have escaped and free for their next move should be brought to frame as soon as possible.

    We all know that various security agencies are doing their jobs but we as common citizens of the country should also contribute for the nation’s security. Can we really do it? How? First and foremost is that we should keep close eye in our neighbourhood and should monitor the activities of people around us, if we notice that there is someone stranger in our locality we should try to find out who is he and if nothing is confirming of his presence there then we should immediately report to the security agencies to take over ( Neighbourhood Watch ).

    Among us who all are in business should keep close eye to our customers and try to figure out who is our client, especially the businesses like Hotels, Lodges etc are very vulnerable, we should not book the guest unless and untill he or she is able to prove their identity and should have some reference (Just Like Some Western Countries). Not only this we should keep close eyes on the activities happening around us because it may be possible that any wrong person may like to take advantage of the situation and can act as a security personal & can take anyone as hostage for his or his team members safe passage.

    Remember India is a big country and we can just not depend only on our security agencies to protect us and fight for the country, we citizens have to come closer to each other and have to be aware of what is happening around us. I am sorry to say but we know this is a crude reality that most of us do not even know who are our neighbours and not only that we turn our back whenever we see something unusual happening thinking selfishly that it’s not connected to me directly so just escape the situation.

    Regarding politicians, I do not have mush to say, our Political systems has become a Circus and Politicians are nothing more than just a Bunch of Jokers who try to Woo us with their abilities (or no ability at all) and we are forced to smile because we have no other alternative. It is these Politicians only who gave refuge to to whosoever comes to ur country and asks for because in turn they increase their vote bank, these politicians don’t have any realization that maybe in this process they may give shelter to wrong persons as well.

    Lets take an oath that we the citizens alongwith the security agencies personal should work together for the safety & security of our land and its assets. We should all think beyond Religion, Language, Caste & Colour and work together for only one cause that is India and its heritage.


  28. retesh , i dont want to stretch the discussion but like all of you we also love our country and over religion. my aim to join this discussion is that i want to tell you our point of view and one thing more is indian media is blaming pakistan and muslims form very 1st second . this is not the role of a responsible media.they kill the terroriest today some hours before and every one got the proof from first second .Is the media has any link with terrorist .or some thing else.
    we should stop this blaming others .fierst we should investigate after oppration look at every thing than show the result to the people .what is truth .in this way we are creating misunderstanding between the people and the government of two countries.

  29. I just have one question for all Indians:
    Why is our government so dependent on Pakistan government’s opinion and help to protect India against terrorism?
    The truth is that our politicians are using strategies that are older than themselves. We look like we are begging Pakistan to cooperate. But honestly what is the point of blaming a country like Pakistan. The United States is well aware that this country is largely lawless. By some estimates more than 50 percent of the country is not under government rule and they run their own parallel governments. Why are we wasting our bandwidth trying to opern our airspace, rail roads and waters to the most dangerous place on earth? Every terrorist incident of significance in the last 5 years has originated in Pakistan. When will we started taking steps to protect ourselves and making our national security world class? Everytime there is an attack our government puts another band-aid on our bleeding wounds and goes back to sleep! Can Mumbai inspire this country out of complacency? Or we destined to be broken up into many countries?

  30. Extract from
    The war is finally over in Mumbai and all the terrorists have been killed. It is now time to start asking questions. This constant peaking of anger whenever a terrorist attack unfolds and the subsequent capitulation to acceptance should not repeat itself. The high and mighty have been targetted this time and not innocent middle class indians who do not have a say nor form a votebank. The mumbai ATS whose job was to prevent such attacks were caught with their pants down. They were busy torturing Indians and bullying the Army personnel, and finally when they were faced with the real enemy, they slithered back and let the army take over. The Mumbai police if only fit to collect hafta and shoot unarmed poor gangsters and call themselves encounter specialists while not a single man could stand up to a real encounter.
    I salute Major Sandip Unnikrishnan from Calicut who has laid down his life for the cause of the country and to cover up the failure of the potbellied, pan chewing mumbai police. Though i condole the deaths of the ATS chief and the other policemen, their deaths were more incidental than in actual fight. They were caught unawares, or they might have thought that it was some local underworld gangster,otherwiseyou will not find any of these people going into fight with hardcore terrorists. And they are supposed to be fighting terrorists.

  31. Did you hear what Advani,Modi,The Thackerays and Vasundhara responded when they were woken up/disturbed at parties and told of the attack on the “TAJ”.
    Adavai called for a March towards Agra…….etc
    Vasundhara said she was willing to provide all the marble from Rajasthan to rebuild the Taj……..etc
    Modi said the Taj was a Hindu temple etc etc…..
    The Thackerays…the whole clan decided to move to Bihar

    and theres more……Maya said with all this cofusion I will become PM and am now entertaining proposals for….etc.

  32. I Just want to say:

    Lets come together… and fight against TERRORISM because our unity par from all religious and cast thing is must.

    And depending on security agencies and blaming them for their irresponsible acts etc…but how they will also do such task … we are 1 billion population country … how they can manage to keep their eyes keen…how they watch the move of terrorists … there are people here and there everywhere … i mean how ??? It’s just we; normal citizens have to be awake

    And if we are blaming politicians then why non of us coming and taking their place, i also completely agree with you all that they are worst and cold blooded about all this, bloody who is taking even 30-40 seconds to speak their next word in their speech and some cant even walk on their own leg properly, whose ages are above 60s are running our country whose 40% population is considered as young…man when we will awake…so nice compeign by Tata Tea about the voting…. today i just visited it again … i felt so bad about that only 131901 has been registered there where i am sure more thn 50-60 lacs young Indians are watching television and using internet…whats the problem friends why cant we come out … are we just limited to think about our own self why cant we think of the soil who has given us so many things…its our responsibility that it continuation of giving goes to our upcoming generation…lets wake up…and rather posting comments and showing frustration…cant we think of some act … very little act even…

  33. Enough is Enough! How long will India succumb to outside political pressure and do nothing while our countrymen are slaughtered year after year! We need to take a firm stand as USA did after 9/11, and attack the concerned areas with no holds barred until all terror-training camps have been wiped out! This is no time for politics, no time to listen to the US tell us not to do anything when they themselves had retaliated by attacking terror camps in Afghanistan! We have to launch a full-scale operation and show the world that India will not stand by meekly while our country is terrorised!
    As the last of the terrorists is killed by the brave commandos, we can see the politicians starting to slink out of their holes and declare their ‘compensations’ for families of the victims. There is no talk of retaliation, no talk of definitive action to prevent this in the future. Instead, they’re hailing one of the most corrupt cops of our times (Karkare) as ’shaheed’ and starting to play the same old blame game! I am a peace-loving person who has always said that India and Pakistan need to unite and end hostilities, but that is not possible so long as elements in Pakistan are working so hard to destabalise and terrorise India. And they will continue to do so until they have the support of terrorists trained at terror camps, which is why I say India needs to attack these camps (not the country of Pakistan), and eliminate all such camps with no mercy shown, before there is any chance of future peace being possible

  34. This is nothing but sheer incompetence on the part of govt. If they had taken the earlier warning they could have easily prevented this massacre and destruction.

    Nasser a terrorist caught earlier had spilled the beans on the plan to attack mumbai by the sea route

    Its absolutely shocking incompetence.

  35. Homegrown terrorism is an alarming and very chilling idea. No country likes to believe that violent and armed insurgency and militancy has taken root in its backyard. Countries tend to put the matters at the back burner for as long as possible. India is ignoring the terrorists of RSS, BJP and Bajrang Dal for too long, and now it’s the time for the them to pay back. The recent attack in Mumbai sprouts from within India and is a reaction of Babri Mosque, Gujarat Massacre and scores of other terrorist attacks on Muslims across India.

    The Pakistani Spectator

  36. Friends

    It’s very important that someone from the government takes the responsibility for the recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai.

    The intelligence and security failure was very glaring and its time that on moral grounds the Union Home Minister, Shivraj Patil puts in his papers. There have been series of terrorist attacks and at the end of it what follows is false promises and announcing compensatory package for the kith and kin of the deceased!

    There was a time in the history of Indian Politics that Railway Minister like Mr. Lal Bahadur Shasti tendered resignation owning up moral responsibility for any major railway accident which had occurred. The present event is much more serious than a railway accident.

    Guess the present government for its own convenience cites past examples of its own party, but does not want to implement it!

  37. @Ghazala

    Azam reportedly disclosed that the group left Karachi in one boat and upon reaching Gujarat they hoisted a white flag on their boat and were intercepted by two officers of the coast guard near Porbandar and while they were being questioned, one of the terrorists grappled with one of the officers, slit his throat and threw the body in the boat. The other officer was told to help the group reach Mumbai. When they were four nautical miles away from Mumbai, there were three speedboats waiting for them where the other coastguard officer was killed. All the ammo was then shifted into these three speedboats. They reached Colaba jetty on Wednesday night and the ten men broke up into groups of two each. Four of these men went to the Taj Mahal hotel, two of them to the Trident hotel, two towards Nariman Point at Colaba and two of which Azam was one, moved to CST.

    Meanwhile, investigators were going through the call data details downloaded from the satellite phone recovered from the abandoned trawler.

    It revealed numbers that have been traced back to the LeT’s ‘chief of operations’, Muzamil.

    The terrorists had been in constant touch with their masters across the border and some of the communications have been intercepted by both the army as well as the elite National Security Guards.

    The terrorist said Taj Mahal and Trident-Oberoi were selected because the two hotels have a large clientele of Britishers and US citizens; besides that, a large number of Israeli businessmen had come to the Trident for attending a diamond exhibition, the sources said

    The terrorists were also asked by their “masters” to engage security personnel in negotiation besides throwing grenades.

    The two terrorists holed up in Nariman House had made attempts to hold talks on two occasions, the sources said.


    Lets not Get into this blame game again.The Time for Action has come and if our Neighbouring Country feels that their land has not been used for training this fidayeens,then they should allow us free access to the area (which they can never do)

    Every year We Get updates about India’s most wanted Gangster and we know what he does and where he stays but stlll we are Unable to do anything because of the FULL SUPPORT OF OUR NEIGHBOURING COUNTRY towards HIM. The latest Reports suggest that HE PROVIDED THE LOGISTICS for the OPERATION.

    source : and

  38. what has happened in mumbai is absolute non-sense,terrorists have proven how easy it is to enter into a major city of a country like india…..???!!!!! what else can we say..? irresponsible politicians should be blamed, if the system is rock solid no animal(terrorist) will try to enter into our territory…world is watching at is a wake up call for the IRRESPONSIBLE CITIZENS of India. WAKE UP WAKE UP for god sake please lets do our duty with whole heatedly and help the army to do its job with more confidence… after all we are just losing valuable bravos with our own carelessness….NSG which is the top security group of the country has sacrificed two jawans…with our carelessness … this is just our own blunder to send the signs to them(militants) that they can come freely and do what ever they want in our land…!we have lost large number of innocent civilians,police,army and the NSG. no one has a perfect answer.. there is a proverb which goes like this “when our gold is pure there is no need question the goldsmith” if politicians and other officials if they are doing their duty in proper way we need to worry about our security,lets put our hand on our heart and ask for a genuine answer right from our soul ..ARE WE PERFORMING OUR DUTY CORRECTLY…??? NO NO NO! NO WORDS ARE LEFT TO DEAL WITH TERRORISM..ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS LETS GET INTO THE ACTION,IF WE ARE DETERMINED AND FEEL THE COUNTRY AS A FAMILY THEN TERRORISM IS A SMALL PROBLEM TO DEAL WITH!!! we need to answer the martyrs they need a answer who are watching us far away from a place from where they are not going to come back again….ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP! JAI HIND!

  39. Yesterday night one of the most audacious terrorist attacks in the history of India took place in the very heart of Mumbai. Coordinated terrorist attacks struck the commercial heart of India late in the night. The attacks were completely different in scale and execution. Usually we witness terrorist attacks involving serial blasts with the modus operandi of striking terror into the hearts of the citizens. But this attack even went beyond that, it held an entire metro in fear for the better part of the day. The entire execution was in a completely different and unpredictable manner this time. Multiple crowded sites were attacked simultaneously by heavily armed terrorists. Terrorists were openly moving on the roads of Mumbai shooting and killing innocent bystanders.

  40. To Gov..
    take some action else quit.. no one is impressed by resignation of shivraj patil….
    Don’t play the nasty politics again… … mind it.

  41. Here are my thoughts….

    All through these 3-4 days, as a Mumbaikar, I have been undergoing such trauma, not so much because of the sense of insecurity but because of a sense of anger and disappointment at the system that allowed 10 maniacs to hold the most vibrant city of India to ransom.
    Also the biased attention given to the victims of the two hotels while completely forgetting the drones of poor who died at CST has disgusted me all the more. Here is my post on the same. Do visit when you can….

  42. Hello,

    I am an individual based in Bangalore, INDIA and have taken onus of advanced training in Anti/Counter Terror Operations and Intelligence training abroad. Please note that this a very professional training provided by the best teams in the world. In fact, they have trained the British and American Counter Terrorism Forces for over
    10years. MI15, the British Military Intelligence, British Counter-Terrorism Command (SO15), FBI in USA and many other Counter Terrorism Units for European Countries.

    All of us in this country are tired of excuses,Lapses and Non-performance and Lack of Professionalism in all aspects of life. India’s national security, which has been greatly compromised has been completely exposed with the recent Mumbai Terror attack which claimed so many innocent lives. My sincere prayers to all who have lost
    their lives & condolences to all kith & Kin of those bereaved.

    I have the necessary funds for travel & paper processing and short of some funds for Training. Looking for any kind of support in the form of financial sponsor.
    Please note that i am very serious about this training and will provide adequate References for personal verification & guarantees. I also specifically want to provide immediate assistance to the Karnataka State Govt. and advice the Govt. at National Level too.

    My Detailed profile will be provided on request.

  43. Officerpro,

    Funny it didnt bother you when there were blasts in Delhi/Jaipur..or when ppl are dying for the last 20 yrs in J&K or in Punjab..and oh by the way there has been insurgency in India since 1947….of course it wasn’t live on TV and there was no internet then…but hollow indignation is better than nothing right??!!!!..

    Bloody fraud fellow Indians……nautanki masters.

  44. i think mumbaikars should take control over our democracy and first thing we can do is no one should give votes and if asked one should say that 1 give us proper candidates to rule
    everyone must imply this coz we are only the sufferers not the ministers who dissappear after getting votes

  45. How to Beat The Indian Politician
    Section 49-O of the Constitution:
    (A Repetition worth a read)
    Did you know that there is a system in our Constitution, as per the 1969 Act, in Section “49-O” that a person can go to the polling booth, confirm his identity, get his finger marked and convey to the presiding election officer that he doesn’t want to vote anyone!
    Yes such a feature is available, but obviously our seemingly notorious leaders have never disclosed it. This is called “49-O”.
    Why should you go and say “I VOTE FOR NOBODY”… because, in a ward, if a candidate wins, say by 123 votes, and that particular ward has received “49-O” votes more than 123, then that polling will be cancelled and will have to be re-polled. Not only that, but the candidature of the contestants will be removed and they cannot contest the re-polling, since people had already expressed their decision on them. This would bring fear into parties and hence look for genuine candidates for their parties for election. This would change the way of our whole political system… it is seemingly surprising why the Election Commission has not revealed such a feature to the public….
    Please spread this news to as many as you know… Seems to be a wonderful weapon against corrupt parties in India… show your power, expressing your desire not to vote for anybody, is even more powerful than voting… so don’t miss your chance. So either vote, or vote not to vote (vote 49-O) and pass this info on…
    “Please forward this mail to as many as possible, so that we, the people of India , can really use this power to save our nation”. Use your voting right for a better INDIA

  46. அஞ்சலி…

    தினந்தோறும் நாம் எதிர்கொள்ளும் தமிழ், தெலுங்கு , மராத்தி , ஹிந்தி, பஞ்சாபி, வங்காளம் போன்ற மொழி/ மாநில ரீதியான பேதங்களையோ அல்லது இன்னும் உக்கிரமான ஜாதி, மத ரீதியான வேறுபாடுகளையோ இம்மியளவும் நினைக்காமல், இந்திய நாட்டின் இறையாண்மையைக் காக்கவும், வெளிநாட்டோர் உள்ளிட்ட பல மனித உயிர்களைக் காக்கவும், தம் உயிரைத் துச்சமாக மதித்துப் போராடிய வீரர்களுக்கு வணக்கம்! இந்தப் புனித வேள்வியில் உயிர் நீத்த வீரர்களுக்கும் தீவிரவாதிகளின் வெறித் தாக்குதலில் உயிரிழந்த பொதுமக்களுக்கும் கண்ணீர் அஞ்சலி!

    சினிமா விரும்பி


    Salutations to the heroes who fought without thinking a vee bit about the differences based on language/ state such as Tamil, Telugu, Marathi , Hindi, Punjabi , Bengali etc., faced by us everyday, or the still harsher differences based on caste/ religion, in order to protect the sovereignty of the Indian nation and to save several human lives including those of foreigners, caring least for their own lives! Tearful tributes to the soldiers who lost their lives in this holy tapasya and the common people who perished in the rabid attack of the terrorists!

    Cinema Virumbi

  47. ‘Man is the only religious animal, In the holy task of the smoothing his brother’s path to the happiness of heaven, he has turned the globe into a graveyard ‘ Mark Twain’s (1835-1910) words were true then and are a testament to what is now.
    What is and what has been is truly void of all that is human .
    The world seems to have been under the spell of so much pain and suffering inflected by those who have lost the only true religion man was born with – Humanity.
    In this time of ours that we seek to unravel all the mysteries of the universe and that of life and the beyond ,like all those who lived before us ,we seem to have been blinded to what is now.
    The past perhaps is the only constant, in our present and in that of our future and If only, we would understand the history of our kind, we could save our collective humanity or what’s left of it and all that is now, for history is repeating itself all over again with a vengeance.
    l do believe, if we come together as one in mind , body , sprit and soul stripping our selves of every other divide we could save ourselves .
    Each one of us needs to take responsibility of what has conspired, for our silence has contributed to this.
    Each one of us needs to take our responsibility as citizens of the globe sincerely and contribute in every which way we must and possibly can.
    Each one of us needs to strive to find our path in this calling, for no effort of humanity is ever in vain.
    This we can, the question is will we?

  48. This bombay attack proves once again the disability of the goverment . our judiciery , executive, legislateure both are only dulls acting with the selfish requirements of the politicians . this is very dangerous to the whole nation. if the public is not bothered about this crisis more attacks we will face no later. vote bank policy of the present political parties is very danger to the nations peace and security. our rulers they can not recoganise the enemies of the neighbouring countries , not only this one very very shamefull attitude of the ministory , they request the help from the enemies . shame shame shame , they have no back bones

  49. Ravi,

    I think bad-mouthing others won’t do you any good. Besides, everyone knows that there is insurgency in India since 1947. But people at that time were not in a position to raise their voices. Also if anyone did not speak up earlier it does not mean that we should not do it now also. It is the place where we stay and naturally we feel the shock and the concern for our city.

    We have asked lots of questions and its time we answer them ourselves. Why wait for a handful of politicians to take command of the situation and show us a way. Lets lead ourselves.

    More of it on my blog:

  50. Its time to change
    Follwing the recent MUMBAI attacks every day we are facing bomb blasts in all parts of India every time intelligence wakes up when everyhting is lost the common men, property ,These politicains use high security and do nothing just sit for 5 years and make money , They dont have any policy for us ,these are only liing for chair and political parties are making hue of all this .
    when MUMBAI was under siege ,where was this MNS Mharasthra Nav Nirman Sena
    and Mr Raj Thackeray several commandoes of NSG where send it shows oru government wastes money ,our police doesnt have modern weapons to fight terrorists
    or old minsiters are syaing we have option open for even attacking Pakistan
    every time some smoke is created all ablout this , we are the country only in this world who’s parlaiment has been attacked every day people are being killed in blasts
    these politicians are not going to do anything ,

    We should change the system get them for only 2 years so they have pressure of performign look at hte ISAREL they have toughest securityfor thier citizens crores are spend on misnisters but the police infra needs to be improved whether BJP,CONGRESS,MNS are the same
    we msut dont vote they keep begging for votes
    if a citizen of india is not safe on road our ministers sit like harophodite they dont have strnghts to even speak we should bring young and agressive leaders who have s strong vision to serve the nation and people
    “The money that gushes into poltiics today
    is a polluiton of Democracy only”

    fight it we are not going to give up rise against these polticians and enlightne every citizen for its right to be safe

    salute to those who saved mumabi our officers ,NSG, army.
    how many times will our forces will be lsoing great officers at their lazy attitude

  51. its better to have president rule in every state so that atleast we can save huge money and spend on our citizens basic needs these NETAS only wear white but they are black frm inside no party in India is clean all have criminals and htey just make money other leaders just make way for their families
    REMOVE these leaders

  52. I think its war now. Prez. Zardari blankly refused to hand over, the suspected terrorists to india, stating there is no adequate proof to hand over the suspected trrrorists which include Dawood. No Proof. No Dawood. says Zardari.
    do visit and click community for reviews…

  53. We live in excruciatingly uncomfortable times, but still seek refuge in comfortable and polite response to our problems. We will never be able to take terrorrism out of our lives; if we only look at preventive measure and not strike at the source.

    It’s high time, we ask some uncomfortable questions.
    1. Should we take Military action against Pakistan? Yes. High time we tell the terrorsits and Pakistan; how much it costs to take one Indian Life. We are not cheap.
    2. Take responsibility and ownership. We are a docile lot. When BJP kept asking for tough terror laws; no one of us stood up and supported their demands. Now, we say our politicians failed us. Let’s channelize our anger.
    3. This is more for poiliticians and the media. Ask uncomfortable qusetions. Terrorism all over the world has religious overtones. We all know it but still deny it to sound politically correct. We shoud involve credible Islamic grups within Indian and engage them in a constant dialog. Make them part of the solution. Today Muslims feel alienated in India; by brining them together and talking about terorrism in the name of relgion; would be our first breakthrough.
    4. Lastly, let’s have some non-negotiable agendas in our system. This is for our politicians to take up. Terrorism should be the first on that list. We should have a tough mechanism to tackle and prevent terrorism; while we frame it it should be closed for discussions and individual interpretations. There should a stern and tough response to terrorism; free from politians and surely ’so called Human rights activists”.

  54. To Every Citizen Of BOMBAY- YES, BOMBAY. Every self–respecting citizen- regardless of colour, creed or community.

    How often is every single one of you going to send up that silent prayer of thanks?

    That fervent thanks saying it wasn’t one of you ? Or yours?

    How often are you going to be able to dodge bombs, bullets?

    How often, how many more times are you going to endure the horror, the fear of these attacks?

    How often are you going to be held to ransom by the whims and fancies of those vote-worshippers?

    How often….. the torment of wondering when the next attack will happen…and who will fall to the next hail of bullets, the next bomb?

    The time for passivity, is past. The time for silent protests is past. Enough of the famous Bombay spirit of resilience, of taking things in our stride, of bouncing back.

    Remember, ‘Gandhigiri’ was not only about turning the other cheek. No. The strongest message of Gandhiji was civil disobedience. Of taking on the ‘leaders’. Of demanding accountability.

    The time has come to DEMAND our basic rights. Our right to security, our right to peace. Right to accountability.

    Accountability from our present-day Neros. From those who tout themselves as our ‘leaders’. It is now or never.

    Stop saying, ‘terrible’, ‘shocking’, ‘someone should do something’.


    DO IT.

    YOU DO IT.

    YOU need to take matters into your own hands. Bring down those corrupt vermin politicians who are playing havoc with your lives. And, make it a death-knell to those that will replace them.

    Let them assume office with deadly certainty that they cannot take you, their voter, for granted any more.

    Let them bear well in mind, that it is they who serve you. Not the other way round.

    Remember, you pay. They serve. Unite. Regardless of who you are – it doesn’t matter. What matters is your voice.

    What counts will be your action.

    And act you must. Bring about that change. Strike while the iron is hot. No more passing the buck, corruption, total apathy.

    Don’t let them wash the blood off their hands.

    ACT. NOW.

    Demand justice. Slam P-I-Ls.

    Laud investigative journalism.

    Speak out: against rampant corruption

    Speak out: against bad governance.

    Use Right To Information Act.

    Haul them to court.

    Impose press/media bans.

    Refuse to pay taxes.

    Demand better pay for our police. Our armies. Better equipement.

    Demand social accountability in your area, in your city, in your country

    Don’t bribe.

    Don’t vote

    And last, but most important, strip them of their security covers.


  55. Mr. Politician as you address the nation today
    Spare a thought to what you will say

    To the mother whose warrior son bravely surged ahead
    Who still cannot accept that her child is dead.

    To the baby who cries for his mother each day
    Ignorant that forever she is gone away

    To the shell-shocked newly married bride
    Who no longer has her husband by her side!

    To the grieving man who has lost his wife
    His trusted companion in joy and strife

    To the brother, inconsolable for his sister dear
    Tell me, who will tie him a rakhi next year?

    To the family who’s loved one has gone for good
    Who have lost their source of livelihood!

    To the survivors whose eyes are dimmed with tears
    Whose hearts are filled with nameless fears

    To the millions of Indians, of every kind
    Who have eternally lost their peace of mind

    You will not say a thing, you have no choice
    For a change, shut up and listen to our voice

    With inaction, incompetence and ignorance
    You have trampled on our trust in every sense

    It is true that terrorists have no religion indeed
    But you have one and that is “greed”

    Greed for power, money and your chair
    Have made you lose all concern and care

    Mr. Politician, you can no longer shut your eyes
    Our anger will make you pay the price

    Nandita Shailesh Shanbhag

    (extract from
    This is in continuation to my points to ponder series on a solution to the constant terror threat. It is not debatable that our politicians indulge in vote bank politics- be it a Raj Thackeray, Mayawati, Amar Singh or Lalu Prasad Yadav. In addition every region has its own regional parties based on caste and community. Newer parties are sprouting every day, with each egoistic rebel in some party quitting and forming his own outfit. These parties have to have a following to begin with. And what better way, than to strike up an emotive issue or concentrate on one vote bank to consolidate and find a footing in the political mayhem. So you can’t entirely blame the politicians if they indulge in vote bank politics, as it is a question of survival for them. And you cant take away their bread and butter.
    The only way to counter this is, to remove the scope for formation of multitude of parties. Let is follow the US system of a two party democracy. Let the politicians fight among themselves to get into one party or the other. Scrap the Congress, BJP, Communists and the entire lot of Wikipedia parties. Form two major national parties, which can consist of representatives from various regions as decided by the party constitution. And the party which wins can then elect the prime minister and the other cabinet members.
    Do away with the number of Lok Sabha seats being decided based on the population of the state. Give equal representation from each state, irrespective of its size and population. This will ensure that no region is sidelined or disillusioned with the party at the center, and the regions complaining of neglect by the Centre. It is also possible to fix accountability if any region is lagging behind in developmental issues on the elected representatives of that region.
    The Mayor of each city should be elected separately and he should not be from either of the national parties, but independent and prominent personalities of the city. The police Commissioner should be responsible to him and not to the political parties. This will put in place a system of checks and balances. I have only put in one instance of the mayor and police commissioner. The same can be extended to various other public offices, as the Municipal commissioner, the public prosecutor, etc.
    I would welcome a discussion among netizens on these aspects.

  57. I agree with most of the bloggers. If we recall the speech of Bush after 9/11 he kept on saying WE AMERICANS, from 26/11 not one of our politician said WE INDIANS. The MPs/MLAs are taking us for a ride day in & day out. They look only at the vote bank. They try to get power by any means. Yesteardays friend is enemy today, but tomorrow he is a friend again. they are trying blame the NSG/Police or any other agency engaged in comando operation. Home misnister is out of home and state home minister thinks that he can keep everyones home safely becos it is a very small incident for him. How about ‘Z’ category security. Should we have CM/PM/Minister/MPs/MLAs who is scared to come out in public. News Paper says around 250 crores are spent on security of few indiferrent, non-comitted, careless, self centered, 100% selfish illiterate corrupt etc., etc., Politicians They are the real terror as they are sucking our blood every minute. Do we need them. as Obama says we need a change but where is the alternate. Just spell Politician, Pollution & Policemen all the three statrs with P and ends with N. Both Politician and Policemen are Polluting the system. As somebody said pay good salary to Defence and police personal
    they wont think of easy money. Dont use them for other reasons let them take care of the common man. Start planning immediately dont try to close the door after is lost.

  58. To begin with these past few days have been numbing to say the least and today has been no different. What has been unleashed on the night of Wednesday, is one that has shamed our kind yet again.
    It is truly not possible to even begin to comprehend what the people who have survived have lived through and have to live with or of those who passed on in the clutches of such sheer brutality and those who survive them – May the loving lord love them, bless them, protect them, guide them and give them the strength of all his might.
    Each day is and shall be a fight of its darkness; this is not its first and most certainly not the last.
    We as a nation have been in its shadow for far too long and if we let any of its darkness cloud our lives any longer we are doomed.
    We must for once look at the darkness within ourselves as well, as individuals and as a nation for we are equally responsible for what has been and is.
    What is most inhuman is the sheer lack of compassion and sense of duty of those who could have saved so many souls of this suffering, of those whose leadership we trusted.
    The leadership of this country, our country has to take is responsibility of ‘trust’ with its fellow countrymen as its foremost duty.
    Our freedom has yet to truly come; We are still in bondage our masters have changed,
    Today we are bound by those who we have chosen in the name of democracy, our spirit robbed, We live in constant fear – Our freedom an illusion…
    Today we spill out our own fears, that burn within us each day as we see a piece of it unfold before our very eyes, this is not the only fear of ours that has played itself to life, our emotions and rage spoke then as they do now- Our pledge an illusion …
    All that is and has been is one that each of us have seen before, each time with different faces…
    My heart knows of all the illusions but yet is a hopeless
    Hopeful that truly hopes that this time our pledge sees the light – light within light without,
    That this time the leadership
    of our country restores the trust of its fellow countrymen – being true leaders , not masters of the past …

  59. Hi All,
    I start with deepest sympathies to the brave indian soldiers and army who lost their lives fighting these terror attacks. I also salute all mumbaikars who have undergone such a tragedy.

    What’s happening to our nation? I’m not saying the situation was any good before but the way it has happened and handled by our “champion” politicians make me feel ashamed to be an Indian!

    Our own “AABA” gives a statement “bade bade deshome CHHOTI CHHOTI bate hoti rehti hain!!!!!” He should be hanged till death – isn’t it a CHHOTI baat to hang just one R.R. Patil????

    Our CM takes his Rittesh and Ramu Verma to Taj!! What were they doing? Video shooting a movie??? Or planning for a video shooting set???

    Rittesh and Ramu – If you were SOOOOO concerned about people , where the hell were you when people were dying in hospitals? Why don’t you donate your money to people who have suffered???? Hypocrite saale…

    Vilasrao – Still arrogance on your face while resigning! WOW… you should have been put in Taj when terrarists were firing.. Tab samza hota.

    our Sardaar PM – your speech.. wow! no one can give a lifeless and spineless speech like you… dum hain to terrorist pe hamla bol, go after them….. I know you will always try and maintain peace and samjhauta express because you yourself know you are useless to make anything happen… tu aur teri family hoti Taj me to kya karta?? Tab kya “condemn” karta kya sirf attack???


    I give up because I know mere chillanese nothing’s going to happen. Thodehi dino me everything will be “chalta hain yaar” – just one more attack – slightly severe this time…
    When are we going to come together? Are we just going to “condemn” the attacks everytime??? or really do something about it? and if yes, when???? when every city in India is bombed by terrorists? after such CHHOTI CHHOTI baate happen in every city?????

  60. hai frnds;
    am one among those who are fed up –

    By our govt whose motto is only party welfare, with party members mostly blacklisted;
    Law with only loop holes & our security system for only VIP’s;

    Am blogging this not just to point out somthing but to intentionaly blame a few.
    Yes i mean it!

    First of all i would like to applaude the british 4 there divide & rule policy;
    Even if they left the country long ago the same policy is still utilised by many;
    I dont think nobody will disagree with me abt this.since we all r the victims.

    Now to talk abt terrorism ;
    all hav difrnt opinions abt it;

    All around the world in each & every country some have been tagged as terrorist;
    even in US there are terorrist groups.

    now this same thing is used to destroy the fame of a relegion.

    People from goonda background,weaker section people are selected and converted to islam and they carry out the operation.

    Question is who is the player behind?

    I firmly call US as the best actor of terrorism with the brain of Israeli;

    Bcos there are quite a few who dont blive in the 9/11 incident;

    one such reason is that there were so much of Israilis working in destroyed towers on 9/11 but none of them attended the office on that day .Y.?
    US they hav the money to buy anything/anyone

    and many r doubting that is the indian govt playing games tying up with pak;
    I dont agree;

    Cos both the parties are trying for a chance to charge each other,
    So if any one gets a support from a world power surely will declare war;

    At present US is pouring Oil over burning India to get an initiative to strike Pak.

    This is not cos of the love for Indians;
    The reasons are-

    1) Relegion(The much infamous enemity b/n islam and Jewish community)
    Y pakistan? cos Afgan and iraq already over.Next is Iran & Pak most dense in
    caste supremacy & sensitive.
    (where afgan & Iraq were attacked in the name of mass destructive weapon
    but here US killed 2 birds with 1 stone. That is killed poor muslims and got control
    of oil wells

    2) the fear aroused from asia’s supremacy in future specially CHINA
    the supreme competitor for US in power
    A base near to China can make a much better contact for their old enemity.

    3) The problem with US is greed and Power
    they need supremacy in what they beleive(Christianity) & want to b the richest
    country n Play world police.

    If they are pretty sure abt what they blive is right y are they consernd abt Islam.

    do u xpect those who r effected in Iraq & Afgan to sit quite;Dont they have loved ones in other part of the world to strike back.

    during one of my journey in train i met a man who is an indian and had worked in Iraq
    his experience also says the same thing that the ultimate aim of US was to het hold of OIL WELLS;
    But the means used was barbarious
    and that is y today none of the Americans are safe;

    As you sow ;shall u reap; a great saying is coming in real life

    So what i would like to say is Indian politics need not follow US drama;

    The higher authorities must have(Political part members)
    1)age limit
    2)meritable background
    3)proper education
    4)proper selection or voting methods based on criterias;like how IAS officers are selected

    In short if all these criterias are asked to maintain; at present scenario there willl be shortage of politicians

    The law which we follows are made long years ago;changes are a must without loopholes.

    Media must not go for mere true to what they do with transperancy not gossip.

    and to tell to the people of India is
    2 b conservative to the fellow beings;
    spread not ur relegion or power spread the world with “love” & “peace”

  61. we have to bring up the point strongly across the government of removing the security of all the politicians…..

  62. ye sab kuch nahin hai satta per jo ye dalal baithe hai ye unki laparwahi ka natija hai jinke kaaran aaj ye bomb blast ha zeharila dansh zehar ke saath aaj pure hindustan per barash gaya or nuksaan hua bechari janta ka. inka kya hai inko to “Z” security haasil hai. sab pata hota hai inko iske bawjud bhi koi action nahin liya or na hi kabhi lete hain. ye saata ki kursi per baith ker haramkhor ho gaye hian. jinko ki public apne paise se apni khun pasine ki kamai de ker khila rahi hain or ye humari khun pasine ki kamai ko 5 star hotels main or apne relatives ke ghar ko bherne main lage hai. aaj jo mumbai bomb blast ke baad main aam public ka jo reflection hona chaiye tha ya jo reflection public ne kiya usper bhi inko aitraaj tha. jabki waha per aisa kuch bhi nahinho raha tha jo ki kanoon ke dayre se bahar tha. per saata ke galiyaro main aasin un mahan politicians ko apni ijjat jayada pyari thi un jaano se jo ki abhi aatankwaad ka sikaar ho ker sahid ho gaye. puchiye us maa se jiska ek hi beta tha, jiski mehnat ke dum per uske ghar ki daal roti chalti thi, puchiye us baache se jisne abhi abhi is duniya main kadam rakha tha or baap ka pyar us badnasib ko mil nahin saka, puchiye un sahido ki bewa se jinhe aaj fakra hai ki aaj uska pati kai jaano ko bachate bachate khud sahid ho gaya, per uske dard ki kise perwah hain? kya kiya in netaow ne abhi tak hindustaan keliye? ha hum sab hindustani shaanti priya hain per iska matlab ye nahinki jiske bhi mann mai aaye or jab muh utha ker haath main gun leker chala aaye hum sab ko mita ker chala jaaye. aaj hindustaan ki government ko jawab dena hoga ki ye sab kyo hua or isme kiski galtiya thi, or kasoorwaro ko dand milna chaiye. baat pakistan ki hain to isme sochna kya hian bahut hua ab metri sandhi ka, dostiki khub kosis ker li ab samay hai sahi faisle ka jise kerne ka samay ab aagaya hain.


  63. A democracy where its failed leadership, in the shameful aftermath of a fallen trust with its fellow countrymen and those of the globe, who paid with their lives for their sheer lack of leadership, have the audacity to talk of communal hailing before the body of leadership when choosing from its own, manipulate their fellow countrymen by sowing communalism in their hearts.

    To say the least communalism has become an election propaganda with almost every party, every candidate and we call ourselves a secular nation …This kind of communal differentiation should not be acceptable in a democracy like ours and must be forbidden by law, we are beings that happen to be Indians and that is all that should matter!

  64. Hi,
    I find the way TV media (and the rest of the world) has reacted to this terror strike is unique: there were torror strikes all over the country, Ahmedabad Jaipur, bagalore, Assam, Delhi, Hederabad and also mumbai many times before this. True, this time the attackers were from outside the country and were a suicide squad. And the attack went on for 3 days. But these were not the only reason for the special coverage it is getting in media. If you had watched the debates and reporting and interviews it was repeatedly said that ” this time it is different because some of the people I know have died and next time it could be me. I go to Taj for dinner, you go for conferences …” etc. One says ” Before ist was Ghatkoper, KAlyan but now it is here”. Sardesai asks Sharukh Khan in CNN ” You could have been in Taj, does it scare you?”
    I think people should be angry at politicians but it should have happened long before. But IMO, many people were angry but they couldnt get media to represent them. Now that reporters and many bigshots are affected, the TV channels show as though the whole country is angry at this incident.

  65. It was indeed a horrific incident which changed a lot of things for us a citizens as well. For the first time we are able to see a citizens movement against our olitical babus and their vain gameplans which do nothing for our good but to fill their own coffers.

    The prime reason for this attack and indeed all such attacks is that our elected leaders are too busy in theri routines of making the fast buck and keeping the vote banks. Rest can go to hell is their call.

    Our country is facing an acute lawlessness from our elected leaders which needs to change. Its a desperate situation. Lets hope they will change. Else we are the next lambs of terror

  66. peo ple will say that bcoz babrimasjid was broken and gujrat riots happened terrorists are killing us. well thats all cowards talk.we did not break a masjid in mecca. mr. aliu and ghazala kindly note.all we want is a temple for our god i our own country.this country is the homeland of 900 million hindus.we have nowhere else to go.neither do we show disrespect to any religion nor go on a plundering spree like mahmud of ghazni who destroyed somnath 7 times and denigrated our gods.see this will only show that we all have some reason or the other to defend our statements.ali plz go thro bbc news as one of ur muslim guys has found out the lone surviving terrorists homeground in pakistan.then dna mapping is also being done to substiate this regards hindu terrorism and the malegaon hindu terror fiasco was done only to pacify muslims.tell me which terrorist would buy a bike register it and then use it in a blast when they could have easily bought cycles like jihadi terrorists.and who would sell them rdx?isi guys?nope.not the army coz they are controlled by the congress govt.THE ONLY THING THE LATE GREAT KARKARE GAVE US IN THE MALEGAON BLAST CASE WAS SADHVI KIPREM KATHA AND DAYANAND KI SEX KAHANIYAN AND SECRET MEETINGS OF THE COLONEL TO ACQUIRE PISTOLS WHICH EVERY GOON WORTH HIS SALT IN U.P.CAN BUY ON THE ROADSIDES IN THEIR STATES.

  67. We salute all our heroes who sacrificed their live in mumbai terror attack!

    I salute each and every officer who gave his life for our country and it’s people that he loved so much.

    I would like to offer my condolences to the families of all our security forces and all the people who lost their lives in the Mumbai attacks.

    Our heroes shall never be forgotten and will always be lights shining in our lives and in our hearts.

    God bless everyone.

    Jai Hind! Vande Mataram.

    Margo Selvan
    A True Indian and proude to be indian.

  68. Extract from
    Politicians politicise terror, Media markets Terror, the Rich fear Terror, and the common man silently suffers Terror. The way the media channels went about trying to put one up on the rival channels and saying “Exclusive” on our channel shows that they were not interested in the common man, but how much increase in TRP’s can be garnered by their “exclusivity”. And then they blame the politicians for trying to politicise terror. They have endless debates with “intellectuals” which includes lyricists has been directors of bollywood and some page 3 socialites who suddenly found that the party scene had dried up, and so decided to participate in “TV debates”. And all these people purport to be experts in fields ranging from cricket to India’s maritime security. Mukthar Abbas Naqvi had actually put the facts in perspective, but rather crudely when he said that some women in lipstick and some men in coats do not represent India. From when on, did Page 3 models start debating India and terrorism???
    And if they represent the opinion of India then “GOD SAVE INDIA!”

  69. hey Advaita, do not bother to compare us to Pakistan. We are a wise nation full of intelligent people. That is the reason our economy is on a high pedestal. If we had rabid fundamentalists in India our fate would be much worse then Pakistan . Our govt needs to weed out the rabid elements whrever they are either sadhvis or saeeds does not matter.

    UP goons acquiring pistols does not justify terrorism in another place. the UP govt needs to stop that and the mharashrtra govt cannot take that as an example to honour Sadhvi by applying a different yardstick. Injustice is the root of all terror. We need to be fair and sensible if we are interested in our country’s progress.

    terror in all forms is to be shot down.


  70. at soorajs comment on 28 Nov, man u crazy? innocent ppl were gunned down der and u r saying that u were wattching all those with pop corn in ur hands? grow up kid , grow up! and stop pretending we won there ! we did not. we lost hundreds of innocent lives and they lost only 10 fools.. and millions were destroyed too,, it is sad and hurting, but the fact is that we lost there! we did’nt win.. so i think its high time we take action against the resposible ones .. be it our selfish politicians on our neighbouring country..
    @Nandita Shanbhag’s c pmment on Dec 3.
    dear i can feel the real pain in ur voice.. i’m sorry it happened to us..
    i agree to u dear..
    i dont hav voice to say further !

  71. I can see the intellectuals right away Bigindian.the intellectual who appoints a finance guy to home ministry at a watershed moment,gets a non finance man like shinde to finance ministry,shuffles between sychophants to chose the most inefficient C.M. for maharashtra.madam sonia i mean.another intellectual, the P.M himself whocannot give a speech on his own,and the nation had to wait for 3 hours till the guys at doordarshan wrote down the script and scrolled it manually.AND the greatest OF THEM ALL CROWN PRINCE RAHUL BABA,WHO PARTIES TILL 5 AM ON 1ST DECEMBER IN HIS FRIEND’S SANGEET PARTY.there are other intellectuals like a media which has been transplanted with sonia’s mid,lalus,amar singhs,mulayams,ysr reddys who christianise andhra pradesh on govt funds,sheila dikshits and communists who stick to their gaddis coz janta sab jaan chuki hai,unhe aab mukti nahi milsakti.I CONDEMN THE NUN’S RAPE AT KHANDAMAL AS MUCH I CONDEMN THE SADHVI’S TORTURE.BOTH SHD BE GIVEN JUSTICE.

  72. Advaita, by intelligent people I hardly meant intelligent politicians. they have already lost it long ago. I am not joining your obvious debate about politicising the mumbai terror and the benefits that politicians like Advani and Sonia decided to derive. I see no diffference in the congress and the BJP. Both are full of rogues and both also have some great statesmen. But the rogues outbeat the statesmen hollow. So kindly refrain from pointing fingers at one party alone. The Congress is full of mandalisers and the BJP accepts mandalising. Both are a bunch of vote hungry leeches.

    Opposition be it the congress or BJP is toothless and meaningless . they oppose everything the ruling proposes regardless of merit. Like horses with blinkers they only know that when the other proposes we must oppose. The real concerns of the public therefore goes to the dogs and is never heard. All that you hear from any opposition of the day is a plot to nail the ruling party.

    We have rogues ruling our country buddy. Dont be sentimental about any of them. Just worry that your life is safe and how you can make theirs miserable by voicing out your opinion and your vote. Dont bother taking up for them. None of them will come to your rescue when you need them most despite you being their best supporter.

    I repeat I see no difference between Sadhvi and Saeed. If Sadhvi is tortured she has got a democratic process to turn to. Our laws still allow a butcher like Kasab to have a lawyer, and you think Sadhvi will be given a raw deal without being proven guilty? Here we have a terrorist like Afzal Guru flaunting his freedom after the death penalty sentence was upheld by the President. And you think a majority community candidate like Sadhvi can be subjected to injustice?

    Dont worry about the nun. If justice fails, her living God will take care of those men who wronged her. The Orissa govt has already proved by their cosmetic exercises how much they identify with Pakistan.

    Christianising India with funds? In Hindu India? Advaita are you in politics? If not, you are almost there.


  73. yes and in andhra.hyderabad is my homeground,so i can see it.they even tried to put a cross in tirupati,tred to put up a church in the saptagiri hills,a lot of silent agitations from hindus brought about a supreme court ruling that the seven hills belong to lord venketeshwara and noone can touch it.christians are being setteled atop tirumala too.SUCH AUDACITY in hindu india.and obviously this cannot be done without the blessings of baba ratzinger’s bhakt sonia.look up at the huge hoardings of brother anil kumar,ysr’s son in law, for his christmass on 25th.even mr chandrababu naidu as forced to ask in the assembly,whether the money came from jesus,refer to deccan chronicle.and e are supposedly begging for more funds.we dont need bajrang dals but certainly need educated hindus to wake up and act.our fight shd be lawful and decent and educated ones sit at home and lap up pseudo-secularists, then the deficit will be filled up by bajrangis,this happened during independance struggle too.

  74. The Mumbai attack has been a shock to all of us. The terrorists attacks have been going one for many years. Some years back, there had been attack in the parliament house itself.

    Is it the ability of the terrorist or the inefficiency of our Intelligence and Security forces who could not prevent such attacks ??

    The deployment of the NSG took a long time, and this also had worsen the situation. If they had arrived earlier, there would have been less number of casualties. The coastguards have also been very inefficient. What’s the use of searching for clues when the terrorists had already finished what they had to do. They should have been more careful and vigil in doing their job.

    Besides these, the media specially the news channels have done a lot to worsen the condition. To make their channel the best, they had been trying their best to give live coverage. Don’t they have any brains to think.

    As an Indian I feel very sad to say this but it’s a fact…… ” We Indians make India like this.”




  76. what does trying to build a church in the tirumala took an order from the supreme court to restore the sanctity of the seven hills.

  77. The problem begins and ends with our politicians. We must first put our house in order and the rest would fall in place. Why should major Unnikrishnana’s father only be abusive towards them? Isnt it our responsibility to treat them in the very same manner. Lets take out a rally and burn the effigies of all politicians together. Once they get to know about the might of a movement against them, they will be forced to mend their ways. The President, PM, MP’s, cricket stars could have donated a days salary for the victims. Instead the english cricket team does it for us. What can be a bigger shame to the nation!
    Do they care……….

  78. We must henceforth refer to pakistan as the “terrorist state of Pakistan”(TSP). in all our addresses to Pakistan we must refer to it as “the terrorist state of Pakistan” . We as Indian bloggers have a responsibility towards branding Pakistan for what it actually is. It may hoodwink the world but can it deny that it is a terrorist state?

    The world has to view it in the right perspective and we must help the world. Please refer to Pakistan as TSP with anyone and everyone. The message should be on all forums and social network sites. Lets shut this garbage called Pakistan .

    Do read my post here


  79. I am really proud with Our Indian 200 NSG commandos, around 50 MARCOMs, more than 300 RAFs, many AFT officers, around 200 Army personals and more than 300 mumbai Police personals who fought with 12 terrorist in the 26/11 mumbai attack to restrict them to do more damage. I am also proud to hear that 11 terrorists were killed and one was arrested. I also thank law enforcers that they reduced much loss of lives even though we lost more than 200 lives, around 300 injured people and more than 100 who are still recovering from the shock of attacks.

    But i ask one question to the politicians of India- Can they give back the daddy of a son who lost his life in that attack?? uh, definitely no…

    I heard many saying that NSGs are equal to USs spl police force SWAT !! uh real comedy…

    1. Difference between a NSG commando and a SWAT officer

    NSG commando: – EQUIPED with soft body armor, with a helmet, military boot shoes and a black mask and if possible a glove. WEAPONS- H&K MP5 mounted sometimes with 2X Zoom optics with 3 to 5 50 bullet cartridge, 2 grenades and a military knife. EQUIPMENTS- a standard radio equipment, a torch.

    SWAT officer- EQUIPED with heavy body armor, a tactical helmet modeled with night vision holder, a black mask, a eye protector goggle, leg and hand knees pad guards, Hand gloves and a spl all weather boots. WEAPONS- M4 carbine rifle with suppressor mounted with 4X zoom optical and auto Flash light and sometimes with M203 grenade launcher with 5 50 bullet cartridge and 3 M203 grenades, a berretta gun with 4 cartridges, 2 cylindrical grenades, a smoke grenade and a tactical military knife. EQUIPMENTS- A standard Radio equipment with spring wire extension or ear extension for quick response, a standard hand cuff and 3 to 5 plastic hand cuffs, Fiber optics vision tube instrument and Small 1st Aid clip.

    2. Uh, around more than 1000 law enforcers to take out 12 terrorists and 62 hours?? And the news said than it looks 7 to 8 hrs for 100 NSG commandos to pin down just 2 or 3 terrorist!! To my information its is required only 2 teams of SWAT or around 10 SWAT officers to take out the terrorists and we say NSG is great.

    3. Remember north Hollywood shootout, 1997? An war that too a urban war of rapid hot gun fire between 2 bank robbers(Terrorists look alike) armed with AK47, HK91 and berretta and 50 police officers armed with just 9mm berretta and some with Shotguns(not even have range for their bullets to reach the suspects). SWAT responded in 30 mins to the zone of fire with AR-15 auto rifles and 3 SWAT officers pinned down the last suspect armed with CAR-15.
    Battle went on for 1 hour with intense firing. Robbers fired about 1100 bullets and LAPD and SWAT fired around 650 rounds.
    Result was- 2 dead (both suspect), 10 officers injured, 7 civilians injured.

    4. Wer are we?- Wer is this with, more than 1000 Top NSG commandos, MARCOMS, RAF, ARMY, ATS, Police fighting 12 terrorists with almost no hostages inside hotel in 2008 AND wer is this with just 50 ordinary LAPD patrol officers and just 3+1 SWAT officer fighting 2 terrorist look like robbers almost a decade ago in 1997..

    Where We lacked?-
    1. No Good Arms for police personals
    2. No good Radio communication between law officers
    3. No Tactics
    4. No good training to police personals
    5. No good equipment and no good transportation modes

    What should we do-?

    1. Good amount of Money should be allotted to police personals too as we do for our ARMY. Bacoz ARMY saves us from Attack of countries But wen those foreign bodies breach our country in names of terrorists, pirates or may be inner country terrorist like nexals, the first respond goes to Police personal.

    2. A department named “Special security Force” should be adopted in all main cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad and chandigard and important territories or places wer foreign tourist stay like goa. For this at least 100 security personals are required in each city.
    With arming handguns to these officers alone wont do fights against these anti social elements but they should be given training in area like- fighting against terrorists and suspects in tactical way, Moving civilians of line fire area to safely and immediate response to the police via radio.
    For this each of these security officers should be given tactical training and equipped with at least a hand gun with enough cartridges, a radio for giving quick repine to their head quarters or to police, and possibly a torch and a hand cuff.

    3. Next is police department of India. Following change is possible for Police in India {Taking example Chennai city becoz I stay in Chennai):-
    A) Police should me divided into 3 divisions- North Chennai, central Chennai and south Chennai, each should have a head quarters.
    B) Each division should hold at least 1000 officers (200 in office officer, 300 back up officers and 500 on field officers divided into 2 or 3 batches of work)
    C) each officer should be equipped with- a barrette(with 4 cartridges), a Radio, a hand cuff if possible, a torch, a cell phone and each officer should hold a batch no.. Sub Constable need not to hold a gun, he might hold a knife in holster or if specialized, might hold a revolver.
    D) Each division should be given 150 police cars (100 for field duty and 50 for back up). Each car should hold 2 officers (may be constable and a sub constable or constable or sub inspector or like that). Each car should be equipped with- all line in built Radio, a video recorder, loud speaker, new flash lights, fire extinguisher (thanks to Chennai police becoz the current Chennai accent police car has these equipments), but these all should be added kept in or back of vehicle- heavy beam lights on front, a shotgun with pellets, first aid kit, road blocking hubs and if possible car be given code numbers painted on cars which will be easy to identify.
    E) If possible each division should appoint more than 100 police officers separate who will be in plain cloths equipped with a gun and radio and an unmarked car.
    F) Even thou all cities of India has a quick call response ‘100’. Each division should bring a Response call centre in all main cities like 911 in US(may be 511) which should deal not only calls and response from citizens from cities but also calls from- un authorized calls, police officers, outer city calls, cyber calls, and almost all call which sounds like hoax.

    Now special units in cities for Police-
    4) Main four cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, kolkata) should be given 4 police helicopters each (1 chopper each for all 3 divisions and 1 for head quarters) Bell 206 will be better or Dhruv.

    5) Each division should hold a team of 6 or 10 members named “Special tactical force” like SWAT. With just giving good weapon will alone wont do fight positively with terrorists but This team should just only been given training tactically to high level to deal with situations like terrorisms, Shoot outs, big armed protests and much dangerous situations which are not in hands of ordinary police men (these teams should never brought into political pressures like Black cats).
    these Members should be equipped with- M4s, Tactical MP5s, 7.62mm FN-FAL snipers or HK rifles, shot guns, mini mountable grenade launcher like M203, Glock or browning hand guns, smoke busters, etc. These should also hold equipments like- heavy armor, night vision optics, Radio (for each), hand cuffs, flash lights, thermal locator and many. These members should be mobilized easy with hard-heavy armored vehicles.

    6) If there is a attack in south zone, the south division STF should respond to the situation in less than 8 min after the ordinary police force reach there and central division STF should reach the attack location in less than 10 min of south division may be in mobile vehicle if attack is nearer and in helicopter if far.

    7) At last comes the main department, “Department of Traffic”.
    Sworned officers of around +500 to +700 in enough for this (based on size of city and may be divided into divisions) who will include current good officers, these will act like ARMY for cities, i.e. to protect cities from entry of anti social elements. From these 500, 150 officers should act as traffic control officers and other 350 should act as quick response highway patrol officers.
    Even though our country doest have good fast cars for chases and all and now the traffic accidents have been minimized in and outskirts of cities, But the now the problems is, those anti-social elements are now using these hi-ways connecting cities to smuggle or transport Items like drugs, weapons, and even transportation for anti social elements like main suspects and even terrorists.
    So, the main purpose for these officers will be- Operation of smooth traffic in and around city in highways, NHs and even main ways in cities.
    A) Traffic control Unit- 150 members, 100 for on field duty (divided into 2 batches) and 50 for in office duty and back up. For these 100 officers 60 cars should be provided (50 for on field and 20 for back up). Each car will consists of 2 officers(equipped with atleast Radio and if possible a gun), a ordinary flashlight, a inbuilt Radio, an online laptop, speed tracking unit and equipments like shot gun, Road blocking hubs, Hand light bars and 1st aid kit.
    B) Highway patrol Unit- 350 members, 300 for on field duty (divided into 2 batches), and 50 for in office duty of back up. For these 300 officers at least 200 cars should be provided (150 for on field duty and 50 for back up). Each car will consists of only one officer (equipped with a Radio, a gun, cartridges and hand cuff), advanced flash light, an in build radio, a loud speaker, a shot gun and all same as that of Traffic control unit.
    C) These all officers should be given spl training atleast in weekends and almost should be free from political pressures. If possible for these 2 departments 2 helicopters should be provided so that they will be in air and monitor key areas of city(like crowded places like T nagar, bazaars, Spencer’s and imp places like airports, sea ports, main crowded railway stations and at last coast) day and night.
    D) If Possible a spl Call centre quick call response unit should be formed just to receive traffic related problems from civilians and police.

    I know this will cost many crores(may be 300 to 500crores) in India to bring such security projects but politicians should remember this that, ” a Life a costless, and before this 500 crore is nothing “, But if one losses the life in attack, politicians in India take people money as black money of around 50crores or 100crores and they give it to the lost life just around 1lakh to 5 lakh.
    These all current should be changes and above changes should be done to not only reduce the crime rate but also to reduce life loss if situations like 26/11 in Mumbai.

    Indian police should follow a base like the production industries follow to reduce the time loss. Like wise police should fight hard to reduce the crime rate and when the crime rate almost comes to zero, then only it is known that police and city is going good.

    Mainly, Police should be interfered with politics in a very less way (Importantly STUs should directly come under president with no other political pressures), but if police fails in a situation, Politicians have do their way. So to reduce this, to give security to politicians, a special department named “Politicians security unit” should be formed. Police will do road block and nearest secure arrangements to politicians should be taken over by “PSU”. This will help police to do there job right.

    Police should be given complete right to arrest any politicians or students (becoz these two are groups who are dangerous in India and powerful). Laws should be brought and implemented strictly.

    All above this Police officers should to friends to citizens of India.
    Remember, “If one changes, automatically everything will change”. If police goes right, Politicians change, if politicians change they will do their work properly without making out black money, so roads will go good, law will be smooth, and many things will change and all above this citizen of India should cooperate and do their work properly. If we do this and make our country powerful, then we need fear not just from damn terrorist but not even from aliens from other world.

    Jai hind…

  80. Its a sad scenario for whole of ASIA, but when too much torture is done on people; it has a rippling effect. Indian armed forces and policemen enjoy killing muslims , christians and Sikhs.. Indian muslims live such a painful life in india, not given their right.. during all this in the last 1 month not once i heard a name of a muslim on a good post,,,, and they r suppose to be nearly 50%….. KASHMIR is a state full of MUSLIM blood and women raped not by criminals in original form but INDIAN ARMY official, how sad it is tht not millitans but forces is doing such disgrace….

    Its time india acccept that this group came from within India pleading for muslim sevival….. Even india;s know india is about to break into states which has continues fights and killing, we pakistani’s r being targetted by Taliban (thanks to USA & RAW) but india is fighting Civil war only against muslims…..

    Does anyone think its a coincidence that not 1 not 2 but 3 police men doing investigation into samjhota train died and the man who killed so many muslims is out there alive and kicking.. \

    I am sure not all Indians are bad but u guys need to fight yr own war and dont blame us. If u really want to blame someone it should be the unjust and killing of muslims by indian armed forces…

    Hope there is some resolution; otherwise if there is a war;;; We the civilians will be in the front row of border with our forces…… No one dare to look at us at the time when we have our own issues…. Long Live Pakistan…. AMEEN!!!

  81. I found some points raised in other blogs which blames people of India for the present situation. I am not justifying the behaviour of our countryment but there is another way to look at it.

    It says

    1. We do not want to pay taxes…

    My reaction is – Why people do not want to pay taxes ? Because the tax structure in our country is not logical at all. If you earn more you pay more tax and so on. Why can’t we have a uniform tax structure for everyone? I hope people will start paying more tax if only the structure is revised.

    2. We like to bribe…
    My reaction is – Nobody likes to bribe – It has become a compulsion (not choice) and it is because some of us (so called smarter and richer people have been nourishing the custom of bribery in our country. Why do we have to go to temples and wait in long lines if we do believe that God is everywhere – Actually we don’t – we understand that God is nowhere (not even in temples) but to show others that we are God fearing people we go and stand in the line. But by bribing there too we confirm that we are non believers.

    3. Most educated people do not vote…
    My reaction is – Vote whom??? In our country there is either X or Y or Z and all of them corrupt. We do not have any means to tell the system that we do not want to vote corrupt people. There should have been another option in the voting pad – I shall not vote any of the above candidates… If this option comes out as a winner – There should be a President’s rule or somebody as finalized by the system for at least 1 year. After that a voting can take place again.

    4. We keep breaking the law. People don’t wear helmets, seat belts, park in no parking zones…
    My reaction is – For that there are penalties and believe me – after paying fines people have started to learn the traffic rules. It only depends on the imposers. We learn the hard way.

    5. We do not care about what happens in our neighborhood…
    My reaction is – Actually we care but the neighbor is going to ask us — WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? WHY ARE YOU POKING YOUR NOSE INTO OUR AFFAIRS? It is only when we are in a problem, we feel that the entire neighborhood should have come to our rescue… The same neighborhood with whom we used to fight over garbage and water and boundary wall etc. We do not teach our children to protest… we actually cannot tolerate if our children protest (against our deeds) so we slap them and ask them to keep their mouth shut and learn to live with it. So they grow up to be a timid personality (who can only beat their wife, sisters, daughters, younger brothers and anyone who seems weaker). For others we have Our chalta hai attitude…

    6. Police —
    My reaction is – its a horrible story… We should not expect anything from them. We can leave then alone on the mercy of GOD, Gangsters, terrorist, Politicians, Industrialists and list is still not ended… And we can be on their mercy. POLICE IS NOT TO PROTECT AND SERVE COMMON PEOPLE. We are making a mistake if we expect this.


    Do we need to take permission from the entire world before attacking the terrorist outfits (wherever we find them)?
    If so, then why?
    Are we doing something wrong?
    Don’t we have the right to protect ourselves?
    Have we lost our spine in the process of evolution during last 50 years?
    Are we the BACKBONELESS Indians?
    Why can’t we instruct our armed forces to march forward and eliminate any threat they can locate?
    If Army is short of men – I would gladly join army to do my part. It is a time to tell the world that – enough is enough. Nobody can tolerate that somebody enters your house, beats you and kills your family in front of your eyes in the name of holy war. How holy this war is when it is stained with the blood of innocents? Which GOD in the world can allow such killings? Which religions say – Kill innocents?
    A bunch of illiterate fools (who are mentally sick) kill their own people in the name of religion… How logical !!!
    And our Government is working on seeking permission from other countries (I do not know if these other countries are our Father or mother or legal guardians) to correct whatever has been wronged. We still do not know how our Govt. wants to correct it. By attacking the terrorist camps or the countries who provides them shelter, weapons and training… I mean how? We the people of India need to know this. We need to know if the Govt. is incapable of providing us the necessary safety…
    If it is — it is high time that we should start thinking of some alternative.

  82. My Dear Erum,

    If you have not heard a Muslim in India on a Good post – Try looking at the list of Indian Presidents. We have Muslims and Sikhs in the list and even Women.

    If people of Kashmir has a problem – let them solve it on there own. Please do not try be their guardians – you are not. You please take care of all the problems in your country first. Look at your economy. Look at how you treat your fellow Muslims who went to Pakistan in 1947 in search of a home. Look at how you treat women. Look at who runs your country. Is there a Govenment ? or Is it Military or your Terrorist organisation. By helping them you are only pushing your own country to destruction – because terrorist is nobody’s friend. Its job is to spread terror. If he is not successful with India (He will NOT) he shall start working his skills on your beloved Pakistan.

    Do not try and justify terrorism.

    Waht do you want to from Kashmir ? We all know how you treat people in POK. Think sensable. Please take care of the Poverty, Illiteracy, internal wars for control. You have attacked us several times and everytime we have shown you that you are incapable of doing us any harm. Please remember that WE have still not done any harm to your country. BUT ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Do not test our patience. Because if we lose patience – you will loose your country……………….. Inshah Allah !!!

  83. army morale has been lowered bcoz of the anti national probe which was being done in the name of the malegaon blast.they couldnt find any substance so they started leaking intelligence functions,anybody who is in army knows that all is not fair always in the army as they have to tackle so many conspiracies,there will be counter conspiracies too.antonio maino has bared the army to world introspectionthat was what we could expect of a semi literate morbidly catholic woman.if you vote for such women and congress which is nothing but a christian missionary politica outfit you get more blasts.if we cant get rid of cogress we shd not ask for justice,as one is not possible without the other.JAMMU HAS GIVEN A TIGHT SLAP TO ANTONIO MAINO AND HER CHRISTIAN CONGRESS ON ITS BIRTHDAY.BY THE WAY ONLY CHRISTIANITY CAN CURE AIDS ,BRO. ANIL KUMAR,THE EVANGELIST SON IN LAW OF ANDHRA CM HAS DECLARED.

  84. Dear All,

    let us not talk how to change INDIA or “the system”. LET US FIRST CHANGE OURSELVES. THEN & THEN ONLY DO WE GET THE RIGHT TO ask other to change. All who do not follow this are DTA’s (Dinner Table Activists’).

    Post the 26/11 war on India, i have read that there a lot of Groups and NGO’s etc have have started to come together/work to bring about a change. This is multiplicity of the effort.

    In our country individuals or small group’s are easily brushed aside by the administration.
    I want to make a LIST OF recently formed group’s/NGO’s (and older one’s too) who are working towards making a safer and better India tommorrow. CAN ANYBODY HELP???
    The idea is to make each other aware and make a mass movement to show our mettle and also to show that we are a force to reckon with and that we want the change to happen now and not at the whims of the administration.
    I am reachable at


  85. I went to the Taj on the 26th of December… As I walked into the lobby, the Happy Home and School for the Blind had just begun to sing Christmas Carols. It was almost too much to take when they started to sing “Silent Night”. I’ve posted the clip on my blog…

  86. I think parnab mukargee is being too much overwhelmed by the situation. I feel he keeps changing his statements, thatz not the right way to approach such a critical situation. Whosover was responsible, the need of the moment is to resolve this matter amicably without going into too many debates and argument!

  87. P7 has started a new show called “Salaam Mumbai” on the anniversary of 26/11 terrorist attack. The show has started from 18th Nov till 26th Nov. 2009 daily at 8.00 p.m.

    This show is focussing on issues related to terrorism, mumbai’s undieng spirit for anti-terrorism and unity against all odds. This is a fully research based show where anchors, reporters are presenting facts, figures which are important for every Mumbaikar to know. With this we spread the feeling of unity, want to strengthen our bonds despite all odds and showing terrorism a bare foot.

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