BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Nov. 17, ’09

Tangy Tuesday PicksHegiddhiya (How are you in Kannada?). It’s a foggy morning here in Mumbai. ‘Sachin represents the new Maharashtra of hope and glory. Thackeray represents a Maharashtra of anger and resentment.’ tweets @virsanghvi . This week in our Tangy Tuesdays we have posts talking about this issue and many more you can read this Tuesday. Get ready to read the best blogposts from the Indian blogs.

  • Who : Charukesi
    What : The wonder years
    Tangy: 50 years of Doordarshan and we have a post that will rekindle your fond memories of the channel. This post by Charukesi takes us back to our Doordarshan days and revives those wonder moments. A must read.

  • Who : Moulee
    What : Rise and shine
    Tangy : We have heard a lot about India Shining and the future of India lies in the hands of youth. But do you know unemployment and child poverty are among the major issues which needs to be confronted? Moulee has this very interesting post from a youth’s perspective. A sure read.

  • Who : Balvinder Singh
    What : Thackreys are Harming Marathi Manoos
    Tangy : How a statement can be twisted, turned and created as a controversy can be best learnt from our politicians. Bal Thackeray has done it again and Balvinder has his take on the issue. Do let him know your views.

  • Who : Neeraj Bhushan
    What : Manu’s Law
    Tangy : One of the other headlines this weekend was Manu Sharma getting a parole. When it comes to the coterie of politicians they all become united and stand for their respective families. This has been displayed again and again. Neeraj has this post with his views on the issue. What are your views?

  • Who : Gaurav
    : Attacking another Marathi Icon? Really?
    Tangy : How many of us know about an issue where Shiv Sena supremo commented on a Marathi icon and had to face the flak?  Gaurav has this very informative post where he tells us about an incident involving Pu La Deshpande and the Sena Supremo! A very informative read.

  • Who : celestialrays
    What : When we refuse to grow up
    Tangy : If you remember some silly habit that we picked up at the cradle but would leave us at the grave share it with Celestialrays as her post is all about it. Enter into the time machine or ask your parents about it.

  • Who : Sunil
    What : I miss them 🙁
    Tangy : One more post this week which will take us back to our younger days. Sunil has this nostalgic post filled with humour as well. Enjoy the post and do let us know your most memorable event.

  • Who : Meena Iyer
    What : Seeking Answers…
    Tangy : Do not look at the length of the post but look at the content is aptly fit for this post by Winnie. This post has a question and she is seeking answers. Do you have the answers?

  • Who : Guria
    What : The Multi-Talented Maverick!!!
    Tangy : We have been coming across a lot of blogposts of talented bloggers who are artisitic as well. Guria is one among them and makes it to our weekly picks showcasing her art and thanks to Pavan for bringing it t our notice.

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    If I am not successful with the pen, I might as well use the pencil… technically speaking, of course!!
    Thanks again, Blogadda Team!

  2. Hey…this is a cool gift for me in the blog world. Thank You very much. This encouraged me a lot and inspired to write good quality posts from me in future.

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