BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Nov. 7, ’09

Spicy Saturday Vannakam!. “Commit all sins when the Little Master is batting because even the Gods are busy watching him”. was one of the quotes from a twitter user. We agree! It was one of the best innings in cricket for Sachin Tendulkar. We wish Sachin goes on and on and gets the world cup home. This week in our weekly picks, we have a awesome mix of posts. As always all these posts will make an awesome weekend read for our friends. But first, we also have this week an all exclusive interview with the bloggers who the celebrities fear. 😛 We have Payal and Priyanka of High Heel Confidential interviewed for all our readers especially the ones who want to know more about fashion, style, latest trends and bollywood. Read the interview, comment and proceed for this week’s best blog posts by awesome bloggers.

  • Who : Mamma Mia
    What : Nightmare in London
    Spicy : London Dreams, the multi starrer musical was released last week. Mamma Mia has a lot of things to say about the movie and the casting. For all those who have seen the movie your views are appreciated :). Thank you IHM for the tip 🙂

  • Who : Neeraj Shinde
    What : Marathi Manus, Lead or Misled?
    Spicy : This post is a must read for all of us so that none of us get into regionalism. It is important for all of us to realize that we are ‘Indians’ first and then comes our States, where we live. Neeraj has this post with a very strong and relevant message. Neeraj, it’s applaudable for someone to raise and write about it.

  • Who : Prashant Mehta
    What : If I were a baby again
    Spicy : LOL! Imagine that we get into a time machine or drink a potion given by Bhagwan Khusi that takes us back to our childhood days. Prashant has done ejjactly that and the way he has described the chronicle makes it a sure read.

  • Who : Gyanban
    What : 936 words
    Spicy : A perfect start, well defined characters, a plot and a perfect ending makes a perfect story. We have one of those by Gyanban who has written this amazing post. We are sure you’ll enjoy reading them. 

  • Who : Sugar Cube
    What : Fevicol & Jinx
    Spicy : This humorous post by Sugar Cube starts with Fevicol  and ends with a jinx. This is a random but a feel good post. Enjoy reading the post. Also, read some more interesting earlier ones there.

  • Who : Zeenat Syal
    What : Sleepless Nights- Natural Cures
    Spicy : How many of us at some point of life have faced sleepless nights? It may be due to various reasons. Zeenat has posted some natural cures for it. Read it and then start enjoying your sleep. 🙂

  • Who : Bala
    What : Wake Up!!
    Spicy : Bala has returned to our weekly picks with an another hard hitting post filled with truths. This time it is about schools and the fees they charge. It is a post against the schooling system in India and we are sure that our readers would have an opinion on this. Do let him know.

  • Who : Preeti Shenoy
    What : Pencil Portraits
    Spicy : Preeti Shenoy is known for her amazing blogposts, books and interview :P. But what we came to know through this post is that she is an amazing artist as well. Moreover, she suggests a method for newbies to learn to draw potraits quickly.

  • Who : Shivya
    What : The creeper
    Spicy : Shivya has this poem about ‘The Creeper’ where she has crafted the life of a creeper in a very poetic way. Read it twice to understand and absorb the message that she wants to impart. A brilliant poem, Shivya. You should be writing often!

We get a few tips everyday (you can write to us as well) dedicatedly from some awesome bloggers who write some amazing posts. They just keep dishing such wonderful posts and we are here to do the best for them.

1. If I were a Baby again by Rahul Sharma

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