Interview with Preeti Shenoy of ‘Just a mother of two’

Preeti Shenoy is a blogger, poet, painter and a writer from Pune. She is the mother behind the very popular blog ‘Just a mother of two‘. She also writes for major mainstream media publications. Encouraged by the favourable reception of her first publications, she decided it was time to dedicate to a larger project and began writing a book that was launched on October 4, 2008,  entitled “34 Bubblegums and Candies“. Read on to know more about her blog and her mamma moments.

Preeti Shenoy

Q: When and why did you start blogging? Was it out of curiosity or something else?

A: I started blogging in October 2006. It was mainly to get over my deep grief and absolute shock of losing my beloved Dad, a person who meant the world to me all of a sudden.

Q: What topics do you generally blog about?

A: Everyday ordinary life—as Life is truly worth celebrating!

Q: Do you ever get stuck when writing an entry?  What do you do then?

A: Usually I have so much to say that I have to limit my words else the post will turn into a mini book!

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Q: Which tools/plugins do you use to efficiently manage your blog? Any widgets or tips you would like to share with our readers.

A: I use sitemeter for monitoring traffic and feedburner for feeds. For my book I use ning and shelfari as I find them very interactive.

Q: What promotional techniques work best for you and why?

A: To be really honest, I have not done anything to promote my blog. My writing is from the heart and sincere. Each and every comment is read and I value  my relationship with those who read me, most of all. My writing style strikes a chord with many and they tell their friends about my blog. so I guess the biggest thing is a rapport I have with people who read my blog.

Q: Do you earn revenue through your blog? How does one go about it?

A: Nopes—I am dead against it and will never do it. For me, my blog is to connect to people. I have an emotional connect with all who read my blog I have met new people, made lifelong friends, learnt so much and grown as a person only because of my blog. I refuse to put any advertisements on my blog. For me, my blog is like my home in cyber space. I would not put any ads on the exterior of the building where I live—why should I do it on the Internet?

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Q: How important is it for the blogger to interact with their readers? Do you respond to all the comments that you receive?

A: Yes. I do try and respond to each and every comment. According to me, it is basic etiquette to respond to comments. If the post itself is a general one and the comments I receive are far too many and similar to each other (for example wishing me the best for my book launch) then I write a common reply. Otherwise, I do write individual replies. If the person has been kind enough to read what you have written, taken time off and left a comment, the least you can do is respond!

Q: How, in general, would you rate the quality of Indian blogs? Share your favourite five blogs.

A: I have seen a marked improvement in terms of content, quality of writing and awareness in the last two years. I’d say Indian blogs can hold their own against blogs from any other country.

My favourite five blogs are as follows:

The last three are Indian. The first two are outstanding in terms of content and creativity.

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Q: What do you find to be the most gratifying aspect of blogging?

A: The genuine love and admiration I get from people who read me.

Q: What is your advice to someone who wants to start a blog?

A: Be clear about what your purpose is, why you are writing and what you expect to get out of it, how much time you are willing to spend on it and what it means to you. Once you have this clear, you will definitely not be disappointed.

Q: Since you were writing for Mainstream Media. How different is writing in Mainstream Media with writing in a Blog?

A: It’s very different. While writing for the Mainstream media, you cannot let your emotions or your bias come in. It requires thorough research and cross checking of facts. When I write in my blog, I can say what I want—I have the full freedom of creative expression. I can display my artwork, poetry or simply anything that has caught my fancy. For mainstream media, there are usually topics and guidelines to be followed.

Q: You are better known as the ‘Just a mother of two’. Being a mother of two and doing all the things which you do takes a lot of effort and determination! What is the secret?

A: A lot of hard work, staying up late at night, a very supportive and loving spouse and two wonderful children and unconditional support from a few true and sincere friends!

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Q: You mention that your children blog. Do they come to you and ask for your help on various issues?

A: My son has a photo blog and my daughter displays her artwork. The only help they ask me is whether I think that a picture is good enough to be put up on the blog!

Q: Your Book ’34 bubble gums and candies’ has been published. Can you tell our readers what the book is about?

A: It’s a non-fiction book–a collection of 34 real life incidents, some hilarious that will have you in splits and some heart warming and some to make you think. They are all adapted from my blog posts—so if you like my blog, you will love my book!

Q: Can you share with our readers your top ‘Mamma moments’?

A: Undoubtedly it was this:

The genuine joy on my children’s faces when they see my picture in the newspapers, the excitement and pride they feel when they see my book in the bookstores, and the slight hint of pride in their voice when they tell their friends that their mom is an author makes me want to hug them—and I do!

It was a pleasure interviewing you and we are sure our readers would have felt the pleasure reading it as well. We wish you all the best for your second book.

Preeti can be contacted online:

You can also buy her book ’34 bubble gums and candies’.

39 Replies to “Interview with Preeti Shenoy of ‘Just a mother of two’”

  1. Preeti, you have a family of bloggers. I am impressed that you manage such a nice blog after being a mother of two. I just visited your blog and found your writing impressive. The icing on the cake is that you even wrote a book. Great!

    It was fun reading your answers and knowing that it takes a lot of hard work in doing all this. My wishes for your another book. Keep it up.

  2. Very nice reading the interview & am really convinced that every word comes from your heart.Wishing you the best always… Sky is the limit for you…. rock on.

  3. Hey…thanks for putting me up there….It is very inspiring, and considering your blog was one of the first I read…it feels so good to know how far you’ve come along.

    Loved your answers out here… 🙂

  4. Hi Preeti, I hadn’t seen your children’s blogs’ – must say they are really nice! I love your blog..and like I told you, your book is really inspiring and I love it more because I can carry it along anywhere. A thing I wanted to add was, my younger brother is not much of a reader, infact we are exact opposites, I am a bookworm and he is just not into books, and he also read your book and absolutely loved it. I am really looking forward to more books from you, and as usual carry on with the blog, kudos to your kids for their blogs as well 🙂

  5. thanks for the mention, Preeti…esp when you put it as a fav. blog you like…besides i feel this sense of pride and joy, when i see how far you’ve come, even in the short time i’ve known you…

    and i just loved your honest answers…

  6. Hey Preeti… ur blog..admired ur book…….Admire u as a person….
    Hope to meet u some day in my life…u r a teacher , a silent friend for me…wenevr m stuck in some problem n cnt think of a way to fix it..i either read ur book or ur blog..cos dat gives me some idea to solve it..or to just njoy d problem…ur book has few incidents wich i hv experienced in my life too..but the perspectives of living dise moments was totally different..ur book made me a more lively n happy person..thnx a tonne Preeti….thnx Preeti for being der….
    U simply Rock………..

  7. heyyy…i wana give u my true wishes….get the best from life….u expressed beautifully..i wish i wud do the same…enjoy life wid kids….enjoy mumma’s world…..

    take care…keep writing..

  8. Hi all,

    I never expected so many responses here!What a pleasant surprise!

    I must mention that its only the encouragement which people who read me have given me, that makes me want to write more.
    So a heartfelt thanks to all of you!


  9. Hey Preeti! Congratulations on this wonderful interview and wishing you for many more!!!

  10. Wow! this is truly great.. ur answers wer all awesome cool.. liked every part of it.. not yet read ur book.. 🙁 am longing to read it. will read it for sure as soon as possible!! 😀

    & congratulations.. preeti!
    wishing al the best to u..

    keep going!

  11. hi,

    I m very happy after reading your interview and i m a regular reader of u r blog.Hope to meet u some day in my life.I m very much inspired by u r blog.keep writing.

    take care ,bye.

  12. Hi Preeti
    Just chanced upon your interview and blogs. It was such an enthralling experience to go through your writings. Very inspiring too. keep sharing the good work and do keep touch. wishing you many more creative years and lots of joy.

  13. Hello Preeti

    I just stumbled upon your interview and really liked it a lot. Specially your comments ” why should i put ads on the exterior of my building………” that impressed me a lot. Generally people blog to make money but you are so different.

  14. Thank you Mahatru 🙂 Guess each of us are different in our own ways! I have been fortunate that money is never a driving factor for me.

  15. Dear Preeti,

    Hi … how are you … Satish .. Atul and Purvi ??

    I read your book 34 Bubblegums and Candies…i liked it very much…it was as if i was listening to you in person…your stories are short and sweet… the first one “My special friend” and your resolution list is superb…( i have made a list of all points and i read them daily) they are my favourite…you have written about family so well…i feel as if i know your father…mother and children personally….only thing i miss is you have not written more about you and Satish…how you met him…abt your marriage…if you dont mind…can you tell me ???

    Please keep writing…All the best…look forward to your 2nd book.

    With lots of love…Please reply to my comments….i will be waiting….

  16. Harsha,

    Thanks a lot! I appreciate your kind words.
    You’ll find all the answers to your questions in my blog which i update regularly.
    I don’t chec this site often–hence the delay in response 🙂
    Warm regards

  17. hello ma’m
    i read your is what you make it. it was truly the best book i’ve ever read.
    you are the best author for me…i love the way you write!

    hoping to hear from you soon
    take care 🙂

  18. Hey Preeti

    No words to say about you. You are wonderful. ‘Life is What You Make it’ Oohh Preeti you rocked it. Yes, life is something what we make it, what we feel it, enjoy it, create it. No end for it. Life changes when something or some one matters it. Memories bring happiness and pain, that reflect in our movements. It is not crazy. It is LIFE!!! That is also called as FATE when it turns. Somewhere and something in this novel reflected my own life. When I read the book i became Ankita. It took time for me to come out from that. Where ever i looked, i saw Ankita as me. I might sound crazy. Keep Writing. Please please please reply.

  19. Thanks for your blog, it makes learn something which I never knew.
    If u can do it, why not me?

    I’m just reading Life is what you make of it, I too feel your life is in your hands.

  20. Hi Preeti,

    I am impressed that you hv. created a positive world. No words to express my feelings. Being a mother of two children, you have managed such a nice blog for us. God bless you !


  22. Hey preeti! I also wanna mention ur work in- Life is wat u make it. BELIEVE ME THIS BOOK IS A LIFE TIME ASSET 4 U….AN INSPIRING LIGHT 4 UR FANS… KEEP WRITING AS IT GIVES STRENGTH TO THOSE WHO R DEPRESSED OF THEIR LIVES.. ur book portrays d ways to make our life d best as we can…. Life is what we make it! wat an apt title..belongs to the common man’s life, with ordinary things n subject, u just create miracles……. Hope 2 c u soon ……reply plz……..

  23. hey just read ur book “the secert wishlist”.loved your writing n hence googled to ur blog…looking frwd for the books i missed!n waiting for more!! 🙂
    grt work!!

  24. Greetings,

    Your book, LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT is wonderful. I loved it madam. I want to meet you after reading that book.

  25. Dear Preeti ,

    its a privilege to appreciate your work on fiction.
    you are our nation’s pride.
    A hundred little flames wiggled me of emotions.
    your plot and subtle art of writing got me lost into a transcendent experience of reading. May God bless you with incredible strength to move forward with your magical writing.

    cheers !!

  26. Hi.. Preeti mam….
    I read your book “life is what you make it”…. It was great. When i read i felt ankita lies in me. U have inspired me very much.. Love you….

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