BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Mar. 10, ’09

Tangy Tuesday PicksNamaste, Happy Holi to all our bloggers and readers! Have a safe Holi! To make your ‘Holi’day more special, as always week after week, we have the best posts for you from the Indian Blogosphere. To know what we have in store for you…..

  • Who : Darshit Joshi
    What : Unofficial Filmcities of India: Jodhpur/Jaisalmer
    Tangy: Our First Tangy pick for the ‘Holi’week is about the unofficial Film cities of India ‘Jodhpur’ and ‘Jaisalmer’. Darshit has taken a whooping 1492 photographs of which he posted some on his post with Filmi relevance. Have a look at the breathtaking photos.

  • Who : Gopinath Mavinkurve
    What : Vijay Ho!
    Tangy : James Otis created a flutter when he announced that he will auction ‘Gandhi’s’ personal belongings. Vijay Mallya ‘The Liquor baron’ saved our government’s face by buying them. Gopinath in this very thoughtful article talks about the after effects of the same. Do read  to know his interesting point of view!

  • WhoIdeasmith
    What : Relationship Lawlessness & Social Criminals
    Tangy : Ideasmith in this Tangy pick talks about our society and the various issues that still plague us. Ideasmith talks about the various issues she came across  and her views on the same! A must read..

  • Who : Youth Ki Aawaz
    What : Of Crushed, Jihaad and Dharma Yudham
    Tangy : ‘Youth ki aawaz’. Yes Youth are the future of any country and when they have some opinion we need to listen to it. This superb post by ‘Youth ki aawaz’ tells us that no religion preaches violence! A sure read.

  • Who : Youth Unite
    What : Celebrate Tilak Holi, Save Water!
    Tangy : ‘Holi’ The festival of colours is here. Water plays a very integral part in the celebrations. Do we overdo it sometimes? ‘Youth unite’ advises us to celebrate Holi in a very eco-friendly way. Read to find out how you can contribute in conserving water this Holi 😀 .

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