Watch Ajay Jain’s inspiring #WIN15 session here!

If you ask people around you what their dream is, 4 out of 5 people would say “Quit my job and travel the world”. Though it sounds cool, it remains a pipe dream for many. Not for Ajay Jain, travel blogger and the owner of Kunzum Cafe. He is living the life he envisioned for himself by not just traveling, but building a whole career and life around travel. And that’s what he inspired bloggers to do during his #WIN15 session.

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Watch Prashanth Challapalli’s #WIN15 session!

#WIN15 was an event that got together the best of people from digital marketing for sessions that could pave new ways for bloggers and brands to work together. After Ashok Lalla’s #WIN15 session video (which we’re sure you have watched) let’s take a look at what Prashanth Challapalli, Sr. Vice President & Digital Head, iContract has to say about offering the best you have to brands.

prashanth challapalli WIN15 video


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