Watch Ashok Lalla talk about brands at #WIN15

Every blogger has a different story about how they started blogging, but most bloggers are in it for the passion. After you’ve been blogging for a certain duration, your thoughts naturally turn to monetizing your blog by getting involved with brands. While brands are now open to the idea of promoting their products through blogs, there are certain ways to do it. And ace Digital & Marketing Advisor Ashok Lalla is here to do it.

Ashok Lalla

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Watch Lakshmi Pratury’s #WIN15 session now!

On the 20th of September, BlogAdda witnessed #CelebrateBlogging with its blogger community. #WIN15 was the day that will be recalled as an extravaganza that saw Indian bloggers unite under one roof. We had renowned speakers and big names from the digital world who talked about the trends in the ever changing Digital and Social world. And the event was kicked off with Lakshmi Pratury’s keynote address.

Lakshmi Pratury

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Change the world by #BloggingForPeace with BlogAdda

In 1967, Louis Armstrong famously sang, ‘It’s a Wonderful World’. If he were alive today, we’re sure the words would get stuck in his throat, because it surely isn’t a wonderful world anymore. The Paris attacks on 14th November, which killed 132 people (and counting) and injured more than 350 people have not only shaken the soul of the world, but also made us take a long, hard look at ourselves.

paris attacks #BloggingForPeace

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BlogAdda is giving you exclusive access to SMW Mumbai! Apply Now!

Update: It’s Alive! The SMW Mumbai workshop hosted by BlogAdda is now open for registration! Go to the end of the blog post for details and to know how to attend it!

Social Media Week is one of the most influential and anticipated events in the digital space on a global scale. The talks, panel discussions, workshops and networking opportunities that are a part of SMW have the potential to set the course for digital trends in the coming months. And BlogAdda bloggers will get an exclusive chance to attend #SMWMumbai and blog about it!


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INK 2015 – A Photo and Tweet Story

So we’ve already told you EVERYTHING that happened at INK 2015 in this blog post. If you haven’t read it yet, please drop everything else and go through it. You’ll feel like you were actually there! But as is with every good story, it’s better with pictures. In this case, with pictures and tweets! So let’s take you on a photo and tweet journey of INK 2015 highlights, in no particular order, because memories are never linear, right?

INK 2015 highlights - A Photo and Tweet Story

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Mumbai gets ready to be INK’ed from October 16 – 18 2015

If there’s one place which offers inspiration, direction, influence, engagement and much more in one place, it has to be INK Talks. INK Talks has proven since 2010 that when it comes to setting the tone for innovation, people look to INK Talks for setting trends.

INK 2015 is going to be no different. With the theme of ‘Disrupt’, INK 2015 boasts of a stellar lineup of speakers that will dazzle all the attendees over 3 days from October 16 – 18 at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai. BlogAdda is proud to be a partner for INK 2015, and we look forward to all the learning and networking opportunities that INK 2015 offers.


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