10 Most Voguish Looks For This Winter!

Winter is here and it’s time to add a touch of mystique and style to your everyday look. Revamp your look at your best this season. Why wear the same boring winter clothing? Let the fancy-pants in you set the stage on fire in this cold weather. Experiment with your winter fashion look and let the opulence reflect in your style. Pull up your socks and get ready to spell the charm of your beauty and charisma. We bring to you the 10 most voguish looks for this winter season, right from the fashion diary of these style divas on Instagram. Let’s dress to kill!


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10 Winter Care DIYs For Beautiful Skin

Winter has arrived and it’s that time of the year where you need to take extra care of your skin, body and health. Skin is the most sensitive organ in our body and during winters it calls for more heed and attention. Our skin is less able to hold moisture during winters. The cold dry wind steals the moisture from our skin and makes it rough and itchy. These external factors deteriorate the quality of our skin, but with due caution and proper winter care routine it can be taken care of. This week we are listing down the 10 best DIYs homemade treatments to keep your skin healthy and glowing this winter!


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10 Homemade Natural Juice Recipes To Detox Festive Calories

India, the only country in the entire world, that marks the celebration of various festivals. Recently our entire nation glimmered with the festival of lights, Diwali. When we talk about Diwali and it’s celebration, the first thing that comes to our mind is sweets. With the glowing diyas, lanterns and crackers all around, we celebrate this festive season with sweets as well! With little morsels and snacks we also nibble on sweets throughout the day. Sweets are like a mandate to cheer in the festive season. And we normally do not mind putting on a few calories during this time of the season. But, there’s always a remedy to cut down those extra kilos, after the festive mode has bid us goodbye!

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10 Home Decor Craft Ideas For Diwali 2016

Are you planning to shop some decors for your home this Diwali? Why waste time and money in the market to shop for decors when you have it all in your home. Just gather all the things that can be upcycled and and spill in all your creativity. This Diwali, let’s get nature friendly and preserve Mother Nature as we welcome Goddess Lakshmi in our homes. Add some spunk and creativity in your homes with homemade arts inspired by these Indian bloggers who are a pro in art and crafts. Let’s get started as we present before you 10 best craft ideas that you can immaculately craft for this Diwali and ornament your home!


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10 Indo Western Styles For A Dazzling Diwali

What are you wearing this Diwali? Well, Diwali is back again to spread light, joy, strength and good health in our lives. It’s that time of the season where the entire nation brims with lights, sparkle and shine all over.As the whole country gleams  along lanterns and diyas, the fashionistas have their own walking ramp ready! It is quite a task to find an ethnic outfit that reflects the modern woman in you! Guess what? We are here to create the right balance between tradition and today! As light takes over the darkness, let’s gear up for a voguish look this Diwali with some jazzed up attires and earn high fashion scores.


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10 Travel Destinations For The Sole-mates

India is a salver that serves you with the best travel destinations to satisfy your wanderlust. Brimming with beautiful places to visit, India has always earned credibility for its rich and stupefying places for solo wanderers. India holds a unique place because of its diverse landscapes and topographic beauty that one can breathe in and have a lifetime experience. The country is a landmass of high rise mountains, flowing rivulets, sandy beaches, wildlife, pilgrims, historic sites and much more where you can fulfill your travel goals.


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