Wish to take the Pantene #14DayChallenge? Apply now!

Our mane. Our crowning glory. The saving grace when our face or outfits refuse to cooperate. Hair is not just some strands on top of our head, they are almost always the most striking feature of women everywhere. They help women be coy or fierce, depending on what they want to convey. As much as hair is dear to us, it also causes heartbreak when it breaks and falls, paying no heed to pampering or treatments. In this scenario, there’s only one option. Take the Pantene #14DayChallenge at BlogAdda and win your battle against hairfall!


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Winner Announcement – #BestZapCurator activity

You can buy fashion, but taste needs to be inherent. In a world where there are a million products available at your fingertips, selecting and buying the best can become a problem of plenty. In this scenario, wouldn’t it be great if you could select products which have the stamp of approval by a curator? That’s what we asked bloggers to do in the #BestZapCurator activity at BlogAdda, and we have the best bloggers’ collections ready to view!

zap store winner announcement

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Interview With Anamika Mishra

Ever heard of anyone who wants to write a 100 books in their lifetime? We have heard of one such person, and her name is Anamika Mishra. Anamika is an author, a blogger, a public speaker, positivity spreader, bibliophilie and much more. We love the way positive vibes are interspersed with beauty on Anamika’s webspace, and so decided to interview her. Read the interview where Anamika explains how she seamlessly blends the blogger and author in her.


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