Be a #BestZapCurator this weekend and win brain zapping prizes!

[wpdevart_countdown text_for_day=”Days” text_for_hour=”Hours” text_for_minut=”Minutes” text_for_second=”Seconds” countdown_end_type=”time” end_date=”20-08-2016 23:59″ start_time=”1471689064″ end_time=”1,7,56″ action_end_time=”hide” content_position=”center” top_ditance=”10″ bottom_distance=”10″ ][/wpdevart_countdown]For each one of us, our choice of clothing, accessories, interior decor and everything else that we surround ourselves with is a reflection of our style. Some people are naturally born with an innate sense of unique style, that stands out from the crowd. If you consider yourself part of this group, we have just the right weekend offer for you – be a #BestZapCurator!


If you have a great eye and can pick the best stuff from myriad options, then head over to the Zapstore! Zapstore is a one stop shop for all your e-commerce needs, and will get you the world of online shopping at your fingertips. Show us your skills of curation on this site and win vouchers worth thousands! Interested? Here’s what you’ll need to do to become a #BestZapCurator:

1. Go to the Zapstore website
2. Create your own profile on the site.
3. Follow the instructions to add items from the various e-commerce sites listed on the site.
4. Curate a collection worth Rs. 50,000 on your profile. You can look for items you like from any of the categories given on the site.
5. Once your curated collection is ready, blog about the items you selected. Include photos of your collection, and give a link of your store on your blogpost so your readers can visit and buy their favourite item if they choose.
6. Post a tweet about your blogpost on Twitter and tag @blogadda, @zap_store and use #BestZapCurator
7. Submit your blog post using this form before the deadline ends.


First Prize winner wins vouchers worth Rs. 15,000!
Second Prize winner wins vouchers worth Rs. 10,000!
Third Prize winner wins an Amazon Kindle!

Feel like the vouchers are too good to be true? There’s more! The first 50 valid entries also get assured vouchers worth Rs. 500 each! 

Click on the button below to submit your entry!

Mandates for the activity:

1. The word limit for every blog post is a minimum of 400 words.
2. Please include the line, “I am making my own store for the #BestZapStore activity at BlogAdda in association with Zapstore.
3. Only blog posts submitted through this form will be considered valid.
4. The last date for submission of this blog post is midnight, 21st August 2016.
5. One blogger can write a maximum of 2 blog posts for this activity.
6. Include the URL of your Zapstore curated store in your blog post for it to be considered valid.
7. Post at least 1 tweet tagging @blogadda and @zap_store, with the hashtag #BestZapStore and share the tweet URL in the form.

So what are you waiting for? Zip Zap Zoom to a new tab and get curating!

Terms & Conditions

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  1. can u please share the video of instructions if possible.
    It is not clearly to understand

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