Spicy Saturday Picks – August 20, 2016

Spicy Saturday Picks by BlogAdda

This week was¬†speckled with holidays, starting with Independence Day¬†and then being followed by Raksha Bandhan. If you were one of those who got to rest and enjoy these holidays then this week might have blown past you in a moment. In either case, you can use a dose of masala to spice up your Saturday. So, here we are to cater to your needs with this week’s Spicy Saturday Picks. Also, in honor of World Photography Day, don’t forget to write about the Photo That Captured You for this week’s WOW¬†prompt and get a chance to win Miami Blues sunglasses. But first, on with¬†Spicy Saturday!

  • Who: Saurabh Chawla
  • What: “How I failed and managed to rise again in my startup!”
  • Spicy: Life is a journey. We often forget this fact in our rush to get to our arbitrary destinations. We get so engrossed¬†in the nonsensical rat race that we forget to stop and smell the roses¬†every once in a while, to enjoy the journey rather than be focused on the the destination. Read about Saurabh’s journey of how he let his¬†health, both physical and mental, deteriorate¬†as he tried to build his startup, only to fail and how he learnt the importance of enjoying the journey.

  • Who: Vrinda Bhagat
  • What: “Mussorie Library”
  • Spicy: It rarely happens that a place is so mind bogglingly beautiful that it¬†takes your breath away. A place where you feel both at home, yet are afraid to disturb anything lest it damage its beauty. That is what happened when Vrinda chanced¬†upon the Mussorie Library while on¬†a trip. ¬†This library is any bibliophile’s paradise,¬†with a treasure trove of books, some dating back to Pre-Independence, where writers such as Ruskin Bond are habitual visitors. Read about¬†Vrinda’s experience¬†here.

  • Who: Siddhesh Kabe
  • What: “[Short Story] Fasting for the husband”
  • Spicy: A little suspense, a little mystery is what any story needs to keep you on your toes. A good story teller will use these to weave a story to tickle all your senses. One such story is this, ‘Fasting for the husband’ by Siddhesh, about a twist in the Karva Chauth tale. Read on to find out!

  • Who:¬†Rashmi Lingappa
  • What: “Photographer’s Wife”
  • Spicy: They say a good¬†photographer can capture the soul of his subject in the photo, but how would the subject feel about this? Rashmi tells you her experiences of being a¬†the wife of¬†a photographer, of playing both the roles of a muse and an assistant as and when the need arises. What better way to honour World Photography Day, than¬†going behind the scenes of a photographer’s life?

  • Who: Rupam Goswami
  • Spicy: We all claim that we love our country, and we all do in our own way, but how many of us love our country to write her a love poem? That is exactly what Rupam has done. He writes of India as the epitome of the Indian woman,¬†free on paper, but without any actual freedom; bound by its religions, castes, and social barriers. Free, but not free, a country where freedom that must be…

  • Who: Rahul Rawal
  • What: “I Dated Death.. !!”
  • Spicy: We often think about the future. We have been trained since birth to do so; save for the future, plan for the future, but what if there is no future? We never even consider the possibility, but what would you do¬†if you have only one year to life? Would you continue to live as you are now, or will you finally go after that dream that has been lying dormant? Read Rahul’s riveting story of Aman, a story that will make you think.

  • What: “One life is not enough, yet for now, this moment is full in itself.”
  • Spicy: Time is a construct of our mind. Something that we use to bind ourselves. We are obsessed with our past, all the while being constantly worried about the future. What we should be thinking about is the present. How many of us live fully in each moment in the present? The answer is not enough of us. Durga tells us why we should.

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