Spicy Saturday Picks- October 29, 2016

Spicy Saturday Picks by BlogAddaIts ringing Diwali all around and it’s all the more a Happy Diwali at BlogAdda! ¬†This weekend is all about joy, love, strength, spirituality and last but not the least a ‘No Calories Bar’ status. While you embrace yourself for Diwali celebrations and preparations, we at Blogadda are all set to serve you with some good reads to add more fun and fervour¬†to¬†this festive mood! Since you are busy with your hands on delicacies,¬†we get you some¬†wonderful picks¬†from the blogging world. If you’re interested in getting your post featured with us,¬†submit your blog posts to us!

  • Who:¬†Polomi Mandal¬†
  • What: “Udvada- A Visit to the holy place of Parsi’s”
  • Spicy: Amidst all the big cities and their chaos, lies a small spiritual paradise,¬†Udvada. Located in Gujarat, the small city is the pilgrim for Parsis. If you are planning to visit a place away that is filled with holy significance and beautiful serene then Udava is a perfect weekend getaway! The holy little city is a platter of¬†ancient temples, Parsi culture and beaches. If you wish to learn about different traditions and culture then Udvada is a must visit to get beautiful glimpses of¬†Persian culture.

  • Who:¬†Karthik Laxminarayanan
  • What: “Education for the Twenty First Century
  • Spicy: Education is one of the most important element for one’s intellectual¬†growth. With evolution in all the sectors of the society, education is also one of them. Technology today has played a vital role in the course of learning and implementing what is learnt. However, there is no learning without knowledge. A mere presence in the class or holding a textbook in his schooldays, made Karthik brim upon the most important elements that add up to a radical change in the system of education!

  • Who:¬†Ashwini CN
  • What: “Singing A Different Tune
  • Spicy: Every human being on this planet is born different. From their qualities, to way they handle things, to the way they contemplate life, to their nature all define their existence. Between the life you live and people you come across, lies a zone where you share you day to day life and your experiences! People who choose to talk less and wander in their own thoughts, often talk the most when they experience distance from their loved ones! It’s always better to talk your heart out rather than live in the fear of being judged!

  • Who:¬†Neha Tambe
  • What:¬†“Love’s Labour Lost”
  • Spicy: The facade of love, often misguides the vulnerable ones. Yes, love is a very strong emotion but we often fail to recognize one’s reality, when in love. The emotions that flicker with each passing moment, needs a reality check. Lost love often teaches life’s most crucial lessons. Neha shares a heart wrenching yet important chapter¬†that teaches how important it is to be careful when cupid flies by your side!

  • Who: Soumya Prasad
  • What:¬†“Born From Fire”
  • Spicy: We often live our lives driven by people’s consent and opinion.¬†A life lived just to get a right tick in others mind, will leave you in dearth. We all are imperfect beings¬†who endeavour everyday for perfection. Sometimes you gain, sometimes you are in pain. Let the downfall teach you the lesson how to rise. From scars do not refrain. Let them be the mark of your struggles that makes you, you! Be who you are, do what you like. ‘Cause after all we are all born to rise and fall!

  • Who: Anshul Kumar Akhoury
  • What:¬†“In Photos : Bengali Community of Delhi Celebrates Durga Puja”
  • Spicy: Dussehra as we all know, is the festival that teaches us the value of good over evil. Amongst all the religions, Bengalis celebrate Dussehra very lavishly. Depicting the festive tune and ceremonies, Delhi celebrates Dussehra beautifully. The traditional dance, the worship of deities and the mouth watering street food adds more spunk to this festival. ¬†Anshul shares with us, her experience of Durga pooja¬†in Delhi by the Bengali community that made her spellbound.

  • Who: Anita
  • What:¬†“A Hero In Real Life
  • Spicy:¬†Every person who works for their livelihood, pours immense amount of hard work and perseverance! These are the people whose work should be cherished. People who aren’t born with a silver spoon, but strive to buy one! Respecting such people with so much zeal and enthusiasm will help us build real life heroes for our better tomorrow!

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