Spicy Saturday Picks – August 27, 2016

Spicy Saturday Picks by BlogAdda

After a week of staring at worksheets and pie charts, it’s good to read some thought provoking posts over the weekend. Now before you go out on a hunt for articles (most of whom are plain clickbait), we give you a list of best posts that we found with this week’s¬†Spicy Saturday Picks.¬†Also, don’t forget to pen down that ultimate story that has been left unfinished for this week’s WOW Prompt,¬†‚ÄúA Story Yet Unwritten‚ÄĚ and get a¬†chance to win Miami Blues sunglasses.¬†But first things first, onward with¬†Spicy Saturday!

  • Who: Anjana Jins
  • What: “Legacy of Passion”
  • Spicy: Heirlooms are special things¬†that are passed down from generation to generation within a family. At times, these small pieces have no value other than sentiment and history that is attached to them. Anjana talks of¬†some such¬†heirlooms given to her at the opportune time¬†which¬†released a flood of memories and emotions.

  • Who: Abhinav V K
  • What: “THE SEEKER”
  • Spicy: All of us are travellers on the road of life; ever wondering who we are and why we are here.¬†Abhinav writes of one such traveller who¬†like everyone else, travels on this road, seeking answers that he may or may never find.

  • Who: Shreya Kalra
  • What: “After Hours-II”
  • Spicy: Have you ever experienced heartbreak? Not any heartbreak, but one that leaves you completely shattered, lost, trying to put yourself back again?¬†Shreya writes of such heartbreak where she walks the night away trying to find herself again.¬†Read this mesmerizing post which is full of stunning words and images.

  • Who:¬†Subha Manoj
  • What: “Scream, I should and I will”
  • Spicy: Indians, and especially Indian women are taught to be docile, to be quiet, and never ever to show heightened emotions. But do we actually limit ourselves, and our children by doing so?¬†Subha points out that we as humans need to scream, to let ourselves be free, to live, and so we should.

  • Who: Amruta Nene
  • What: “The permanent address for a lifetime”
  • Spicy: Our childhood home is where our safety lies. The safety that is created by our parents, safety that we always take for granted, even when we choose to move away. But¬†Amruta asks, what happens when that¬†childhood home is¬†no more and when no longer have the option of going back to the safety that once existed there.

  • Who: Sampada Raje
  • What: “Decoding the Vatican city!”
  • Spicy: The Vatican is the smallest country in the world, yet one with some of the largest power and stories. As the head of the Catholic Church and a country in its own right, it can be confusing to make sense of this Papal State, which is tiny¬†and exists within the city of Rome.¬†Sampada decodes the mystery that is the Vatican City.

  • Who: Hemu Saini
  • What: “27 Things Adults Can Learn From Children”
  • Spicy:¬†It is the responsibility of the parent to teach the child, or so we have always been told. But what about the things that only a child can teach adults? After all they have a unique perspective on life, one that is not tainted or moulded by the material world.¬†Hemu lists 27 such things that adults can learn from children.

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