Spicy Saturday Picks – August 13, 2016

Spicy Saturday Picks by BlogAdda

Saturday is finally here, this time with a long weekend in its backpack! It’s probably the best time to plan a trip, binge watch a series, finish off a book or spend some blissful time with your family! In all of this, make sure that your flag of love for India flies high as you write about your Vision 2050 for this week’s WOW prompt and get a chance to win Miami Blues sunglasses. To make sure your weekend starts on a fresh note, we are here with some of the best pen downs from this week’s literary treasure chest. Read on!

  • Who: Mahesh Ramani
  • What: “A Moment in Time”
  • Spicy: ‘Beautiful’- Isn’t it a beautiful word? If said to us or something related to us, we feel like our day is made. Can one define beauty? Is it reflected in the flawless, glowing faces  that reign tinsel town or lies beyond our vision in the hearts of the kindest souls? Unflinching love, unbeatable strength or a trustworthy glance – can beauty be found in these things instead of superficial looks?

  • Who: Hemalatha Venkatraman
  • What: “Living in the Land of In-Betweens”
  • Spicy: Our dreams and desires often separate us from our familial comfort zone and set us on a journey to new worlds and cities that were earlier just points on the globe. This period of turbulence is an essential rite of passage or growing up, and it sets the tone for the rest of our lives, including our definition of home.

  • Who: Abhinav Neelam
  • What: “Pain”
  • Spicy: It is human nature to feel bad about someone being in pain. If someone is not comfortable, we automatically cringe too. What if that’s not the case with everyone? Well, things are about to get a little eerie with this spine chilling little post that would want you to double check the credentials of the people you trust!

  • Who: Reena Chopra
  • What: “When The Whip Turned Into A Ribbon!!!”
  • Spciy: Parents are an infinite pool of love. Every tantrum of kids, no matter how illogical or irrelevant it might be, is pampered and fulfilled, just to see a smile on their child’s face. The results? Kids today reject failures and even the slightest of discomforts. Gratification comes easy to them, keeping them sheltered from the true meaning of struggle and achievement, which wasn’t the case earlier.

  • Who: Aradhana Goyal
  • What: “Slow down Honey! Take a closer look at the life.”
  • Spicy: Our life moves like the fastest processor in the world. Juggling between tasks, goals, dreams and relationship, we are multithreading on our scheduled routines. We seldom slow down to enjoy the work that we give almost all of our day to. Relationships are getting distant and there is no time to enjoy the hard earned money! Is this the goal of our lives? Take a breath for a minute and give it a thought post this read!

  • Who: Shaunak Marulkar
  • What: “Inside the Mind of Drivers in India !”
  • Spicy: India is the land of diversity, which is apparent in the people behind the steering wheel as well! Our roads are no less than a thriller amusement ride, and drivers with their super driving skills never let the adrenaline leave your life! Drivers in India come with different talents, like swerving in and out of traffic, to having a Ph.D in cuss words to the ones who believe in ‘Pehle Aap‘. Which one of these are you? Read and find out!

  • Who: Apurv Mittal
  • What: “A smile that died”
  • Spicy: Our subconscious mind knows no boundaries. Carefree, it sways through the confines of logic and science and sometimes ends up in inexplicable realms. We as mortals, are constantly haunted by the biggest truth of our lives, death. Can one contemplate one’s own end? What happens when death comes to whisper the inevitable hello? What do you make of this post?

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