Collective: 10 Monsoon Fashion Essentials For Stylish Men

Dressing well is a form of good manners.” This quote by Tom Ford is one that all (gentle)men should keep on the top of their head. With men expected to be chivalrous, dressing right takes even more precedence, as it announces one’s personality even before they speak.

Well, it’s very difficult to stun people with three piece suits, crisp shirts and well ironed pants when it’s muggy weather and puddle season! Let’s break the myth and concentrate on dressing casual and quirky this monsoon. It’s time to break through the scorching routine and add a tinge of experimentation of colour which this season allows.

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Messy hair, soaked shoes and clothes that refuse to dry. Are these keeping your style a bit off this monsoon? Well, not anymore. Here are some fashion essentials for the rainy season straight from these fashion forward rulers of Instagram!

1. Of Patterns and Hues

Gone are the days when guys were monochrome ambassadors; this monsoon is brimming with cool pastel shades and every print imaginable, yes even for guys! Who said men cannot pull off a tiny bird print? Keep the the usual plain and checks for winter and let it rain micro prints and florals, just the way Riaan does!

2. Bright Bottoms

Raised hemlines and cropped pants are a la mode this monsoon. Full length pants have been raised up to the ankles, as wet and muddy pant hems are not a very good aesthetic. Experiment with linen pants and comfy chinos in bright hues ranging from salmon pink to earthy browns, bringing a fresh breath of air to this season!

3. Go Ripped With Dungarees

For those who are inseparable from their denims, keep it simple with a pair of sneakers and rugged denims rolled at the hemline just the way Dharam does, and give your denims a different kick!

Dungarees have made a comeback from the good old school days, and yes, guys have an equal right to pull them off like a fashion pro. Add your own charisma, a pinch of style and some florals- Poof! Your dapper look’s here! We loved the way Jai Gidwani carried these retro looks flawlessly!

4. Short It Up!

This rainy season is getting all ‘leggy’ with shorts and short suits landing on the streets straight from the ramp. Paint the town red with your ‘I don’t care’ attitude and make shorts go a long way into the style zone. Add a layer over a cool tee with a plaid shirt and make the cool weather work for you.

5. Of Raincoats And Umbrellas

Ah! With the drizzle comes the liberty to add on layers with style and utility! What better than getting up a li’l dressy with a raincoat or a trench over your work wear? Quirky prints and snazzy umbrellas are all over the streets! Here’s a dapper look done by Sarang that is classy and posh!

6. Lace it Up!

Swap your leather loves with the more versatile plastic or patent leather shoes. Step into a cool pair of boots or lace up sneakers and never fear the rains again! Feel free to get your hands on animal prints or camo prints and rock the streets.

7. Pack Em All!

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When it comes to packing your stuff, make sure you pack your style too! Grab a quirky messenger bag in rainproof materials and bold shades or pick a waterproof rucksack for more room when travelling.

8. Watch your Time

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Give your leather straps a rest in these humid months. It’s time to play with neons as you invest in your monsoon gears! Huge dials, gears and rugged straps made of rubber, silicone or even fabric are all in this season. Grab ’em all!

9. Shady Hues

Who said shades are off the fashion charts this monsoon? Well, it might be drizzling but tinted shades are here to make the beautiful surroundings even better looking! With bright tinted shades, add a bit of class and take your OOTD to the next level.

10. Barbers and Scissors

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Monsoon calls for a break from your  usual classic side part and switch to a trendier utilitarian haircut. Opt for a ‘Flow and Comb’ or ‘Undercut’ haircut to keep your looks and hair both at the right place! If you don’t want to chop off your hair, man buns (if done right) are a great way to keep your long locks presentable and sane even when it’s being attacked by rains and frizziness!

It’s time to break some rules this monsoon with this revamped wardrobe that is a perfect concoction of utility and elegance. Stay up to the minute with these basic add ons and keep turning heads amidst the rains as well! Is there something we missed? This season, we want you to talk style with the clouds! Show us your monsoon style and we’ll keep an eye out on your fashionstagrams in the future!

Missed out on some brilliant monsoon wear for men, here’s a quick review!

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