Spicy Saturday Picks – August 6, 2016

Spicy Saturday Picks by BlogAdda

Hello Peoples! This weekend has a special place on our¬†calendar, and why not? Its Friendship Day! We are all set to wish our chaddi buddies, are you? As wordsmiths, you might want to share what’s precious to you the most- words. Perhaps, writing them a letter would be the¬†perfect gift showing your love and care! If there’s an old friend that sparked friendship in your life,¬†here’s your chance to write a WOW post for them and win a pair of Miami Blues sunglasses! Till then, sit back and relax with these best picks from last week and let the friend enjoy what you wrote!¬†

  • Who:¬†Swapnil Pandey
  • What: “Happy Friendship Day”
  • Spicy: Friends and their insanity keep our lives closest to sanity. From nursery rhymes to the awkward teenage¬†phase and finding true love to creating a family of your own, friends make Shakespeare’s ‘Seven Stages’ bearable and memorable! We might change jobs, cities and sprout a few grey hairs, but these friends remain our¬†jigar ka tukda!¬†Their love might be dipped in varied¬†hues, yet each is special on its own. Here’s an ode to all the friends that make life worth every second.

  • Who: Aditi Mathur
  • What: “Jim Corbett With Kids: Relaxing and Learning”
  • Spicy: Man prides himself on being the most intelligent and advanced of beings. This pride has lead to the belief that all the other animals are either for our consumption or a nuisance to us. Do we ever show a shred of empathy for animals whose space and life we encroach upon? International Tiger’s Day is just behind us, and the little ones of the next generation are challenging the status quo in their own way.

  • Who:¬†Sandy Thattukada
  • What: “Is atheism a peaceful religion?”
  • Spicy: ‘God’ has been an evergreen topic of debate between his dedicated believers and atheists. While the former are often cast in bad light for the blind faith and rituals that fuel riots and communalism, atheists get bad press for dismissing the faith that is so close to people’s hearts. Does religion have anything to do with the history of¬†killings and bloodshed that continue to assault humanity throughout the ages? If not religion, will atheism end all misery? Let’s talk numbers and find out.

  • Who: Sonali Mohapatra
  • What: “She Was Weird.”
  • Spciy: Normal is cliched. It is wrapped in the¬†boring fabric¬†of what we accept as common and easy to understand. The world takes time to open its arms to those who¬†converse with the blue sky and befriend the storms. It is hard to love the ones¬†who bleed through their words and fill their journals with tears and ink. Even harder it is to let your heartbeats get in sync with theirs¬†and wander along in their personal mind space.

  • Who: Sangita Venkatraman
  • What: “Body issues”
  • Spicy: Our body has the¬†sole purpose of converting oxygen and food into energy to power our bodies on the way to fulfilling our destiny. The day it stops doing that, yeah, we are doomed (or dead)! Despite this basic fact, why do these little digits (that are not that little!) on a¬†weighing machine become our sole identity?Unknowingly, we judge every extra ounce of fat or every showing rib,¬†pushing¬†many¬†into pits of self doubt and worthlessness.

  • Who: Mayura Govinda Rao
  • What: “An Ode To An Adonis”
  • Spicy: Undoubtedly, our life is hedged in the vicious¬†circle¬†of competition and quest for the best. We carry stress¬†to school, problems to work and struggle is a constant companion throughout the day. While our childhood syllabus teaches us to compete, little are we equipped to handle dejection. Can life get depressing enough to quit living, or is it our vulnerability to take inevitable failures or rejections?

  • Who: Nivedita Louis
  • What: “Don’t piss and tell!”
  • Spicy: Our society behaves in the most ironical ways. We, well technically the men (gender equality alert!), are allowed to expel their urine in public, yet people’s eyebrows raise themselves to Himalayan heights when a couple holds hands. Men, known for their inherent physical strength and¬†controlling power, often lose their bravado with a small nudge¬†from their bladders. The release that a roadside peeing session gives them might be relaxing for them, but it pisses off people around them…literally!

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