#AddaTales – ‘I met my best friend after ages…’

Friendship Day is around the corner. It’s time to remember old friends and more importantly, appreciate what we had in them – a partner in crime, a shoulder to cry on, and an unconditional support. So in honour of old friends and Friendship Day, this week’s #AddaTales prompt was ‘I met my best friend after ages…‘ and friendship showered all over with a beautiful story! The prompt took myriad turns from funny, tragic, or even dangerous, but here is the story that was a perfect mix of love, care and hope – something that friends fill our life with! So, thank you Twitteratis for your participation on this week’s #AddaTales. Here’s your masterpiece that kept us glued to our seats!


I met my friend after ages. 

‘OMG! Is he the same chubby guy I knew once?’ This was the first thought that came into my mind looking at his slim built. We had met after ages and everything around us had changed,
except for our smiles that brought back galore of memories. But those smiles were somewhere masquerading our guilt, envy, resentment for each other.

It seemed there’s nothing to talk about, had time stopped being garrulous like before? We started back from where we had left. Life was happening, so were our tales. Today, I felt I was laughing after ages, for real. I was back in time and there were no worries in life. Yes, time had stopped and we were bubbling and blabbering like schoolkids. Both were competing to finish each one’s tales first. It was like a game, each one of us eager to explode in first.

My eyes fell on the DP of Raj’s mobile phone. It seemed I recognized the face accompanying him.

Her eyes were very familiar, deeply engraved on my mind.

“Who is She?” I asked nonchalantly.

“My Ex-Wife” Raj said.

“Ah! But u never mentioned about her to me so far. And u still have her as your DP.

“It’s a long story..she left me,but I didn’t”

“Oh. That is really sad. I think she has moved on but you haven’t.” I questioned.

As I saw the picture, I felt envious, because I dreamt to make her mine, but listening to facts
I felt relieved,thanked my stars but was eager to know the reason and aftermath.
I asked Raj, “Do you still love her?

Raj had tears in his eyes and with a choked throat, he said , “Yes”.

Today’s Raj was opposite of what Raj was yesterday. A well built hunk, all envied his personality,
girls were crazy for his richness and persona but he didn’t care. How time wears people out.

“Amar, it is too late now, I think, I deserve to be alone. Who would want to be with me. I doubt.”

“Let the life have its own recourse as destined. Don’t evade Raj. My sister had a crush on you since forever. Two lives will blossom with a second spring.”

Tears were rolling down the cheeks of all three of us.

Raj hugged both of us. Ah! It was pouring outside. God was pouring his blessings. I was relieved that my lovely sister’s arid life had sprung back to life.

I saw Amma’s smiling face through the clouds. At last she was in peace!

Wasn’t that an epic Bollywood superhit? Here are the super amazing writers behind the fascinating #AddaTales for this Saturday.

1. Ila Verma


2. Bindu Cherungath


3. Parul


4. Rashi


Be a part of this story telling celebration next time by watching out for our prompt on @blogadda next week!

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