Spicy Saturday Picks – July 23, 2016

Spicy Saturday Picks by BlogAdda

Your day is pretty much formed by how you start it. This weekend, drown yourself in blogger opinions, but not before treating yourself to a healthy and sumptuous breakfast. Messy hair, cosy beds and hot coffee – everything is right at its place with just one thing missing- Spicy Saturday Picks. BlogAdda is back yet again with its ultimate picks from the week. 

  • Who: Lakshmi Sharath
  • What: “Mausoleums of Bijapur”
  • Spicy: The historic tales of Adil Shahi dynasty are reflected in the glorious monuments of Bijapur. The city flaunts impressive domes and tombs and speaks stories of a thousand conquests via its cannons, domes and mausoleums. The silent city flaunts its a huge mausoleums, the Gol Gumbaz  and the Ibrahim Rauza. Lakshmi’s lenses capture the grandiosity of Bijapur and capture the rich history of the place perfectly.

  • Who: Heena Kohli
  • What: “FOR YOU, WITH LOVE”
  • Spicy: You are much more than your inhibitions and restrictions that bind you to your personal cocoon. Surviving everyday through your struggles, you deserve applause for the infinite light that still keeps you strong enough to face the world. Here’s some much deserved appreciation and acknowledgement that you seldom makes its way to you. Let this enthralling prose give you a glimpse into the kind of beauty you hold, and remind you of your real value.

  • Who: Vaidehi
  • What: “On cleanliness, godliness and the like”
  • Spicy: The little things in life define us in big ways. What matters to you might not hold the same priority for those around us. Yet our persona is defined by our opinions and thoughts, something that we pass on to our kids, bringing them up on firm foundations of our belief system and inherited wisdom. Vaidehi talks about subtle things- faith, rituals, cleanliness and more, which she carefully passes on to her little one, as a gift for her future years.

  • Who: Meghalee Mitra
  • What: “Retelling Stories”
  • Spciy: Our childhood lessons of love are spoon fed through fairy tales with sugar coated events and happy endings. But life is much more than Disney characters with their lacy gowns and love stories. Beyond the ideal world is your own story, to be painted in your own illustrations. For those who look out for their knights in shining armours and battle vests, here’s an enlightening secret.

  • Who: Anu
  • What: “Kahaani
Thodi filmy hai!”
  • Spicy: Are you a big fan of the jhatkas and matkas of our Bollywood movies? So is most of India, and this love is expressed in many ways, not all of which are heroic or romantic. Here’a filmy kahaani, that has all the elements from an 80’s Bollywood matinee from love to romance to climax to zaalim zamaana. Read this blog post which is no less entertaining than a Bollywood blockbuster.

  • Who: Neha Nagwekar
  • What: “Ek Cup Chai
  • Spicy: Courtships are often filled with regular dates at coffee shops or tea stalls, endless conversations over the most inane subjects and illogical excuses to meet up. Blossoming love, fluttering butterflies in the stomach make the journey of love something that everyone wants to experience. As time goes by, the irrational love blurs into monotony and routine of seeing each other. Ek Cup Chai has the power to break this circle of taking each other for granted, and bring back the passion that once defined your relationship.

  • Who: Archita
  • What: “Symphony of Silence”
  • Spicy: A creative mind is a silent observer. It can filter out the musical nuances from the silences that surround it. Carefully, it has the talent to sink into the moment and weave out stories of the unseen world. A mere thought inspires it to conjure beautiful verses out of what’s in front of it. Archita embraces the world around her and chalks out five short stories, and we’d love to know which one is your favourite in the comments section below.

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