Tangy Tuesday Picks- July 19, 2016

Tangy Tuesday Picks by BlogAdda

 BlogAdda gave a shoutout to all the women who slammed stereotypes about womanhood with its Buzzing Blogosphere yesterday. This week long debate about sexism threw up some mind boggling opinions. As social media bubbled up, yesterday’s Perky Tweets made sure none of us underwent the monotonous Monday morning blues. Here’s our power packed collection of the best posts that act as an energy boost to our week! If you wish to be featured here and get your blog read by the masses, submit your blog posts to us!

  • Who:  Sonal
  • What: “Being Stranded in Istanbul During the Military Coup”
  • Tangy: We’ve seen and read extensive coverage of the failed Turkey coup in the news, but no amount of headlines can capture the on ground reality as well as a person who is caught in the situation. Travel blogger Sonal’s travel plans came to screeching halt when she found herself in the midst of the coup. Read her edge of the seat account of her stay in Istanbul.

  • What: “Online Muse”
  • Tangy: There is no end to learning in today’s world, as the Internet is an almost limitless source of knowledge. With the advent of online courses, there is a huge opportunity for people to go above and beyond their degrees and learn what they love. So forget Wikipedia and Google, and deep dive in to the world of education with these courses.

  • Who: Svetlana Baghawan
  • What: “Timeless Hydra Island”
  • Tangy: The lovely little location of Hydra makes time stand still with its exhilarating beauty. Its hilly interiors make the little island stand apart from regular tourist spots. A favorite among the Greeks, the island is a photographer’s fantasy and a traveler’s paradise. Brought into the public eye by multiple film shoots, you might recognize a spot from a scene in a film. That makes this place perfect for film and travel buffs.

  • Who: Shivangi
  • What: “Inner voice.”
  • Tangy: Amidst the noise of expectations and programmed lifestyles, is an inner voice that often gets faded. Our insides scream, begging us to follow our hearts but the chaos around us muffles it. While the heart and brain often war with each other, our gut feeling lies dormant and secure, knowing the truth of what it feels. It’s time we stop using inner voice as a distant concept, and start listening to it.

  • Who: Neha Nambiar
  • What: “LIFE”
  • Tangy: Life has much more to it than the definition printed on a dictionary page. Its metaphor goes beyond the years one lives on the blue planet, tied up with daily struggles and its routine nuances. The course of life is ever changing with the living ‘us’ craving for it with every breath. It is everyone’s right, as well as duty to live life fully and be true to ourselves.

  • Who: Gayatri Iyer
  • What: “Hey! Here’s some motivation”
  • Tangy: Dark clouds of worthlessness and despair can hover over anyone of us in our lives. Failure, betrayal or heartbreak can send us into miserable places, leaving us trapped within ourselves. Those times might seem endless, so here is some motivation, sending light all the way from Gayatri to all those who need help. Use this motivation as a spring board to realize your life’s dream.

  • Who: Nilesh Trivedi
  • What: “Kafkaesque”
  • Tangy: The world is in automation mode, where emotions get tangled in the complex electronic circuits of technology. Mankind has become corrupt in its quest for power and dreams are populated only with ambition and reaching the top. Careers dissolve creativity and passion, demanding nothing but fully charged robots to make profits for the lucky few. Such modernization of economy and commerce leaves a question mark- Is this what we wanted when we talked about progress?

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