Perky Tweets – July 18, 2016

Twitter stopped being a social networking site long ago, transforming into a news and opinion website due to its immediacy and use of hashtags. It is the first pit stop for anyone looking for updates on current affairs, and more importantly, the Twitterati’s take on what’s happening in the world. We at #PerkyTweets have our ears to the ground too, as we look out for tweets that might have slipped from your attention. So here it is, this Monday’s fresh catch of the best tweets from India.

Perky-Tweets-18-7-16 Pokemon Go Twitter

Did you like this week’s edition of #PerkyTweets? If you want to do your bit to perk up people’s lives, send your tweet here with #PerkyTweets or submit it here so other people can see your brilliance on Twitter! We gotta catch ’em all, too!  🙂

Here’s a quick recap of India’s wittiest and funniest Tweets!

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