Tangy Tuesday Picks – March 08, 2016

Tangy Tuesdays

Happy International Women’s Day! We have some great contests that will make you pause, think, reminisce and rush to your laptop. Blog for #MemoriesForLife#ShareTheLoad and #SadaSexy contests. Share your story and take home exciting vouchers worth thousands. 

Read these handpicked blog posts to make your Tuesday zip by faster!

  • WhoAmit Sharma
  • What“The art of keeping your wife happy”
  • Tangy: All the men out there will testify that women are complicated to understand. The reality however, is that women are simple beings who find their happiness in small things around them. All you need to do is shower her with loads of love, be realistic, and know that she is a different person. Amit will decode some secrets to keeping your wife happy.

  • WhoJyotsna Bhatia
  • What“Oh, you have a Government Job??? Aish hai ..”
  • Tangy: There is a perception that people who work for government agencies are the most blessed souls in India at least. They have a lot of holidays, they hardly work and they are handsomely paid – these are the stereotypes that we associate with them. Jyotsna shares with us the reality which is on the other side. 

  • Who: Anshul Mathur
  • What“तुम क्यों जलाओगे मशाल मेरे लिए”
  • Tangy: A society that fails to respect women fails to respect itself. Heinous crimes against women are threatening the fabric of society. While people are asking for laws and stricter policing, all of us have to bring about the change for the better. Anshul writes to wake you up.

  • WhoDivya Iyer
  • What: ” Complicated heart”
  • Tangy: In the everyday rush of life, if you ask yourself ‘Why am I doing all this?’, the answer for most of us is good food, a big house and all the trappings of success. Abraham Maslow tried to simplify this with ‘The Hierarchy Of Needs’ but human desires can’t be bound by definitions or limitations. Divya explores.

  • WhoDeboshree Bhattacharjee
  • Tangy: We see different types of people in theatres. The romantic ones, the serious movie fans, the people who will see humour even in a thrilling story and so on. Then there are some who forget there is a story taking place on screen, and find talking with their companion more interesting. Deboshree tell us 6 reasons why that cannot stop.

  • WhoShailaja V
  • What“9 Ways To Improve reader Engagement On Your Blog”
  • Tangy You write, you love writing and so you blog. But you will not be happy if your content is not being read by a relevant audience. So how do you write to increase your readership and engage your readers? Shailaja gives all the bloggers some important lessons to make your blog a meeting point for readers. 

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