Spicy Saturday Picks – December 26, 2015

Spicy Saturday The last weekend of 2015 is here. By the time we meet next, the calendar will read 2016 and we’ll all be fulfilling (or breaking) our new year resolutions. So bid goodbye to 2015 in style  and tell us how was 2015 for you in #TalesOf2015 and win cool BlogAdda goodies! Get to know a record holder and #WIN15 ‘Best Food & Drinks Blog’ winner Priya Shiva through her interview. If you missed #WIN15 then here are the videos of our renowned speakers Ajay Jain, Anaggh Desai and Aditya Magal and Sruthijith KK.

Here are the weeekend blogs curated for you as we cross the last weekend of 2015.

        • WhoAyush
        • What: “India is Cinema, Cinema is India”
        • Spicy: As the title goes, there is a very thin line dividing reel life and real life in India. Reality in our country can be much more dramatic, shocking and entertaining than what happens on the silver screen. So what happens when a concerned citizen looks for a solution amidst the drama? Well, he gets a cocktail of everything -Politics, stories, actors and films- in his dreams. Read this masaledaar blockbuster post to know more.

        • WhoVinayak Sharma
        • Spicy: You might have seen your Facebook timeline flooded with people supporting Free Basics and exhorting you to do the same. Most people think they are doing their bit for Internet equality by clicking on that link and sharing it on their wall. A lot of people also smell a rat in this initiative, and are now trying to beat Facebook at its own game. So which side are you on?

        • Who: John Mathew
        • What“Rajesh Khanna – the Dark Star. “Chingari Koyi Bhadke…”
        • Spicy: Yesteryears actor Rajesh Khanna was nothing short of a legend. The term ‘Superstar’ was coined for him and many of us who grew up with him wanted to be like him. People who belong to his era would relate to him as the ideal hero – relatable, great at acting, charming and with a twinkle in his eye. Here is what an ardent fan has to say about his beloved Kaka.

        • Who: Uday Patel
        • What“Tiger Family on Wildlife Safari”
        • Spicy: Travelers who have been lucky enough to witness a tiger in the wild will agree that it is one of the most memorable experiences one can have. People brave the elements of the wild just to catch a glimpse of this majestic creature, and almost always come back with an amazing story to tell.

        • Who: Rachit Sharma
        • What: “Blog Engagement: 7 killer ways to increase it”
        • Spicy: If you have been blogging for a while now but if you feel no one seems to pay a heed to your efforts, writings and stories, then it is time to check the engagement factor of your blog. A blog gains more popularity easily when people can relate to what you write in their everyday lives and have something to take away with them everytime they exit your blog. Rachit tells us 7 killer ways to improve blog engagement.

        • Who: Nikhil Chandra
        • What“20 Tips To Make the Most of Where You Travel”
        • Spicy: ‘We travel not to escape life but for life to not escape us’ – said an anonymous traveler. This indeed is the truth. But the thought of a new place, culture and people might make us wonder as to how would our escape turn out to be. Take down these 20 tips from Nikhil to make the best of your getaways.

        • Who: K Balakumar
        • What“Year of Expert Goofing-II”
        • Spicy: While you have been counting your dreamy moments that sum up the year 2015 for you, someone just had another take on it.  More than anything else, it would be apt to call this year a year of goof ups. From promises that were sky high to realities that got checked by people who you didn’t even know at the beginning of the year. K Balakumar takes on the year month by month.

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