Tangy Tuesday Picks – May 12, 2015

Tangy TuesdaysWe at BlogAdda are still in a ‘Mommy Cloud’ after Mother’s Day, because every day is Mother’s Day in our view. The activities at BlogAdda are also ensuring that it’s a Mother’s week in the Indian blogosphere. Participate in the Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Massage Oil #StressFreeMom activity, tell us why your mom needs to be destressed and win exciting prizes! Speaking of prizes, the Bio Oil #MemoriesOfMotherhood activity can also make you win if you share your best mommyhood memories with us! And this week’s Tangy Tuesday Picks also takes on a motherly hue with some great weekly blogs.

  • Who: Visha
  • What: “To papa, for mom.”
  • Tangy: A happy family picture on Mother’s Day would be a mother being pampered by her husband as well as her kids for being the backbone of the family. But if the household is a single parent household unfortunately, then the responsibility, strength and love from the mother’s side increases two fold. Read this blog post about one such strong mother.

  • Who: IndiaFacts
  • What: “Tips for the Salman Khan-obsessed media”
  • Tangy: Salman Khan is undoubtedly a mega star, but all the coverage about his court hearings has angered many people. The view is that his case is neither rare, nor does it deserve the kind of importance that it’s been given, especially when there are more landmark judgements taking place.

  • Who: Sayantan Chatterjee
  • What: “Anti-feminist”
  • Tangy: With the rise of feminism, men are facing a bit of conundrum. Should they be chivalrous and extend more courtesies or treat women like they would treat another man? Feminism is great news for women, but take it too far, and there’s the risk of alienating men.

  • Who: Balaka Basu
  • What: “Happy Mother’s Day Dad”
  • Tangy: Motherhood is not just one feeling, but a whole spectrum of emotions that can be experienced by anyone who takes on a nurturing role or puts someone else ahead of them. A parent can become a child and vice versa, which just goes to show that the scope of motherhood is truly limitless.

  • Who: Sreesha Divakaran
  • What: “A Mother’s Letter”
  • Tangy: Being a first time mother is a great feeling, but motherhood also causes a lot of insecurity in women about whether they are doing a good job with the baby or not. Ironically, the child that they are worried about causing hurt to turns out to be their best ally in this journey.

  • Who: Ramya Abhinand
  • What: “Facebook pages created to attract pedophiles shut down”
  • Tangy: The Internet is a wonderful place for getting new information and expressing yourself, but it can also be a scary place, especially when kids are involved. This fact was reiterated when Facebook recently shut down 2 pages which were patronized by paedophiles in India. What makes this even scarier is that it had pictures taken from children’s pictures shared by other Facebook users, so be careful next time you want to update that cute antic of your tiny tot on social media.

  • Who: Jaibala Rao
  • What: “Dear Ma”
  • Tangy: All mothers worry. No matter how old you get or how much you ask them not to, mothers worry about every little thing that concerns their kids. In this blog post, Jaibala writes a deeply personal letter to her mother, but every child is sure to identify with the emotions expressed in it.

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