#BoltDrives gives Delhi bloggers a taste of royalty!

After a super successful Mumbai edition, Β #BoltDrives descended on the unsuspecting roads of the capital New Delhi for the Delhi edition where 15 bloggers took the Bolt from Tata Motors for a spin. The destination? The breathtaking Neemrana Fort Palace in Rajasthan, which is a 2 hour drive away from the city.

#BoltDrives: Delhi Bloggers BlogAdda Contests

On Sunday, the bloggers arrived all charged up for the #BoltDrives. After a delightful round of introductions, the participants were taken through the features of the car and the agenda for the day.

The bloggers couldn’t wait to take charge of the steering wheel of the Bolt, and once the talking was done, it was time for some action after the flag off!

Stop 1: The first activity of the day where both the drivers and the passengers of the Bolt were equally involved, and had an equal amount of fun too!

After that, the temperature on the NH8 rose considerably. No, not because of the summer, but because there were 5 bright red Bolts zipping through the highway, driven by the pumped up bloggers from BlogAdda!

The ride was no less royal than the destination, as the drivers tested out the power of both the Revotron and the Diesel variants, while the rest of the passengers lounged regally in the comfortable rugby seats of the Bolt.

The excitement of vrooming in the Bolt, the wonderful company of fellow bloggers and the anticipation of visiting the iconic Neemrana Fort Palace got out the creative best from the bloggers, which was reflected in their awesome posts and pictures!

One right turn from the highway and the bloggers were transported to the 15th Century as they reached the majestic Neemrana Fort Palace. A short stop at the charming Jalgiri restaurant recharged the bloggers’ batteries and then off they went for a tour of the Neemrana Fort Palace. They clicked, they posed, they chatted and they absorbed the splendour of the palace and the unmatched view from the Hawa Mahal.

When the bloggers had their fill of photo ops, they headed back to Jalgiri for a taste of authentic Rajasthani culture along with a taste of the high tea.

Priyanka Sachar won the Photo Contest Of The Day with a stunning picture. Take a look at the winning photo below.

The epic #BoltDrives journey was almost at its end, but not before some fireworks to end the day. Remember the Get. Set. Bolt activity by Tata Motors and BlogAdda? The Grand Prize on offer was a brand new Bolt, and the winner announcement was made at the end of the #BoltDrives. Ragini Puri, the winner of a swanky new Bolt from Tata Motors, couldn’t believe it when her name was announced and the rest of the bloggers erupted in cheers!

BlogAdda.com’s congratulatory words are still sinking in – ‘First Blogger in the Indian Blogsphere to win a car in a…

Posted by Ragini Puri on Monday, May 11, 2015

Though I don’t have the exact expression of Ragini Puri when she heard her name at the #BoltDrives event by Bolt from…

Posted by Alok Vats on Sunday, May 10, 2015

A day full of excitement, power, comfort and royalty ended with the bloggers happily driving back to where they started, reliving memories of the whole day with their team members and promising to catch up soon. After a day as eventful as the #BoltDrives, we’re sure they have a lot to talk about!

Thank you Delhi bloggers for a memorable #BoltDrives! πŸ™‚

10 Replies to “#BoltDrives gives Delhi bloggers a taste of royalty!”

  1. It was a great day for BlogAdda too! Will remember all the wonderful moments with the bloggers for a long time! πŸ˜€

  2. Really awesome post. Thanks for sharing it.
    Please let me know about upcoming events, I would love to be a part of them.


  3. It was an incredible day for BlogAdda as well! Will recall all the magnificent minutes with the bloggers for quite a while!

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