When bloggers Bolted to Tiger Point! #BoltDrives

#BoltDrives, a bloggers’ drive with Bolt from Tata Motors and BlogAdda, turned out to be one of the most exciting Sundays for 23 bloggers from Mumbai as they Bolted to Lonavala in a brand new Bolt from Tata Motors. Looks like the whole nation participated in the thrill and excitement of the Drive, because #BoltDrives trended in India on Sunday! Woop woop!

#BoltDrives BlogAdda Contests

Sunday morning began with the promise of a fun drive with the Tata Bolt that would delight the adventure junkie in them.

The setup was that of a drive from Mumbai to Tiger Point in Lonavala, with fun activities on the way. The bloggers were introduced to their swanky companion of the day – the Bolt. Knowing the beast is the first step to taming it, right?  

Introductions done, it was time for some action! The bloggers headed to their Revotron and Diesel variants of Tata Bolt, sank into the rugby seating and revved up their engines and vroomed away at the Flag Off to start off the exciting day!

Soon, the drivers were ready to tackle Mumbai roads in the Bolt. They were joined by Captain Bolt on the Infotainment system, where he spoke to all the bloggers and took updates about the drive. This fun banter upped the spirits of the bloggers and soon they were zigzagging (safely of course) through Mumbai traffic and hitting the Mumbai-Pune Expressway.

This was the moment everyone was waiting for – a chance to test the Bolt’s capacity for speed on the Sports mode. The whole Expressway was a blur of red as the convoy of Bolts driven by enthusiastic bloggers notched up the kilometres on the tripmeter.

All the adrenaline of the #BoltDrives surely must have gotten the bloggers ravenous, so after a delicious lunch, they headed to the Tiger Point approach road.

It was the perfect setting for thrill seekers – hairpin bends, a steep slope and oncoming traffic gave the drivers a rush of exhilaration. All the drivers managed this lap with grace, thanking the Bolt for its superb control, corner stability and ABS. It was a sight to behold at Tiger Point, as all the tigers, we mean Bolts, lined up in an arc with the proud bloggers rushing to click selfies with their cars and the beautiful view, the sun shining brightly overhead not dampening their spirits. Tiger Point was a flurry of activity with selfies, groupfies, panoramas, videos and all kinds of moments being captured by the bloggers.

The bloggers took over the steering wheel once again for the return to Mumbai.

After a short closing ceremony, the bloggers were on their way back to Mumbai, with ‘Boltilicious’ memories of the day!

So that was a quick recap of the scintillating #BoltDrives on 19th April. We hope you had a great journey with Bolt from Tata Motors and BlogAdda!

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