Spicy Saturday Picks – April 18, 2015

Spicy SaturdayThis weekend, you can ensure that the unsung heroes of India get their due glory and honour by blogging for #WillOfSteel, and win vouchers worth Rs. 30,000 in the process! On the other hand, the wackiness continues with Phase 2 of #CrashThePepsiIPL, so rush to blog for it before time runs out! And when you’re done, you can step into this edition of Spicy Saturday Picks, which has the best blog posts of this week for your reading pleasure. 

        • Who: Sanjay Thampy
        • What: “Oh! My English”
        • Spicy: They say English is a funny language, and if you dig deeper into some of the words that this language has produced, you will find that this truism is indeed, true. And some words in English can lead to downright awkward situations, as this fun blog post explains. Read, laugh and use these words if you dare.

        • Who: Sidhartha Sankar Rout
        • What: “10 Most Significant Engineering Inventions of 19th Century”
        • Spicy: There are some things in life that we take for granted, like our keyboards and the fact that our rooms will be flooded with light at the flip of a switch. All these things that are now commonplace have their roots in the 19th century, when a flurry of inventions gave the world a different shape, the shape that we see right now.

        • Who: Tuki Betuki
        • What: “Talab”
        • Spicy: Poetry has a very different way of seeing and saying things, and it can make the most regular thing seem like a work of art. We chanced upon this wonderful poem in a blog post, and wanted to share it with you.

        • Who: Ruchira Shukla
        • What: “The Japanese and the Sound Princess”
        • Spicy: The Japanese are known for their work culture and traditions, and in the world of internet, for their unique snacks, ads and reality shows. This blogger discovers that this uniqueness extends even to ummm…very personal spaces, which makes for a memorable experience.

        • Who: Brunda Rajesh
        • What: “The Abyss”
        • Spicy: The anticipation of tiny feet pitter pattering can send any household into a happy tizzy. Such good news paves the way for celebration and the mother being pampered. While all this is going on, the mother forms a very close bond with her unborn child, waiting eagerly to bring it into the world. But what happens when this happiness comes with a deadly catch?

        • Who: Ritu Lalit
        • What: “The parent-child conundrum”
        • Spicy: ‘Ye bada hoke hamare budhaape ka sahara banega’ is an oft heard line in movies and real life, which just goes to show how much parents depend on their children to support them till their dying breath. On the other hand, when children grow up, they enter a world of their own, which may not have space for their parents.

        • Who: Kavya Kasula
        • What: “Date a girl who loves movies”
        • Spicy: Movies are a land where magic happens, and it is very easy to lose yourself in this magic. This blog post asks you to date a girl who likes movies, listing down all the reasons why the ‘happily ever after’ on the screen will spill over to your love life.

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