Tangy Tuesday Picks – April 21, 2015

Tangy TuesdaysThe time has come for your blog to get the recognition that it deserves. Nominate your blog for the WIN 2015 Awards by clicking here and reap the benefits of the seeds sown in your blog. Also, only last two days remain to participate in #WillOfSteel, so blog for it before it’s too late! The madness of Phase 2 of the #CrashThePepsiIPL also continues. Indulge your wacky side and blog to win a voucher worth Rs. 30,000! After all this action, here are the Tangy Tuesday Picks of this week.

  • Who: Ankush Bhattacharya
  • What: “Chimera”
  • Tangy: Hope is the best thing to motivate you, but giving hope to someone can be a tricky business. Those who fall the hardest, rise in the most brilliant way. Does this apply to everyone though?

  • Who: Gayathri Naga
  • What: “How I Got My First Job at 17”
  • Tangy: It is summer time and young college students must be busy making plans to enjoy themselves. But summers are also a time to lay the foundation stone for your career, and the internships that you pursue in this phase might give you the extra edge when you enter the competitive world of recruitment. Let this blog post inspire you.

  • Who: Priya Kanwar
  • What: “Pet Owners – Pick Up The Dog Poop”
  • Tangy: When Indians visit foreign countries, they rave about how clean it is and how people clean up after their pets do ummm…their business. The same people have to navigate through loads of pet poop in parks and on sidewalks in India. The reason being that no pet owner wants to dispose off their pet’s waste. This blog post is an angry retort for such irresponsible ‘pet lovers’.

  • Who: Aseem Trivedi
  • What: “10 Cartoons on Net Neutrality”
  • Tangy: Net neutrality has become the new buzzword for the Indian netizen, and many people are up in arms against the attack on the freedom that the Internet currently enjoys. While there are many blog posts and articles about the topic, cartoonist Aseem Trivedi uses his comics to express what he feels about the topic. Worth a dekko.

  • Who: Rajat Chakraborty
  • What: “What I learnt from an Unknown Pan Shop Owner”
  • Tangy: The fact that travelling opens your eyes to new people, perspectives and possibilities cannot be stressed enough. This blogger discovers a person in an unlikely place, with an even unlikelier story, and comes out of this experience with a new understanding of life.

  • Who: Dhara Shah
  • What: “Open letter to my teenage daughter”
  • Tangy: For a mother, a daughter reaching her teenage years is a joyful event, because they can finally go from being mother-daughter to being friends. But with the safety situation in India going from bad to worse, it is also a very tense time for a mother. One such mother writes a letter to her daughter.

  • Who: Dr Raksha Bhat
  • What: “The Strange Case of ‘Open Letters'”
  • Tangy: Before the era of Internet, concerned citizens wrote ‘Letters to the Editor’ in an attempt to highlight an issue close to their heart in the newspaper. Now with the Internet taking over the mantle of expression, it is easy for anyone to write an open letter to a person in the news. While a well written open letter is a cause for much introspection and amusement, too much of a good thing can lead to saturation.

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