Tangy Tuesday Picks – January 27, 2015

Tangy TuesdaysTrust that you are well rested after the long weekend with both relaxation and patriotism in equal measure. You have only the end of January to blog about the Get. Set. Bolt. activity and win a Bolt from Tata Motors, so get going! Also share your success story against one dimensional labels by blogging for #UseYourAnd. This week’s Tangy Tuesday Picks feature some travel tips, a photo diary and other read worthy blogs — don’t miss them!

  • Who: Anunoy Samanta
  • What: “Puri Beachscape – Camels in Exile”
  • Tangy: A lot of popular beaches in India have camel rides as an added attraction for the multitude of tourists that visit the place. While most tourists look at the animal as another source of amusement, this blogger sees them in a different light.

  • Who: Ruchi Ballal
  • What: “7 Things I’ve Learnt In The First 2 Months Of Running A Start-up”
  • Tangy: Quitting the rat race and starting your own business, being your own boss might seem like a brave thing to do, but many a times, new entrepreneurs romanticize the whole deal and not focus on the bare basics. Here are some pointers from someone who has tested the start up waters, so anyone looking to head out on their own, listen up.

  • Who: Ajay Kontham
  • What: “A Labyrinth called Life!”
  • Tangy: To say that life is not easy would be a massive understatement. Though it has its moments of happiness, there are times when we feel like letting go is the only solution to end the pain. Read this blog post and tell us what you make of it.

  • Who: Satish Acharya
  • What: “The Laxman, I never met!”
  • Tangy: RK Laxman was not just a legendary cartoonist, he was the conscience of more than two generations of Indians. His passing away has left a void in journalism never to be filled again, and no one knows this more than cartoonists who thought of him as a beacon of inspiration.

  • Who: Mayuri R
  • What: “My Super Six for Leh”
  • Tangy: Ladakh is on the wish list of every traveler worth his or her salt. People who have been to Ladakh can’t stop raving about the beauty of the place and offer various suggestions about how to visit the place. This blogger has condensed some of the best tips to travel to the magical land, so do take a look if you want to tick ‘Visit Ladakh’ off your bucket list.

  • Who: Shwetabh Mathur
  • What: “Heroes: Kargill – The Summer of 99”
  • Tangy: India celebrated Republic Day yesterday with much fanfare and dazzled the world with its show of strength. On the occasion of Republic Day, here is a tribute to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives to protect the sovereignty of our country in the Kargil War.

  • Who: Sandhya Menon
  • What: “A friend indeed.”
  • Tangy: Social media is seen as a distraction, an escape from the real world where we post rosy updates about our life. For some people though, it is a very real way of meeting and interacting with true friends with similar interests. And why not, when the virtual world is just a reflection of our real selves?

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