BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Mar. 5, ‘11

Spicy SaturdayWhat are your plans for weekend? Is it watching a movie or going for a looong drive? For all those who want to do something different this weekend and want to try their hand in writing. We have three awesome reasons for you to write this weekend. The first is a chance to get featured on the Britannica blog. The Second is a chance to get published on Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul and thirdly a chance to make a difference to the society and win. So what are we waiting for? Let us get our writing brains rolling. To get inspired, here are some wonderful posts from the Indian blogosphere. 

  • Who : Bryan D’Souza
    What : Lamaze. No, Not a Place in France
    Spicy : We have always heard about what a mother-to-be feels when she is carrying her baby in her womb. Now read this story of how a father-to-be feels. Mixed feelings ahead! Thank you Thresi Jose for the tip

  • Who Shinymist
    What : Why Social Networking ?
    Spicy : After reading this post you know why people hook around on the social networking sites. Shinymist’s take on ‘Why Social Networking?’ Read on!

  • Who : Lilangel
    What : Oh What a Wonderful World….is it?
    Spicy : There are things beyond the lust of power, politics and money. So truly said by Lilangel in this post. Do we want future kids of our nation to fear like the one in this post? Must read!

  • Who : Cloudnine
    What : Open the door- let the Swamis in…
    Spicy : Cloud Nine talks about the fake God-men a.k.a. Swami’s of our country. The belief that many carry for some fake God-men is tremendous in our country. What’s your take about them? Read ahead!

  • Who : Amit Gupta
    What : Rang De Basanti – Did the nation wake up?
    Spicy : Rang De Basanti has been a legendary movie. A movie which could make us think, act, provoke and moreover change our attitudes towards our country. But do we still have that feeling in us right now? Did the nation actually wake up? Answer Amit’s questions on his blog!

  • Who : Manreet Sodhi Someshwar
    What : How Does a Godless Communist Become an Islamist Role Model? The extraordinary journey of Che Guevara
    Spicy : How many of you know about Che Guevara? He was an iconic leader and this post talks about his achievements and how he was looked upto by many Egyptians on Tahrir Square. Have a read!

  • Who : Prasad
    What : Budget Wishlist
    Spicy : How many of you have wish lists? We bet you don’t have one like Prasad! He prepares a budget wish list which we hope our Finance Minister reads. This post has few typos but since the thought behind it is good enough, this post it featured! A mark for encouragement.

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