Perky Tweets – Mar 7, ’11

BlogAdda's perky TweetsOnce upon a time in la la land suno suno hum the Tees Maar Scam! DMK!
Abhi abhi mili khabar ke anusaar
Tees maar Scam phir se ek baar Parliament main Discuss ho chuka hai
Iss baar DMK wale bhi Scam main hain.
This will be the song which the DMK would love to listen. 😛 For more such laughs, read the #perkytweets for today.

Dear sanjay Manjrekar, HOW in the name of sweet baby jesus is Kenya vs Canada a “Big match” ?

Pathan & Thakaan (ed: Yuvraj) in the middle.

Dear Dhoni, I know pitch is not good for playing helicopter shot. But please play at least an auto rickshaw shot.”

Indian cricketers work hard even on weekends, they don’t believe in easy wins. #wc11

nooo…..Gambhir just when i decided i will marry disappointed me with that shot!!..kya yaar….

The southern most African chick must be kenyakumari

*light bulb moment* Did Kevin Pietersen get that hernia doing all that stuff with watermelons for the Pepsi ad?

#WC11 Forget Bangladeshi fans. Think of Sidhu’s poor wife. He’ll be home early today..

SA beat Windies. WI beat Bangla. Bangla beat Ireland. Ireland beat Eng. Engl may beat SA. India beat … around the bush

My Tata Sky Plus is not working. I’m trying to forward the Ireland batting, but nothing’s happening.

It’s official: If you fail in marriage, blame Facebook. If you fail in politics, blame Twitter

If you watch 127 Hours backwards it’s an uplifting story about a disabled man finding an arm in the desert

127 Hours. By Ekta Kapoor. James Franco stuck for 127 months, only to return on his wife’s wedding with his friend

THIS. IS. BORIVALI. *Kicks 3 people out of the train*

Editors at TOI are googling about England and Ireland history to find a headline for the sports page.

The time I did spend on twitter? Check with my wife. She keeps a dairy!

“Kangana says no to bikini.” And even the bikini laughed at her accent.

too much#cricket talk on #TL; Just read Shiv Ratri as Ravi Shastri.

“When someone farts, all look at the fattest guy in the room!” Thats brand positioning. 😛

I have a feeling this phrase ‘spanking new’ was coined by Hugh hefner

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