BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Mar. 8, ’11

Tangy Tuesday PicksEveryday, she is the first one to see the Sun in the house. She prays for everyone’s well being and off starts her day. In times of difficulty, she transforms into a pillar of strength. One hug from her has the power to solve all your problems. God considers her special and we consider her too. We at BlogAdda salute and wish all the Women a very Happy Women’s day. On that note, all our posts today are about Women. πŸ™‚

  • Who :Β Nandita Iyer
    What : The runner’s wife
    Tangy : Nandita’s dear hubby has run away! πŸ˜› Don’t get us wrong; he is off to run for Atacama Crossing, a strenuous 2 week long run. A sheer perseverance is what we see not just in Sumanth but Nandita also! A post where she writes down her thoughts, the long wait and about her support. Hope this cheers you up Nandita! πŸ™‚

  • Who : Keerthi
    What : Happy Women’s Day!
    Tangy : Keerthi thanks some women of her life in a very nice way in this post!. She tells us about the women who have helped her in various stages of life and helped her grow! A very nice post. Have a read!

  • Who : shilpadesh
    What : Beating a wife
    Tangy : Too many questions raised by Shilpa in this post. Domestic Violence is very prominent in India. There are many facilities, whose help one can take to stop it and prevent it from happening in front of their eyes. But what can be done to the ones who want to shut their eyes while a woman’s dignity and respect is beaten up?

  • Who : Suranga Date
    What : Celebrating Kashibai
    Tangy : While we celebrate women’s day and remember the women who have left a mark in their respective industry; Suranga shares her story of Kashibai, a house maid. Like every other educated women, she also works, earns and takes care of household work. Not just yours & others, but her own too. This post is to all such Kashibai’s of India!

  • Who : Abha Midha
    What : Enigmatic Women : 50th Post!
    Tangy : Abha compiles a list of 10 most remarkable women from world. She salutes the spirit of women through this post! They truly represent the woman who is independent, strong and at the same time are kind enough to be a humanitarian at heart! Here is to all women: do you see yourself on that list in future?

  • Who : Divenita
    What : Women’s Day
    Tangy : The feminine & fragile women, which everyone likes to see, are also strong and fierce when it comes to certain things. As a daughter, sister, wife and mother, she undergoes many things. The one who goes through a path of troubles and yet grows out of it, still smiling and spreading happiness is what is defines a woman! This message is seen in Divenita’s poem.

  • Who : Rachna Parmar
    What : Leave the women alone!
    Tangy : When will we walk the streets in this country, even at night, dressed the way we like, with no fear of getting molested or raped? Can you answer this question asked by Rachna? Jump over to her post.

  • Who : Trupti
    What : In which Trupz wishes A Happy Women’s Day
    Tangy : Trupti, this poem is truly an inspiration and a very well composed one. Bloggers, this poem is a recommended read by us! We don’t need a calendar date to celebrate Womanhood, well said Trupti!

  • Who : Iya Malhotra
    What : Of Daughters and Sons
    Tangy : son is always preferred over a girl in India; with a mindset that a son will take care of the parents in their old age. But do all sons do that. What happens when they don’t do so? The girl child is the one who takes care of her parents. It is famously said, a son is a son till he has a wife; a daughter is a daughter all her life. Though it does not imply to all sons. But the point is, why do many people still crave for a male child?

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