BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Oct. 30, ’10

Spicy SaturdayDiwali week is around the corner. Time to shop and decorate your house and also multiple reasons to blog. This weekend you can make a difference to someone and let the world know good wins over bad eventually. Also hope you read the ‘Thesis on Twitter‘ and tips on how to decorate your home this diwali. All this and much more alongwith the best posts for you to read this weekend. Read on.

  • Who : revsjoiedevivre
    What : How I met your father
    Spicy : Do you know how your mother met your father? Well you need to go and ask her if not. But before that you need to read this post so that you are well prepared for the questions that you are gonna ask! Read this humorous post!

  • Who : Pythoroshan
    What : A few good men
    Spicy : This blogger has shown respect towards the great V.V.S. Laxman, the cricketer who has always made us proud. This blogger talks about V.V.S. Laxman’s achievements and expresses his love and respect towards him

  • Who : Kalpana Mishra
    What : Breast Cancer Awareness
    Spicy : Kalpana Misra is another blogger at our Adda who has joined hands with us in spreading breast cancer awareness. Her post is a light read on breast cancer and she shares with us one of her experience of Mammograms done on her! A post which will aware you at the same time making you smile. Must read!

  • Who : SPJIMR
    What : The Roller-coaster Ride of an Entrepreneur
    Spicy : This blog has enlisted 10 challenges which a wannabe entrepreneur can face. So for all those who are heading towards that direction, it’s a compulsory read for you!

  • Who : Vijayendra Mohanty
    What : On being shameless
    Spicy : Have you thought of the difference between shame, shameful, ashamed or shameless? Don’t roll your eyes on reading so much of shame! Read on this post to know the concepts of shame!

  • Who : Suchitra Ravi
    What : Raavan
    Spicy : A Beautiful narration written on the unsaid part of the Raavan story by this blogger. She has also educated us with some amazing facts about Raavan (good one’s for a change). Read on!

  • Who : Monika Manchanda
    What : Education – a right or a privilege?
    Spicy : In today’s day and age, do we still think that education should be taken by only those who put it to work? This was the debate Monika Manchanda had with another blogger. Do women who wish to be a homemaker, don’t have the right to gain education? Do we still want uneducated mother’s raising up their children, when we all know that she’s the first teacher to her child! This blog post is a recommended read! Read on for some eye opening statements!

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