NASSCOM Product Conclave 2010

It is the month of November which means it is the month where the startup ecosystem gets alive and one of the premier events for startups happen. NASSCOM Product Conclave this year in Bangalore will focus on ways of managing and scaling a product company in an extremely complex environment. Emerging areas like Cloud Computing and new business models will bring practitioners views from a technology, business and implementation perspective into the event. What else is on store? Read on…

What will the key reasons for you to attend this event? Here are some of the sessions which will give you enough reasons to attend this.

  • Weapons to fight with 800 pound Gorillas: Open Source and Cloud
  • Special Session(I): 5 Things a seed/angel investor is looking for in a venture
  • Make more Money in SaaS, think beyond Subscription fees! (Workshop)
  • Ride the New Mobile Solutions Wave Triggered by UID
  • Building products for a Billion Indians

The main topics of discussion will be Product Design and Ideation, Customer Development Process, Solution/Market Fit, Operations, Deliveries, Marketing and insights on how to successfully build a software product business. It’s a one point stop for connecting with the Indian Software Product Ecosystem. The networking opportunities are huge over here and hence has gained popularity over the last couple of years.

This event had drawn more than 1,000 delegates from 600 companies across India and abroad, last year. This year it will concentrate on building software product businesses out of India as well.

NASSCOM Product Expo 2010 is an excellent platform for the newbie or the established companies to showcase their products and offerings, which in turn is a brilliant networking way. 700+ decision-makers of the software ecosystem are expected to be there. Though, Expo is not open to the general public.

Some of the key speakers of the event are Abhishek Sinha, CEO Eko India Financial Services, Pallav Nadhani, Naeem Zafar, Rashmi Bansal, Vishal Gondal, and many more like them.

More information on key speakers.

Emerge Product showcase: This is part of the event where a software product company can tell their Product Story to the CIOs at the NASSCOM Product Conclave 2010! All one needs to do is pen their customer business transformation story within the guidelines given and submit it for review by a CIO jury put together by the CIO Association of India and NASSCOM, before 20th October, 2010. If the story is shortlisted by the CIO’s then there are a bunch of benefits for the company. They can then tell their story in front of the invited CIOs and audience of the CIO session & can have free access to the conference. They also get an opprtunity to give a demo of their product in front of CXOs at the event on the Live DEMO event along with getting visibility on NASSCOM’s web site, which will showcase and promote these companies. Mentoring will also be offered by industry leaders or someone nominated from the larger players who can spend time with the finalists.

NASSCOM EMERGE CoCreator Platform:
This is a new initiative at the NASSCOM Product Conclave 2010. The main purpose of this is to bring together large enterprises/SI’s with smaller companies/start up’s. This will discuss opprtunity themes of mutual interest. This is open to:

  • Users (Large Customers/ MNC’s)
  • Channels (System Integrators)
  • Technology Vendors ( IT Product Companies and start ups)
  • VCs & Angel Investors.

Do Attend and Register. Take part and get to learn from the top names in the Indian Startup Industry.

More information on participation, benefits to Technology Start Ups, Large Enterprises/Channels/User Community & the initial roadmap.

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