BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – May.25, ’10

Tangy Tuesday PicksThe Political parties are showing their true colours in Jharkand. Foes are becoming friends and regional parties are becoming heroes. Our PM’s press conference was interesting but did it instill confidence in the common man? Let us know. For the time being take a break from Indian Politics and get ready to read the weekly picks from the Indian Blogosphere.

  • Who : Sujatha
    What : Junk to Objet D’art in minutes…
    Tangy : We all use Kitchen towel in the house. What happens once we overuse them? Sujatha has this wonderful post where she shares with us some DIY on how we can use the kitchen towel to create a vase, funnel and much more. Read on to find out.

  • Who : Mehak
    What : Starstruck!
    Tangy : What happens when a girl gets starstruck over a star? Read Mehak’s post to find out. Many girls go through this and we are sure many of you will relate to it. Be it the Dharmendra’s, Amitabh’s and the Shahrukh’s. πŸ™‚

  • Who : Momofrs
    What : Motherhood and Social Etiquettes
    Tangy : Every mother while raising their child want to give their best to their child. What are the social etiquette’s to be followed? Read this post and find out.

  • Who : Karthik
    What : A Wild(e) Experience – Complete Story
    Tangy : This post by Karthik will take us to college days. Relive the moments described in this post which many of us have experienced in the college days. A post you will enjoy reading for sure.

  • Who : Sally Varma
    What : The Malayali Factor
    Tangy : Sally in this post for Joseph Thomas’s blog has raised a very important issue, Regionalism, and media is spreading it according to Sally. He has some examples as well. What are your views? Let him know.

  • Who : Smita Jain
    What : What women want – I
    Tangy : The perfect answer to this question has not been found as yet. Smita tries to make the job easier for men by listing ‘What Women want’ in two part. (See the list is never ending πŸ˜€ ).

  • Who : Vivek Patwardhan
    What : Passport to Progress
    Tangy : LOL. on Saturday it was an experience of a blogger in an RTO office and today it in the passport office. Vivek and his friend Lulu have a very interesting conversation which has some interesting takeaways. A must read.

The ‘Whacky‘ contest is receiving some awesome entries. Have you submitted yours? The contest ends today at 11.59 pm. If you are fond of design and interiors, then you cannot afford to miss the interview with Kanika Bahl.

Send in your suggestions for our Tangy Tuesday & Spicy Saturday picks on Twitter @blogadda or using our contact form. If selected, you’ll be credited for it and the readers will get a chance to read something worthy. πŸ™‚

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