BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – May. 2, ’09

Spicy Saturday

Kamisaraki? (Hello in Bolivian). Mumbai’s Voter turnout was less than last year 🙁 . The Third phase of elections got over peacefully with exception to stray incidents here and there. Many people are making use of the fourth long weekend in a row 🙂 . For all those who wanna make their weekend worthwhile by reading some interesting posts from the Indian Blogosphere. We have it for you..

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Interview with Anouradha Bakshi of Project Why

“Problems bring us close and solutions are found together. Moment of sorrow are shared as well as times of joy. And each day our little planet grows”.  We have Anouradha Bakshi of Project Why interviewed for you. Project Why is non-profit organisation engaged in education support and life skill enhancement of slum children and their families. To know more about the heart and soul of Project Why, Read on.

Anouradha Bakshi

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Interview with Brajeshwar Oinam of oCricket

Brajeshwar Oinam is a Blogger, Entrepreneur, Ace Digerati and an ardent believer of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). He has recently founded oCricket which is a socio-networked site; refreshed, renewed, reengineered and re-everythinged Cricket. Brajeshwar is also the first Indian to become an Adobe Community Expert. To know more about this multi talented blogger, read on…..

Brajeshwar Oinam

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