BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Dec. 15, ’09

Tangy Tuesday PicksKi haal se (How are you in Haryanvi?). The Prince of Najafgarh is demolishing the Sri Lankan attack single handedly. It reminds us of the Sehwag Chalisa which was picked up as one of our picks last week. One of the commentators commented that Dhoni and Sehwag drink asli doodh and that is the reason for the success. What do our bloggers drink to regularly dish out such awesome posts :P? Lets find out. Here are this week’s Tangy Tuesday Picks.

  • Who : Gauri
    What : We are Indian, and so is our English!
    Tangy: LOL! This humorous post by Gauri will surely make you ROFL. She has her take on the Indian way of speaking English. A post which will be loved by all.

  • Who : Richa Singhal
    What : Wats the Raaz of your Pichhla Janam?
    Tangy : The new show on NDTV Imagine ‘Raaz Pichle Janam Ka‘ is gaining a lot of eyeballs this season. Richa has a very very interesting take on that and questions the theory of rebirth too. What do you think? Do shout out your views to her.

  • Who : Vivek Singh
    What : The Big Red Bicycle.
    Tangy : Vivek Singh who has been making regular appearances in our #perkytweets is here with a wonderful short story. This short story by Vivek is a must read and especially for those who are closer to their grandparents.

  • Who : Tony Sebastian
    What : CAT 09 Tales
    Tangy : Tony Sebastian known for his sense of humour has made it to our list with his take on CAT 09. He has chronicled the CAT 09 story and in his unique style shares with us the reasons for CAT 09 going online. A post which you all will surely enjoy reading.

  • Who : Nupur
    : MANAGEMENT Re-defined
    Tangy : ‘Ever wondered what does ‘management’ really mean?  Maybe some of you will tell me the famous answers stated till date for the M word’ says Nupur. Nupur has a very witty take on what is ‘MANAGEMENT’ to her. Do let her know what you feel.

  • Who : Sorcerer
    What : Conversations
    Tangy : Sorcerer has this post about conversations. The conversations posted in the post are a worthy read and will make you smile with its twisted humour.

  • Who : Archana
    What : Cruising through the gentle backwaters…
    Tangy : Kerala is known for its backwaters and tourists throng the houseboats every year to experience a holiday of their lifetime. Archana experienced one herself and has captured the Backwaters in its full glory in this must see post.

  • Who : Anamika
    What : I watch the movies all by myself.
    Tangy : Ok. This post is about downloading torrents and watching a movie comfortably at home. What happens when Anamika goes to a theatre to watch a movie. How was her experience? Did she enjoy? All this is answered in this post by Anamika. A post that gives a reason on why people watch movies at home.

  • Who : Mustaf
    What : Unity in Diversity: a Reality or a Myth
    Tangy : The ire of Telanagana is still raging. We have one more awesome post by Mustaf on what he feels about the #Telangana issue. Do read the post and say what you feel on the whole Telangana issue.

  • Who : Vinod Mishra
    What : और कितने राज्य पहले एक देश तो बनालो (Hindi Post)
    Tangy : We have a post in Hindi as one of our weekly picks after a long time. This post by Vinod Mishra deserves to be picked because it conveys a much needed message in a very simple form. Do read and comment on Vinod’s blog your views.

Do not miss the Spicy Saturday Picks, and the Perky Tweets. We are sure many of you would have missed reading some amazing interviews. For the benefit of our readers we have compiled the first part of the Popular 21 blogger Interviews. Also do write to us if you wish to see something different and we will act on your feedback. You can contact us using our Contact form or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

4 Replies to “BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Dec. 15, ’09”

  1. Nice picks this week!
    Gauri’s post was awesome and I need not mention about Anamika, congrats both of you, and all of the others too!

    Will sure go throught them 🙂

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