BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Dec. 12, ’09

Spicy SaturdayNamaskaaramandi? (How are you in Telugu). The biggest news this week is surely the creation of Telangana. One man fasts and we are forced to adhere to his demands and start the proceedings for creation of a separate state. What will be the advantages and disadvantages, let’s discuss. You could post your thoughts in the comments section. For now, the Indian Blogging Community is here with their best blog posts to make a happy weekend read for all our readers.

  • Who : Jai Arjun Singh
    What : Private luxury: doing your own thing
    Spicy : What is luxury? Jai’s awesome post is about the word “luxury” and what it means to different people in an intimate, personal sense.

  • Who : The Survivor
    What : Marriage Talk
    Spicy : The Survivor has this thought provoking post on Marriage from a guy’s point of view. It is more on the pros and cons of arranged marriage. This post deserves more responses from the community and do let him know your views. Thank you Indianhomemaker for regularly tipping us such wonderful posts.

  • Who : Zeenat Syal
    What : The Decision To Be You
    Spicy : What do you want to be when you grow up? This question is on everyone’s mind and we have some very confident answers in our childhood. Where does the confidence disappear once we grow up? Zeenat ponders in this wonderful post which makes it a must read.

  • Who : Devika Jyothi
    What : Let Me Make It Clear — (from an old journal)
    Spicy : This is a wonderfully written poem by Devika where she conveys what kind of life she wants to live. Wonderful use of words which makes an instant impact.

  • Who : Nita
    What : Infidelity in the West and in India
    Spicy : The personal life of Tiger Woods was ripped apart this week accusing him of Infidelity and labeled as a ‘Womanizer’. Nita in this must read post wonders how different is the effect of Infidelity in the west and in India. She has also posted a few examples to support it.

  • Who : Swaram
    What : United we stand, divided we fall ???
    Spicy : We have been taught this right from our childhood – “United we stand, divided we fall!’. The issue of Telangana has reminded all of us about the importance of the saying. Swaram has her take on the issue in this post. 

  • Who : Pallav
    What : Midnight Story – Midnight Tale About 3 Girls
    Spicy : A short story with a very different ending is all we want to say about this post. The characters feel real and grabs your attention. The end of the short story is the icing on the cake. Pallav, Humko aur mangta hain. 🙂

  • Who : Vasudha Dilip
    What : For the love of DAMASK…
    Spicy : Do you know what is Damask? Damask is a reversible figured fabric of silk, wool, linen, cotton, or synthetic fibers, with a pattern formed by weaving & derives its name from its supposed origin, the city of Damascus, Syria. Vasudha gives us a lot of ideas and tips on how to use DAMASK and incorporate it into our interiors. A post which you will enjoy reading and looking at the pictures.

  • Who : Kavi
    What : Trophies
    Spicy : Kavi makes it two weeks in a row into our weekly picks because his post deserves it. This post by Kavi is all about the importance of trophies for different people and the different circumstances it creates for this people. Thank you Suranga for tipping us this wonderful post.

  • Who : Biprashish
    What : Hamara Bajaj…….. end of an Era !!!!
    Spicy : This week, Rajiv Bajaj announced that Bajaj would stop the production of ‘Scooters’ to concentrate on bikes. It brought about an end to an era of Chetak and many other scooters. Biprashish has this post with his views on how an era ends with this.

  • Who : Toon India
    What : Sehwag Chalisa
    Spicy : LOL! Now we would have Sehwag fans singing his own chalisa thanks to Toon India. All fans of Comics and Cricket will enjoy this and so will the others. 

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