BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Dec. 19, ’09

Spicy SaturdayKief Haalak? (How are you in Arabic). ‘Everyone’s a liar except me’ says Ajmal Amir Kasab. This is the U-Turn which happened this week by India’s safest man. The Indian Judiciary has exposed its weakness, yet again. Now, we will have more retracted statements, more denials but what won’t stop is more killings. Now for some blogging news. Are you game for the biggest unconference in Kerala? Barcamp 7 is happening tomorrow. Also BlogAdda Team would be covering the TiE Summit 09 live from the venue. Follow us on Twitter to be updated and Follow @LiveAdda for live event updates. Its time to read the best blog posts from the Indian Blogging community and make your weekend very special.

  • Who : Karthik
    What : Milliblog Annual Music Round-up 2009
    Spicy : Karthik the brains behind the blog which every music director fears is here with the Milliblog’s annual round up of the best songs. A must see and listen to your favorite songs all over again.

  • Who : Pins and Ashes
    What : To love or not to love.
    Spicy : This question is asked by PNA in this thought provoking post.’ I love you are three very powerful words when  put together. And it is a tough call…’ says PNA. What do you think? Let her know.

  • Who : Magali Vaz
    What : Inside a very unusual Auto-Rickshaw
    Spicy : People take a lot of passion in decorating their houses, gardens and even cars. Now we have an unusual autorickshaw which Magali came across.  This autorickshaw has a ash tray, newspaper holder, laughing buddha, TV and much more. Awesome read. 

  • Who : Monika Manchanda
    What : Can we have an Amol Arte please?
    Spicy : Every character in the Movie Paa was a role model. One of them was Amol Arte played by Abhishek Bachchan. Amol Arte is an ‘Honest MP’ who wants to serve the society. Yes you read it right, ‘Honest MP’. Monika has this post on why we need more Amol Arte’s in our society. A post you all will enjoy reading.

  • Who : Karthik
    What : Lonely Soul
    Spicy : Woah! We have an awesome fictional story by Karthik. This story is about Anubhav and what he feels. Who is Anubhav? Why is he lonely? Where have his friends disappeared? Read the story to find out.

  • Who : The Acorn
    What : Why India should send troops to Afghanistan
    Spicy : Most of the political gurus believe a peaceful Afghanistan is instrumental for maintaining peace in the subcontinent. The Acorn has this very informative post on why India should send troops to Afghanistan and its pros and cons. A must read.

  • Who : Arun
    What : … And God Spoke
    Spicy : What happens when Gods of the worlds sit in a pub and discuss about their respective worlds? An awesome conversation takes place which only Arun can think of and make us ROFL. A post which you will thoroughly enjoy reading. God forgive us if you are watching from above. 🙂

  • Who : Azad
    What : Forgotten Heroes- Khudiram Bose and Prafulla Chaki
    Spicy : This post by Azad takes us back in time and remember some of our forgotten heroes. Khudiram Bose and Prafulla Chaki are some among them who many of us may have forgotten. Go back in time and salute the sacrifices of Khudiram Bose and Prafulla Chaki in this post. 

  • Who : Arti Honrao
    What : Sandhya
    Spicy : Arti Honrao has this awesome fictional short story with the main protagonist as Sandhya. Very well written with good description as well. This post has some parts which maybe not be suitable for children.

  • Who : Prashanti
    What : Of shoes, high heels and stupidity
    Spicy : Prashanti has this post which will make you smile when you read about the incidents in the post. She gives us the perfect example on how to use Google to get the answers for questions in day to day life.

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