WOW: My New Year Resolution 2017

The new year has dawned on us and we look forward with determination. To do or not to do few things is a choice that we have to make. As we decide to cut away all the negativity and focus on the good, we try to carry the essence of the lessons learned from the past and discover the newness. This is what each year promises us with. The commitment and intention that lets you curve your life’s path. Such is the elixir of new year goals in our lives!

New Year Resolution 2017

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WOW: “2016 Throwback”

Good morning peeps! Every year in our life plays an eminent role in some way or the other. There are happy times and sad as well. The time when you face success or learn from failures. But, the entire year does promise a bunch full of opportunities and mixed bag of emotions. As 2016 is about to close its last chapter just in a day,  even we are about to bid adieu to it soon.

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WOW: “My Secret Santa”

When you hear the word ‘Santa’ immediately Christmas bells start ringing in your mind. Isn’t it? Well, there’s a Santa in our life as well, that amazes you with so many values and gifts of life. This one person doesn’t need a sleigh to ride on and announce his/her homecoming in December. This one person is there in your life throughout. With whom you share all your secrets and relish every moment of your life. The one who surprises you unexpectedly and bestows you with fruitfulness. Santa is all about spreading joy, love, peace and heart warming wishes. The person who you look upon with a positive perspective and wish the best for them till eternity!


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