WOW: Write How Has The Pandemic Changed Your Idea Of Home

‘Home sweet home. This is the place to find happiness. If one doesnt find it here, one doesnt find it anywhere.’ – M.K.Soni
What is home to you? Is it where the heart is? Is it where you’re living? How long do you have to be somewhere before you call it a home? All these questions can be answered through this writing prompt.

WOW: Write How Has The Pandemic Changed Your Idea Of Home

With the arrival of Covid-19, all of us are spending a lot more time at home. Some of them not like being inside all the time and some of them are secretly enjoying not having to leave their home. No matter what, being at home has its challenges for some. We should acknowledge the positives of this situation and help each other cope with and overcome these difficult times.

Home is a beautiful concept charged with emotions. Depending on who you ask or even what day you ask them, home is where it is filled with brimful laughter and warmth, or streaked with disappointment, anger, and sadness. It leaves a deep impact on us, whether they’re the houses we live in or the communities we’ve built for ourselves elsewhere.

This weekend, for the WOW prompt, we would want you to ‘Write how has the pandemic changed your idea of home?’ Take a moment to reflect on the word “home.” Share your experiences and memories in your home that left an impact on you. What makes your home different from someone else’s? 

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Stay safe and keep blogging! 🙂 

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